As Cuomo Resigned, ‘We Heard People Clapping, Cheering’

NBC News' Kathy Park brings us the latest from Albany after New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced his resignation that will take effect in 14 days. 

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As Cuomo Resigned, 'We Heard People Clapping, Cheering'


    1. Well considering Cuoma showed no compassion and courtesy to these woman he just thought about what’s between his legs.

    2. @24- Card to be fair Gov. Nipple Rings probably also spent a great deal of time thinking about his own nipples 😂

    1. @John Mags i guess some people forgot about his total neglect and mismanagement of the nursing homes and by doing so how many lives were lost on his account, during the height of COVID.

  1. There isn’t a man out there when accused of sexual harassment takes all his cues from Bill Clinton.

    1. @Richard Hunt wht does someone from 37 AD have to do with anything except maybe… the fact that men haven’t changed at all. HE RESIGNED by the way… And on a national forum talked about how lines have been “redrawn”. WAIT…. WHAT???? He’s just admitted to sexual harassment. IN HIS WORLD, same as donnie’s, it’s ok to so that. IT’S A DYING WORLD. Get used to it. It’s ALWAYS been the same line. Men and women just kept crossing it.

  2. There gonna put a * next to his name Cuomo apologizes to the victims for what he did but also says he didn’t do anything 😂

  3. What did Todd say about Cavanaugh? It would be interesting to see a side-by-side comparison of his comments.

  4. MSNBC should play a compilation of all their anchors fawning and heaping praise on this man not long ago.
    While you’re at it, one of Avanati getting the same type of praise might also be worthy. Thanx Patiently Awaiting!!!

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