Army Lieutenant Sues Virginia Police After Traffic Stop | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. Allow me to challenge your intelligence and your ability to apply critical thinking. There’s NBC’s version, and then there’s Newsmax’s, please give me your opinions, thank you.

    1. @Crfor Freedom your observation is a piece of 💩, just like your analysis of the situation. There was no need for any of that and as someone who’s paid to protect and serve the community I expect BETTER.
      Literally his job is to PROTECT and SERVE.
      Notice how neither of those were present.
      But go on..act a fool 🤡

    2. Black men fought with Confederate soldiers whether voluntary or not. It still didn’t matter then and it still doesn’t matter now.

    3. Allow me to challenge your intelligence and your ability to apply critical thinking. There’s NBC’s version, and then there’s Newsmax’s, please give me your opinions, thank you.

  1. Asking the guy to get out of the car while pointing a gun at him and telling him he better be scared to get out? I don’t blame LT for not getting out.

    1. @Tim Pools Beanie in today’s modern age I’m not pulling over where there are no witnesses. Police are really unprofessional lately.

    2. @Tim Pools Beanie Yes.
      If that’s the closest well-lit area, you betcha. Every day, and twice on Sundays.
      It probably saved the Lieutenant’s life.

    1. Fire them? Ruin their careers? How about lock them up behind bars for assault? It was an illegal stop. once they stopped behind him they could see the temp tag and the reason for pulling him over was gone. They should have apologized and said “have a nice night.” Everything that occurred after they got out of their cruiser was extra-legal. Just because they had badges does not mean they should get away with committing felonies.

      Since they had no reason to detain him once they saw he had a temporary tag in his window, all of their orders after that are illegal as is all of the force used to compel compliance with those illegal orders. What Officer Guterriez did by threatening him and then spraying him with a chemical agent and physically putting his hands on him to put him to the ground is called Assault and Battery under Virginia Code section 18.2-57(B). The other officer by not stopping the illegal actions of his partner was complicit in them. Why have they not been charged? I’ll give you two guesses but I bet you’ll only need one.

    2. @Uncanny Valley seems you don’t understand rank in the military…and how is that relevant..swooosh..

  2. This has me in tears, as the mother of a black man, a professional engineer…an upright citizen…but that doesn’t matter.
    I’m sure that every mother of a black or brown son lives in constant fear for his life….God help us all.

    1. Tears, and anger. If this soldier hadn’t been very smart, very cautious, and very calm, he’d be dead. Most of us, I hope, can see that.

    2. @SlugMoisture I see. So you think that cop, based on his name, is exempt from being badly trained, and part of a police culture that emphasizes over use of force, racial profiling, and hires authoritarian personality types by default?

      It’s systemic racism. The NAME of the officer doesn’t invalidate it.

    3. Allow me to challenge your intelligence and your ability to apply critical thinking. There’s NBC’s version, and then there’s Newsmax’s, please give me your opinions, thank you.

  3. I sure am glad he chose to pull into that gas station. If he didn’t, there’s a strong possibility he’d be dead now.

    1. Reasons why he did..
      He knew they were police. He just wanted to “be safe” which is insane as a military man‼️🤨

    2. They thing about it, is they are always at this store. And when you come out. They will follow you all the way to Petersburg. Which is about 30 miles from there.

    1. @Lynne Ninonuevo Resisting is not following simple requests as “let me see your hands” …grow up , you owned by the stupidity too. SMH

    2. Respect earns respect. Next time you get pulled over and don’t comply to someone that chases criminals all day hope you don’t get hurt by resisting.

    3. These “cops” should be arrested and handed over to the military police for assaulting a lieutenant.

    4. @CRUSHED IT Really?? So at what point did Botham Jean resist arrest right before Amber Guyger blew his gutz out?

  4. I took a tour of the US and I avoided Virginia because of reports like this. When you marry your cousin you should not be allowed in any position of authority!

    1. Not only VA! You´ve got to avoid Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Louisiana, Florida, Alabama, Arkansas, Texas and Minnesota as well. If you´re not shot dead, you´ll be be stripped of your cash.

    2. Do you no my friend is a police two of them. And I can’t get them to cross the line from Norfolk, Or Chesapeake in to VA. Beach.

  5. US Army serviceman: “I’m afraid to get out”
    US police: “you should be”
    Something is very wrong here.

    1. @Dave RVATX Oh 1 more thing, I dont have a right to fight with police even if they kick down my door, throw flashbangs into my house, point silenced SMGs with laser sights into my face and tell me to get on the ground while they kidnap me and remove me from my own property only for them to tell me while I’m sitting in jail that they got the wrong house. But dont worry! Ill just “Fight it in court” so I can get a nice cash payout, who cares that it came from individual taxpayers or the fact that the officers involved got slaps on the wrist, at least I got my money!!!

    2. @Flighted cool, so how about you man up and face reality as opposed to living in a snowflake fantasy land

    3. You’re telling me that officer still fears for his life with the drivers hands where he can clearly see them warranting leaving his weapon aimed at the drivers head?

    4. Allow me to challenge your intelligence and your ability to apply critical thinking. There’s NBC’s version, and then there’s Newsmax’s, please give me your opinions, thank you.

  6. You see how those cops acted in a well-lit area where people could see them just imagine what would have happened if he had stopped on a dark Road

    1. “what would have happened if he had stopped on a dark Road” – Oh I’m thinking a two-day hospitalization (at least) and/or a body bag.

