1. Those coward officers need to be charged with manslaughter, even with the children crying for help they did nothing! The officer that told a child to shout for help should face severe charges!

    1. How many men do you know would let kids die? Maybe we just grew up in a different culture and / or morals. I cant find a any logic for the number of people that allowed this to occur. Numbers need logic. This is illogical. Truth? I hope I am right. The only other thought is our society has gotten so bad this is a norm.

    2. @Bell they should all be fired of course. They are cowards. Any normal armed person would try to do more. Some of them had vests and some protection so no excuse at all. They just waited for the guy to spend his ammo. Uvalde is just full of cowards in police department

  2. Here is a cop sanitizing his hands so he can be safe,  but inside the class room there is a little girl who dipped her hands in her dead friends blood to camouflage herself so that she doesn’t die.

    1. @Yoga Lotus to be fair the average cop makes only 55k per year while also working one of the most dangerous jobs in America. Not sure I’d consider that overpaid, unless of course the officer in question is like this one shown in the video.

    2. @Volkswagen I won’t read your name because I do not even know how to find your name other than its Volkswagen!

    3. @Volkswagen The man sanitizing his hands was the doctor they brought in who could’ve been a medic if that makes a difference, so they’re ready to treat the dying and injured.

  3. Everything’s bigger in Texas.
    Bigger sissy cops. Shame on them. Live with THAT on your conscience. If it was your child, what would YOU do😢😢😢

  4. Many “good guys with guns” lol what cowardly police, even wearing body armor, there goes the good guy with guns argument out the door.

    1. These aren’t “Good guys with guns”, that would be more like if the classroom teacher was armed and shot the shooter as soon as he came in the door… Cops are cops, the whole “good guy with a gun” is a colloquialism that covers a much broader spectrum… When I was in elementary school my 6th grade teacher during a lockdown drill showed us his m1911 and explained to us that if we hid and did as we were told, he would protect us and even conferred to us that he would willingly give his life for us kids and that we didn’t have to ever be afraid while we were in his classroom. I loved that teacher, he was an amazing guy and provided one of the funnest and most educational years of school that I have ever experienced, and I always felt safe in his class.

  5. I’m so sad for the families of the school. This is proof we need police reform on all levels.

  6. Pain and suffering to the cowardly cops that didn’t try to save the children 10 Fold. Peace and healing to the family members of the victims 💯 Fold. Rest in peace little ones.

    1. @MPBL I’m not sure if you know how law enforcement or military operations work but I am sure you can’t see my comment I made before yours. Did they refuse an order to react to the situation or were they told not to react accordingly to the situation?… that is the question we need answered.

    2. @Viral Meme’s it was censored…. and also wasn’t audible in the actual recording. The gun shots are the important part though

    3. I cannot support the cops not going in. They should have a great explanation for not going in to save those kids much sooner.

    4. @Bill Bradskey no it isn’t. As a man, as a protector. It was there duty to serve and protect but no, they showed cowardice behind their badges. Were there no Hero’s that day?

    5. @James campbell I never thought of it like that…. we don’t need those cowards to protect us. We will just defend ourselves with… wait.. what? You want to take our guns? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. Shimon journalism was the one who was not afraid to ask the hard questions to get the truth for parents, community and the world and made law enforcement accountability to answer what happened. All these law enforcement agencies FBI ATF US Marshals DPS Border Patrol Sheriff ect and no one did anything. I don’t know how they sleep at night and enjoying their children. Why are they not outed one by one by name. My opinion

  8. Thank you, well said, but I will not watch how these “law enforcement” cowards allowed these young children and their teachers die without acting. You all disgust me 😠 and you should all be identified through this surveillance video. You will bring this shame to your own graves 😞. Time for accountability now

  9. Every single one of these cowards needs to be fired and face charges. They neither serve nor protect.

  10. The officers, even hearing the screams, the “good guys”, tuck tail and run… and they carry rank. What a joke these “officers” are.

  11. Thank you for showing the video. So sad for the children inside the classroom. First 3 officers that ran up to class rooms should have gone in. Lives could of been saved. I am so sorry this continues to happen. Stop selling assault weapons, please…

  12. THis is so gut wrenching, and utterly sad. Those poor children and teachers were slaughtered. How are the cops not rushing in there to save them is beyond my understanding. I’m not a trained officer but I recognize “duty” when I see it, and those officers failed miserably. R.I.P. to the victims, and my condolences to the families. What a massive failure on behalf of the police.

