As Trump Era Ends, Rick Ross On Path To Obama WH, MSNBC Quotes And Jay-Z link | MSNBC Dig. Excl. 1

As Trump Era Ends, Rick Ross On Path To Obama WH, MSNBC Quotes And Jay-Z link | MSNBC Dig. Excl.


Donald Trump went from one of the most cited names in hip hop to one of its most reviled figures. Rapper Rick Ross rose from the streets of Miami to meeting with Pres. Obama in the Oval Office, and he reflects on that path – and moving beyond his past Trump references – in two interviews with MSNBC's Ari Melber. In this second interview, a digital exclusive, the two discuss more of Ross's music; their favorite "energetic" Ross songs; why Ross sees lyrics as modern literature; his work with Swizz Beats and Jay-Z; his new nickname "Ravioli," and how he feels about being quoted on the news. Ross also tells Melber, "I appreciate you being who you are — you are a true boss; you got that certification from Ravioli." (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ). Aired on 12/8/2020.
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About The Beat with Ari Melber: Former lawyer Ari Melber leads this show that provides in-depth analysis of the day's biggest news stories. "The Beat" features guest interviews in addition to reporting on stories from across the country. The stories that are covered span across the political spectrum. In addition to his law background, Melber is a former Senate staffer, giving him a unique perspective to share on the political happenings coming out of Washington, D.C.

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As Trump Era Ends, Rick Ross On Path To Obama WH, MSNBC Quotes And Jay-Z link | MSNBC Dig. Excl.


  1. I’m so happy to have this guy interviewing black musicians and actors on his show but he does consistently. God bless you

  2. Trump is still scamming. Losing the election has become his most profitable scam yet. Trump has received $170 million for alleged election fraud that he can spend anyway he wants,
    including transfers to personal and family accounts.

    1. @wane hite Trump is the best Con Man I have ever seen in my life time… A Con Man never lose it’s all about the Money… To bad he’s so fkg stupid

  3. Its also nice to see Ari’s beautiful smile too. There hasn’t been much to smile about lately, so I loved it.

  4. Soul is back in America time to recover and come together as one time to heal all of us many blessings for everyone around America and around the world

  5. The question about “paws” vs “pause” was interesting. I never thought to ask about how homonyms are notated in lyrics before.

    1. I think a homonym is a word that has the same spelling but different meaning, such as “wave” and “wave”. So Paws and pause wouldn’t be considered such. I get your meaning though, just a small correction.

  6. Ari is definitely invited to the cookout at Grandmas house. He’s real and looks at people for who they are without color boundaries.

  7. We love you Ari, we love you! You are so warm and real with folks and your love just shines through to us so strongly. We love and respect you so much! Thank you…

  8. Trump has two parts of a brain ‘left and right’

    In the Left there’s nothing right
    And in the right there’s nothing Left.


  9. Man it makes me happy every single time Ari throws in some perfectly relevant music. It’s so fun and I just love it so much

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