Articles Of Impeachment Officially Delivered To The Senate | MSNBC

Articles Of Impeachment Officially Delivered To The Senate | MSNBC 1


    1. Your defending the biggest liar in American history by calling the constitutional defenders liars? Are you 12, or just brain dead?

  1. what really missing is nancy laughing and handing out her gold embossed pens to all her fans…nice job msnbc for not showing the real story.

  2. ” Turning and turning in a widening gyre, the falcon cannot hear the falconer…
    Things fall apart, the center cannot hold.., Mere anarchy is loosed upon their world.”

    – William Buttler Yeates, “Things Fall Apart.”

  3. It’s been a month when it should of been done the day of the vote is unconstitutional it violate a quick and speedy trial. They have violated a public an open trial. There’s a lot of constitutional rights being violated by the left . The Democrats should pay for that. With there life’s.

  4. If Nancy could not stumble her @$$ over to the Senate then throw her in a wheelchair and push her @$$ on over there. This doesnt amount to a real impeachment. I officially rename it “Nancy’s slurred speechment”.

  5. Notice how there are zero Republican managers…shows that’s it’s a one sided affair. Which also shows it’s dead on arrival in the senate🤣

  6. Antony who believes anything these MSNBC says you are greatly deceived!!! Joe Biden and his son both need to be behind bars!!!!

  7. Currently we have a different platform of expression via the internet. That it the phenomenon responsible for the lack of human physical presence surrounding this situation

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