Armed man who accessed Rideau Hall grounds arrested 1

Armed man who accessed Rideau Hall grounds arrested


The Governor General and prime minister weren't home when an armed man accessed the Rideau Hall grounds Thursday.

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  1. Where is our security? No way should this have happened. In 1995 this happened at 24 Sussex and there was Mr Chretien preparing to defend himself and his wife. We should be better than this by now.

    1. @Kevin Konoplenko the monarchy is almost 1000 yrs of history, one of the oldest on earth .. far older than any republic now ,esp that gong show south of the border.. no thanks

  2. But trudeau banned the bad assault rifles?
    Gees I wonder if this perp had a firearm licence or his firearm legally purchased? Nope. Anyhow, criminals don’t follow any law!

    1. does not matter… i dont blame the guy for wanting to end trudeau at this point.. this Xi wannabe is asking for it

    2. He was an active Canadian forces member. Defintiely probably had a license. Probably just sick of JT and took a swipe at the tyrant.

  3. That guy was so close to becoming the most famous person in Canada for saving the country one punch in the nose would take care of JT

  4. Canadian top security at it’s finest ! To bad J.T wasn’t home to hand out Halloween candy…..

    1. And tHen he’s going to REPLACE the mlitary with CHINESE mercenaries!!! See, I can do this too

  5. I think this government belongs in jail. And the police work for this goof so I am surprised it took this long to try to get at him.

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