    1. @fpshooterfull At 14:23 you can see two guys there with M4 automatic rifles with red dot sites and body armor. And the Time labs shows they were there within four minutes and they had the capability to stop it. But they didn’t🙀😿😿

    2. He was in the school before the police ever got to the school. School officials need to answer questions about how this guy could just walk into a school building and then through a classroom door so easy. It’s time to start securing schools.

    3. @CC Chodkowski Yeah, blame it on the school. Like its their responsibility to always worry about a crazed gunman. They are there to teach. Besides, didn’t two officers already approach him outside the school, after the car was dished? They ran like 2 headless chickens as well…

    4. Were the first responders not willing to engage or told not to? If they refused an order to go in then yes absolutely they should be prosecuted. If they were told to stand down its a completely different story. Find it hard to believe that not one officer was willing to potentially take a bullet for these kids. But who knows… cnn is talking about how many shots were fired instead of how and why this happened

  13. When officers saw the gunman outside armed, that was their opportune chance to get him and prevent deaths and they blew it!! Yet they anxiously shoot people on minor traffic stops, but they have extreme restraint not to get him before he entered the school?? When my kids were still in high school we discussed what is expected to be done but we all agreed not to follow waiting like sitting duck victims in a classroom. I told them if they’re on ground level to break a window,making sure no sharp edges and climb out. Rather be shot trying to escape than all huddled in a corner where or under desks, which is a zero solution

  14. In my country, where firearms are illegal, our total annual murder stats (by any means) are in mere triple figures (809 last year), whilst your gun stats alone are 5 figures (20,982). Adjusted for population size, our total annual rate is 1.2 per 100,000, compared to the US’s 6.3 per 100,000. And that pattern is consistent in nations where they’re banned.

    1. @Roy Pulver What about the bill of rights? You know that old document from the beginning that makes sure we keep them an the supposed 34 percent of Americans?

  15. We need to stop dumbing this footage down! If the parents hope for SOMETHING to change then we need to be accurate and actually show what actually happened, sights, sounds, EVERYTHING! My daughter was sitting in her 3rd grade class when Sandy Hook happened. I would have demanded that they not make this all warm, PC, and fuzzy and watchable. I would have DEMANDED they show everything, ESPECIALLY the carnage that resulted!!!!!! I would want the whole world to know the REAL terror my child went through. A lot of these parents I know DO want the reality shown. Perhaps the gun lobby and gun-fetish organizations have shamed the media into blur, blur, blurring, censoring and silencing the children screaming, etc, in the name of outrage. Yeah. No, we need to be FORCED to watch this! All the raw footage! ALL of it!

    1. I agree. Unless you can know the facts of what happened, I could never even begin to start any kind of healing. I would keep digging and digging.

    2. Children screaming as they get gun down is too much for viewers but why not show what the right to bear arms at all cost is doing to our children. What be afraid of the screams? Let’s live with it as we have to live with guns with very little restrictions. This is what we are choosing. Let’s live with the consequences and no PG footage. Let us bask in all its glory. So we can be proud of the second amendment.

  16. Wild to look at the lack of actions of complete cowards. Putting their lives before that of actual dying children. I hope they hear those screams for the rest of their pathetic lives.

  17. I’m shaking of anger and crying at the same time watching this..those kids never had a chance..they did nothing to help them..it’s really hard to watch..I can’t imagine how the family’s of the victims may be feeling of this.

    1. They are probably feeling like a well funded and adequately prepared police force would have responded to the situation in an appropriate fashion and may have saved their child’s life. Find it hard to believe none of the officers were willing to engage the shooter yet thats what happened. Protocol ensuring the safety of officers has a time and place…. an active shooter situation involving school children is not one of them.

  18. My condolences to all the family and friends of the victims..RIP little angels and heroic teachers..

  19. without the sounds of the screams, it will never be “As It Happened”
    Because when it Happened, there wasn’t a person editing out the screams,
    those cops heard those children dying, heard them call out for help, and then get executed, and did nothing.
    Editing the video is Protection for Those Officers, and for Gun Rights Activists, because that means they don’t have to face the Full Scope of what happened that day.
    Make them hear it, all of it. And name One Mother, One Father in this country that wouldn’t leap to action, it wouldn’t be a choice, hearing those screams would force a Reflex.

    1. There weren’t any screams, that side of the building was empty of kids except the one kid prop that was needed to make it look real, this is fake bs, an active shooter drill

    2. Inalienable rights. Will not be infringed. Don’t blame people who support 2A. Blame the cops and blame the shooter. If ya don’t want to live in a country with guns, I suggest you move.

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