1. The Americans were told to leave April 27 had Free tickets! How is that bidens fault they chose to stay!!!

    1. @Mark Evans dude what about personal responsibility? I can’t believe people didn’t leave months ago. They even had free flights available and stayed to see the invasion of terrorists? That’s plain stupid.

    2. As usual, most to them were more concerned about their money and “business interests” than their lives.

  2. So it takes at least a week to put the infrastructure in place to evacuate 10’s of thousands of people at the drop of a hat. Imagine that.

    1. @Adam Taylor right. They did have a lot prepositioned in anticipation of a mass evacuation. Unexpected things happen in every war. Sometimes the adversary moves quicker than you expect and you respond accordingly. I love how R’s, who are usually armchair experts on all things war, conveniently forget that.

    2. Why did Biden evacuate Bagram Air Base before civilians got out? It makes no sense.
      Why did Biden pull military before civilians?

    3. @G Eak There were 2500 troops there when he took office and that number held steady until the last few days when he sent MORE in to stabilize the situation.

    4. @Steven Brennfleck Concerning you troop count, you skipped over the evacuation of Bagram AB. Friends flew from Bagram to Germany. I’m retired military.

    5. If Trump were president, the MAGA crowd would be mobilizing a private effort to assist. But they think that the same people who were there last year aren’t Americans now because Biden is the president.

    1. Time for us to stop being the World’s Cop and trying to impose our “democracy” on cultures that doesn’t want it.

    1. @Zaynab bint Al-Harith you guys are so predictable WELL THEIR NOT..they are not the taliban of old..these guys aren’t stupid..they know that reverting back to old ways will just isolate them..and they don’t want that..20 years WAS NOT a failure…YOU changed the country..and the people in it for the good in the long run will be better for it

  3. It’s been messy, but it’s becoming less so. But they need to keep moving. The vicious Taliban remains unpredictable.

    1. I hope the Taliban continue to let people leave the country if they want to leave the country. I hope they continue to allow people to visit the country.
      But excuse me if i don’t have any sympathy for people who gave up without a fight. Obviously, they want to live under the Taliban.

  4. Stabilising – no reports on the ground are quite the opposite. What happens when the last aircraft leaves – it will be utter disaster

    1. Probably because it’s Trump’s style to badmouth and blame everybody else for his own incompetence. Biden just does his damned job.

    2. @Nobody Knows, this has nothing to do with Orange Man. And Biden has been blaming others including the Afghans, the Intelligence Community and Trump. He hasn’t owned up to any of his own mistakes or even acknowledged he made any mistakes.

  5. Finally we are out of this stupid and pointless and fruitless war. Afghans didnt even try to defend their country

    1. There weren’t enough that wanted to defend it from other Afghans, that want Sharia. This country is very likely to need enough people to stop the fascist seditionists of the Trump faction. I don’t have a lot of confidence that we do.

  6. No dead Americans in Afghanistan this time is key. Those who criticize the President need to focus on what is doable not what could have been done when people were not ready to leave that country until the last minute

  7. My goodness there’re a house load of trolls on the farm today. At least those Trump fanboys are spreading their wings a bit, and seeing outside the FOX-OANN bubble. Welcome trolls!

  8. It’s almost as if you can’t just take pictures of the first day and go “OMG!!! These are the Final Images!!!”

  9. 20 years, two trillion dollars, and thousands of lives, and it all falls apart in a matter of days? That alone shows that – the bravery and service of soldiers aside – the entire campaign was pointless.

    1. Dems are destroying,america the dem voters just hate Republicans cause they don’t cater to the bs whims and demands of the dem voters b I den is a moron

  10. Since when have we ever had a smooth withdrawal from any War without more blood being spilt , Biden did the right thing and I will vote again for Biden Harris and every Democrat and progressive , have they really forgotten what happened in Vietnam , people should really get educated on what really took place they were all Left behind ……….

  11. The very folks expressing faux indignation over the Afghani civilians being left behind ….are the very ones who are ALREADY whining about the possibility of thousands of Afghani MUSLIMS airlifted to the US .. Hypocrisy much ?????

  12. “Overwhelming American support for ending the war in Afghanistan’!
    Politics triumphs over humanity and human lives.

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