    2. That’s why the Lt. kept driving. He’s smart, and knew this.

      Bodycams wouldn’t have saved him in near darkness. He knew it had to be a well lit place. He also knew the station itself would have CCTV in case those bodycams were mysteriously turned off, as often happens.

      He probably saved his own life doing this. That cop was LOOKING for any excuse to shoot him.

  7. “What are you ?
    A Corporal or a specialist ? ” ” NO, I’M A LIEUTENANT . ”

    PRICELESS !!! 👌👌👌

    1. @Carlo N.
      Nooooo . . . Not recognizing that a man OF COLOR could be in a LEADERSHIP POSITION is . . . Son of a Korean War Vet, Army , nephew of a Vietnam War Vet, Army , brother of a Gulf War Vet! Marines !

    2. Now go back in time and replace the car driver with a Lieutenant white male. Results will be much more different . We probably be watching “cops stop lieutenant and ask to drive him home”

  8. I am Asian Indian and we were driving in Texas for family trip, we got pulled over not sure why. So when I asked officer why we are getting stopped, the officer replied ” I DON’T HAVE TO TELL YOU NOTHING “. My son got slapped with speeding citation and we were not even speeding at all. My son never had any single citation ever since he started driving for 5 years. It’s a crime not to be a WHITE in this country.😡😡😡😡

    1. @Queen Nita I can’t say that doesn’t happen. Period. There’s way too much hate in this world just because someone is or looks different, when we should be celebrating individuality. But that’s exactly the same mindset that is fueling this vicious cycle…

    2. @Special K and I didn’t imply you were saying that their difficult jobs were an excuse, because they are not. So don’t worry, I am not going after you. It’s just that argument that I don’t agree with. And trust me if it happened around the world it’d make its way into the news. Cause I get news from all over the world, but over the last decade, this kind of news usually came with an estimated probability of 98% out of the US. I don’t doubt that cops in other countries do the same, I know for a fact they do, but in civilized and industrialised countries, well the USA takes the lead in this sad statistic.

  9. Just thinking about how closely the cops’ warning not to report this incident because it would “destroy the officer’s career” resembles the child molester’s warning to his victim not to tell her mother because the police will take her away if she does.

    1. That’s the point at which it becomes clear that the cops are desperately hoping that the Lieutenant won’t complain. That tells us all that the cops would be in big legal trouble, which is a very good reason that Lieutenant Nazario should start legal action.

  10. Officer Guterriez seemed desperate for the Lieutenant to drop his hands out of sight for a moment so Gutierrez would have an excuse for blowing the lieutenant’s head off.

    1. @Dan Alexander Audio Where does my previous comment describe what the officer was thinking? I merely described the impression his actions and words left on me.

    2. This soldier has been smart enough not to make another move they were expecting him to do to find a reason to shoot him. They should start testing police officers for drugs abuse as well. Why have they never thought about it? Police officers are not superhuman beings. They are people like you and I, just in a uniform paid by our tax money.

    3. @Knyght Ryder
      Not just “A” gun . . TWO GUNS on an OFFICER of the U.S. army !!!
      My father fought in Korea, my Uncle in NAM and my Brother in Iraq . . . To treat an OFFICER is TOTAL DISRESPECT for the SERVICE that our Men and Women of the Armed forces – Police officers serve the Community and County and/ or state – LIEUTENANT SERVES THE ENTIRE COUNTRY !!!

    1. They don’t give AF about the troops or vets. That was just a convenient social and political excuse to dismiss our objections over police brutality.

    2. This is bullying & brutalizing Trump’s version of a “sucker”,….a person who is dedicated to the service & protection of his country. Those officers are an absolute disgusting disgrace to those in law enforcement & should be fired & “blackballed” for life !!

  11. He wasn’t “weeping” or “brought to tears”, he just got pepper-sprayed in the face about 6 times.

    1. They were scared enough to pull guns from the beginning, but will walk up and get with in 1ft of his hands and spray him! That’s crazy.

  12. This guy is only alive because he didn’t try to undo his seat belt. I’m glad he had the presence of mind to do that and returned to his family that might

    1. He’s SuperSUPER LUCKY!!,,HE ESCAPED THE REPPER SOMEHOW!!,,those pos cops “NOT OFFICERS”,,are a disgrace and there Supervisor and there Superiors(Fire them ALL!!

  13. Thank you for your service sir, I’m so sorry you experienced this disgusting display of police behavior. I hope you get 5 million!!

    1. I do appreciate his service. However, there is a problem that people are missing… He did evade the police. He did not follow the officers orders. The police acted accordingly. Some of what the officers did might have been a bit of an overreaction but… I don’t think it was unreasonable force. They pulled guns because they do NOT have any idea who is driving and why they didn’t pull over. You should watch some videos of cops walking up to cars and just getting shot in the head. Typically when a car evades the police, there is not a good reason to justify it. A cop activates their lights and sirens when they think it’s appropriate for you to get pulled over. You don’t get to choose.

    2. @Keaton Blomquist I come from a police family. I have immense respect for law enforcement. However some behavior by some law enforcement is absolutely deplorable.

  14. You can tell the younger one wasn’t sure about what was happening! But the other was his training officer, and superior and afraid to speak up!

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