1. @Al-Kutbay if you actually believe standing up for basic human rights is wrong then we are truly lost

    2. A lot of Ottawans are just as happy. We’re tired of these idiots clogging up downtown. They’ve had 3 days of warnings to clear out. The ones who stayed deserve whatever they get.

    1. @Jesterz01 (1) Every citizen of Canada has the right to enter, remain in and leave Canada. (2) Every citizen of Canada and every person who has the status of a permanent resident of Canada has the right: to move to and take up residence in any province; and. to pursue the gaining of a livelihood in any province

      The unvaccinated have these rights too but you don’t seem to care about that.

    1. Read the Charter again you clearly don’t understand it. They were warned and asked to leave. That’s following the laws. Go Home.

    1. @Alex Drake there were 0 death threats against tow truck drivers and your going full smooth brain if you think that’s child endangerment

    2. @Alex Drake you commented “wrong” and it got deleted, I guess YouTube is cracking down on misinformation 🤣👌

    3. @Skulkid288 We are going to see how much danger they put the kids in.
      Up to 5 years for bringing a minor into an illegal occupation.
      If they were to get hurt, you bet the 5 would be given.
      They already have child services on site.

    1. He talks to the 90%of Truckers who care about the health and wellbeing of Canadians. Why should anyone talk to the 10% of the Selfish ones??

    2. They posted their objective of removing the government and replacing it with themselves.
      Why would anyone speak to these freaks?

    3. @Olivia Thompson <--- found the corporate "news" watcher, as only corporate "news" watchers are that badly misinformed

    1. Money? or Power? They don’t have the constitutional power to do this, but they stole the money from the trucker convoy and from their bank accounts.

    1. @Jim N Looks like you should stop stalking women Jim, how do you know what she drinks? Hope you’re not just generalizing because someone has a different viewpoint.

    1. @Indigo Walker Well, I am a driver, and my company has already begun refusing loads to Ottawa…but, I’m just an uneducated dirty truck driver that doesn’t know anything! LOL

    2. @Bowmare Debrouchee You need to broadcast to everybody who you work for so everyone knows your company’s name. cheers

    1. there was actually a person on the ground filming that guy in green toque, everyone on the street was calling him a set up and pointed out how the film crew was there the cops where just standing then they cuff him and walk him away, the film i seen showed the green toque guy for a couple minutes speaking nonesense that couldnt be understood and started to remove his own clothing and flail his body around, honest opinion looked like set up.

    1. @GreenBean44 GreenBean44
      I think Steve was talking to the original post.
      You are also right.
      This is overflow from the American Taliban Ttump loving antivax sons of Odin Confederates.

  1. If you’re law enforcement & you support these arrests, know this-

    You weren’t hired on your ability to do what’s right; you were hired to perform tasks mindlessly like a robot.

    1. @Truckin Leprechaun (Scott Caskey)
      These 10% of our truckers are insignificant border crossers.
      Most of these sons of Odin, confederate Ttump loving supremacists glommed onto truckers to hide behind.
      We are going to arrest, then bankrupt them ALL.

    2. @Truckin Leprechaun (Scott Caskey) correction 15% of truckers are supporting this. The other 85% know they live in one of the freest countries in the world and are happy to comply if it means they get to live how they want with respect and decency to the greater public

    1. They literally do, that’s one of the reasons Canada is one of the safest countries on the planet, are you one of those Cons whose parents kept you from school? Science is witch craft in your family.

    2. @perry potter
      For the farmers in India , i don’t know but hé is not even for the canadian famers i gues not for the india farmers as well.

    1. Give me your address I will set up outside your house block your driveway, come on Con, Cons have literally become the anti law and order party, the one thing could pretend they can’t anymore, yep throw those parties in a residential community at 2 am, 2/3 of canadains despise you criminals, the cool thing is the next time you Cons set up an illegal occupation, you be doing it in tents.

    2. The only ones who were doing their job were the Police , the swore an Oath to serve and Protect but what is so obvious is they were not protecting anyone except Trudeau. I never seen anything like this since ” The Holocaust”

  2. Chris Barber will recorded in history as an international hero. I have never been so proud to be from Saskatchewan.

    1. Lol! That clown won’t be remembered by anybody but his cell mate.
      My favourite part about this is the donors.
      They have all been grouped as the defendants for $305 million.
      Accounts have been backtracked and frozen already.

  3. This is about as UNcanadian as it could ever get. Unbelievable over reach by our cdn government. All they had to do was open conversation but they chose a crushing hammer with violence.

    1. There was multiple conversations over the past 2 years, even an election. That’s how democracy works. 10% of the population doesn’t get their way over the other 90% because they throw a tantrum.

    2. @AD <--- another corporate "news" watcher who demonstrates how badly misinformed they are Also apparently likes fellating the government, thinks that such servicing will get the government to crack down on them last.

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