Armed Intruders Kill Haitian President Jovenel Moïse: AP | MSNBC 1

Armed Intruders Kill Haitian President Jovenel Moïse: AP | MSNBC

Armed intruders have killed Haitian President Jovenel Moïse, according to Associated Press reports.

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Armed Intruders Kill Haitian President Jovenel Moïse: AP | MSNBC


    1. Yall this is not USA this is really really poor place y’all really bugging if you think they got USA type security

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  1. It sounds like a set up, hits moves, where are the president security guards in his house.

    1. @Porky Pig Can’t save everyone. It happened in every country when politicians are corrupt.

    2. @Jay Theboss Haiti can’t afford a Secret Service to guard their president?? Or Haitians just don’t want to guard their president??

    3. @Jesus Christ Is My Light
      Dont people pray to ask god for things? Thats a ritual ti gain something

  2. Either his security detail was involved or they’re just extremely stupid and inexperienced

    Informant:it was his guards

    1. ​@Monolith _X There’s no way they are inexperienced they have been shooting protesters for years

    2. @Amariah Israel because they are the only important ones in the story. The security is either not important enough to report on or they ran away just like the Afghan military

    1. @Sarah Roberts there’s is no money trail to follow. Rich people in Haiti keeps their money in secret overseas bank accounts and tons of cash inside their mansions.

    2. @not sure To honest, I don’t know exactly what “woke” means. Some say this, some say that so I just ignore it.

  3. Hmm…something ain’t right. He was aware of citizens not liking him so wouldn’t he sleep with one eye open and a gun under his pillow? No security? Did they conspire to get him got? Yeah I think so.

    1. @Randy Bruno-Piverger
      a person filled with excessive and single-minded zeal, especially for an extreme religious or political cause.

      What Items? Your generalizations with no specifics?

    2. @Randy Bruno-Piverger Here is one of your statements.
      “The history of Haiti and America (apart from Haiti’s involvement in our revolutionary war-they were our allies), has been largely one of exploitation. We occupied Haiti in the 20th century in order to secure business opportunities there, by threat of violence. We’ve destabilized the country several times to that end and yet America has no serious interest in helping the people there, despite the fact that the intelligence community sees Haiti as a vital asset, it seem that, in practice, they hardly see the Haitians as human beings.”

      You mention nothing else except it’s all the U.S.’s fault.

    3. @David Yeah. Feel free to educate me on the specifics related to those “generalizations”, if you even bothered reading them, seeing as though you are so educated on the matter.

    4. @Randy Bruno-Piverger You’re making the generalizations. You’re the one who needs to back them up with specifics.But you don’t. I know what generalizations are and what specifics are. I see this all the time from people who want to push a narrative; they give a lot of generalizations. I see it all the time. I know what U.S. policy is. I know that in certain countries the policies have been destructive like in Iraq. But the people who control the U.S. during the period from 1935 are Germans who took over the U.S.. The Bush family was in business with the Nazi’s in the years before WWII.
      I see the U.S. blamed for everything wrong with south of the U.S. border. And that area is was also taken over by Germans. In Argentina, for instance, it is well documented of the wealthy German speaking enclaves there that spit on the natives and keep them poor. See what i mean about specifics.
      In the U.S 70% of the working people make less than 50K. Not enough to raise a family on. 50% make less than 29K. 40% make less than 20K. These people are being kept poor for the wealthy Germans who control the U.S.. See what i mean about specifics?

  4. That is not “armed intruders”, that is planned assassination. Let’s call it what it is.

    1. @Herve Louis that is a dream …. Haiti has NEVER been free as history likes to call it …country has always been controlled by outside interest ….

    2. @RobotDecoy The President of what , the PTA ?? Anybody can get touched . If an American president can get killed surely this rando Corrupt leader number 5973 can get caught slipping .

    1. Not crazy. It was justice. This should happen to more ruthless dictators. It is crazy that it doesn’t.


    2. @Federalist Papers I’m pretty sure the Biden Administration has something to do with this haiti was all over vice last week.

    3. @Johnny Doe Yet every single person that they put in power does absolutely nothing for their people Haiti still remains one of the poorest countries in the world…

  5. It’s amazing how an intruder can come in to a president’s mansion and execute him there. This had to be an inside job. How did they know where he stayed. How about his security detail, where were they. This is a president of a country. This definitely had to be an inside job.

    1. Definitely an inside job where were the security guards…this is not the first time it happened in Haiti R.I.P Mr. President

  6. The headlines make it sound like this is a random break in and killing. This was a planned and well thought out assassination!

    1. Only if its an American President it would be call assassination but any other it’s call arm robbery

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