As Trump Reportedly Warms To Pardon Power, Giuliani Focuses On Reversing Election For Him

As Trump Reportedly Warms To Pardon Power, Giuliani Focuses On Reversing Election For Him 1


Rachel Maddow notes that in light of the news that Rudy Giuliani is under federal criminal investigation, he would probably appreciate a presidential pardon while he works to make Donald Trump's delusions of having won the 2020 election a reality. Aired on 12/22/2020.
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As Trump Reportedly Warms To Pardon Power, Giuliani Focuses On Reversing Election For Him

64 Comments on "As Trump Reportedly Warms To Pardon Power, Giuliani Focuses On Reversing Election For Him"

  1. Rudy in public: “There is widespread evidence of election fraud.”
    Rudy in court, under oath: “I’m not claiming there is election fraud.”

    • @stray fiftynine Here’s Rudy presenting his “evidence” at the Michigan Republican “hearings”. Pay close attention when he says Dominion and Smartmatic CEO’s met in Venezuela with Hugo Chavez 2 yrs ago. Then consider that Hugo Chavez died 7 yrs ago. Who do you think is actually lying to you?

    • @stray fiftynine 58 times in lower courts and twice in the Supreme Court and Giuliani and Powell et al haven’t bothered to show it even though all their “evidence” is plainly listed in their court cases? Yeah that makes sense. Maybe you should try reading some of their cases. I certainly have.

    • @Engage360 How did they determine that 66.2% of registered voters cast ballots this year?

    • @stray fiftynine You haven’t seen sh*+! just may have! It’s just made up “evidence”! Yet it’s NOT presented in court! #PatheticFool #Grifted

    • @Engage360 I always encourage people to do good solid research on their own. It’s the amateur sleuth in me

  2. Trump is on his way to destroy anything & anyone who gets in his way for the next 30 days…Normal behaviour for him

  3. That makeup sweating down both sides of his face never gets old!

  4. More About Giuliani’s Activities-maga 😷👍

  5. Alfred Basurto | December 22, 2020 at 1:32 AM | Reply

    I’m focused on a growing list of people who should be investigated and thrown in prison during this time. I’m pretty sure Pardons wont cover treason.

    • Barbara Carpenter | December 22, 2020 at 3:02 AM | Reply

      The 126 Representatives should NOT be seated and should be charged with sedition at the very least. Maybe even treason. The Representatives who attended the meeting on Friday where the idea of declaring Martial Law was discussed should be charged with treason. We are fighting for Democracy now. If they don’t want to uphold the Constitution, then they don’t need to be in office

    • Much to Trump’s surprise and shock to those who have received them, pardons are Executive Orders and Executive Orders can be reversed by another President. There is nothing in the Constitution that distinguishes pardons from any other Executive Order. So, Biden can come in and on day one reverse every pardon Trump has given out like party favors.

  6. He’s got a pardon his hair 😁

  7. That Friday night meeting was a conspiracy to commit treason. They ALL need to be investigated for that.

  8. Good Riddance Rudy Ghoul-iani.

  9. Trump’s legacy is beyond repair f-d

  10. They must turn themselves in because they will never reverse our elections, they always project their own doings into other and we just have to see Moscow Mitch and Graham reelection they cheat and they telling us who.

  11. I can’t take anyone who’s hair spray dye melts seriously.

  12. You can just smell their desperation…o look it’s rolling down Rudy’s face🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. Disbarr Rudy and stop the crazy treason.

  14. I love that MSNBC is always using the photo of his hair dye streaking down his face in every video of him.

    • Loretta Keesee | December 22, 2020 at 5:20 AM | Reply

      Hahahaha 😂 me too. I laugh every time….after all !!! It’s Christmas and it’s the gift…that keeps on giving…😂😂😂

    • Its the image of him that will be put in the history books. No one will remember him for any of the work he did in his younger years. He has systematically destroyed his whole legacy. Quite sad really.

    • @James Griggs He has no one to blame but himself. The way he’s handled his personal life, siding with Trump, all the crazy conspiracy theories, Four Seasons, and now this.

    • @James Griggs This event (four years of this horrific presidency) will over shadow his “heroic” efforts during 9/11. Sad state of affairs.

  15. Trump wants Gulliani to be his scape goat

  16. Just don’t charge anyone with anything until chump is out. Problem solved.

  17. Too sad America run by a Russian and corruption .

  18. Treason shouldnt be pardonable.

  19. SCOTUS says BidenWon | December 22, 2020 at 4:31 AM | Reply

    I have a feeling that Trump’s pardons won’t keep his friends out of jail for very long.

  20. Just another Traitor to, “We The People’s” Democracy.

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