As Trump Supporters Cling To Conspiracies, Here’s How To Help Them Face The Truth | MSNBC 1

As Trump Supporters Cling To Conspiracies, Here’s How To Help Them Face The Truth | MSNBC


Trump’s followers have found comfort in conspiracy theories, but it’s more urgent than ever to bring them back to reality. Professor of Communication and Political Science University of Delaware Dr. Dannagal Young and NBC News Reporter Ben Collins join MSNBC’s host of “American Voices” to share tips on bridging the divide. Aired on 01/11/2021.
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As Trump Supporters Cling To Conspiracies, Here’s How To Help Them Face The Truth | MSNBC


  1. If someone dies while committing a felony, you can be charged with murder. 5 people died, including a police officer.

    1. @jz Blmantifa riots made me feel sick. They were destroying minority businesses and the Dems let Rome burn for power…never forget!

    2. @Delboy0 yer right thats good you made me understand things better now. The carnage was acceptable In minneapolis last year because it was protests for blacks

    3. Trump still has that little black book that will incriminate pence and most of the Republican party that’s why , none of the Republican party are thinking of the country only of themselves.

    4. @Kevin Wordsworth democrats dont care about the country. Just the power. 9/10 politicians only think of themselves and getting re elected

    1. Legal? No, the courts may work for Trump himself, but not the militias. This is a fight, and the military needs to wipe out any and all of these terror groups.

    2. @Red Alert please get help. Severely infected with TDS. Please wear a mask. Even though covid has disappeared now Biden is the big guy please wear a mask to stop you infecting others with TDS. He will be gone soon. Just relax. Chill

    1. @Joseph Jr McNamara Maybe Trump will work out and get hard in prison and he’ll come out with more savage attacks on the Left…

  2. These fools have been wanting a revolution since Obama was elected. all they needed was someone like Trump to make them feel heard.

    1. Long before that. I knew people in the 1960s who were part of the militia movement who had a similar agenda…create a race war that will lead to a government overthrow.

    2. @Christopher Jones the problem with that statement is the fact that few people are calling for Socialism. Socialism is primarily a fear tactic of the right who play on people’s insecurity and fear. The same people who bought hook line and sinker the lies that Obama was a “secret Muslim” who was going to round up conservatives/Christians and take their guns, their women and freedoms, put them all in a FEMA camp and create an American Caliphate. Whether these people are willfully or congenitally ignorant doesn’t matter anymore. People need to take them seriously when they talk about mass murdering anyone who doesn’t agree with them and do what must be done to bring them back to reality or eliminate them

    3. @grandma k. what planet are you living on. Politicians only care about power . Trump gave minorities hope, employment, lower taxes, If the democrats were the only ones who cared why did trump get elected then ??

    4. @grandma k. You’re obviously the socialist who believes in all that utopia stuff. Everything is free. Yer Until the money runs out. Then everyone is still equal. Equally poor

    5. It is all about racism. They want to end democracy because it elected Obama and will one day elect a woman president etc. All the news about Economy, religion, democracy etc was never the issue.

  3. Trump to BLM when the looting starts the shooting starts . Trump to Capitol rioters I love you, you all are special people go home in peace, and you said trump is not racist? GTFOH.

    1. @Alana Helen his domestic terrorist will play the CRAZY card mental health issues because they been playing it for years

    1. Below is a list of Hate Organizations involved in the U.S. Capitol Riots (not conclusive):
      Proud Boys (White Supremacists)
      Oathkeepers (Anti-government)
      NSC131 (Neo-Nazi)
      New Jersey European Heritage Association (White Supremacists)
      Nick Fuentes and “Groyper Army” (Neo-Nazi)
      American Nationalist Party (White Supremacists)
      American Guard (White Supremacists)

  4. The GOP enabled this lunatic, never ever forget. They play surprised and shocked, but this was bound to happen. Disgraceful.

    1. @Richard Barry : I guess you don’t shop at Wal Mart then, and you must buy 1960’s refurbished electronics. That’s the last decade TV’s were made in the US. You must really care about the environment. I’m sure you were VERY, VERY upset when Trump opened millions of acres of government land for timber and resource leasing.

    2. @Rory Gallagherfan Sean Hanity had people calling in that witnessed ANTI-FA changing clothes after the incident & leaving on a large bus

    3. @Rory Gallagherfan career political politicians “god forbid” would dare REBEL against their MASTER “S..?

      Do you know that some of the ANTIFA mob had facial reconstruction surgery, paid for by soros, so they would look like well known PATRIOTS? Right down to the Qanon tattoos. That’s what kind of fanatics we are dealing with.

    1. @karen kaiser You are exactly right! I have been to Germany and even Dachau. It’s a wonderful country. I’ve always wondered how a nation of educated, democratic people could fall prey to Hitler. Now I know. When people are desperate (our middle class is crumbling like Germany’s in the 1920s) they will follow anyone who tells them what they want to hear and places their problems on another group of people. In Germany Hitler said it was the Jews, here Trump says it’s the liberals.

    2. @karen kaiser We do learn about it, but not in the way you’re able to by going to visit these places. There should be much more focus on it, but there’s this ridiculous idea about how it ‘could never happen here’ among so many people. (And unsurprisingly, we have people in this country who idiotically try to argue that we should put LESS focus on the Holocaust, we even have some who deny it outright. Bet you can’t guess which political persuasion they are).

    3. That’s such an important message. Essentially what were dealing with here. Even without Trump, the gop have been behaving authoritarian for a bit now.

  5. These people are too far gone, they’re in Jones Town ready to feed the poison to their kids & themselves mode.

    1. @James Godin 75 million isn’t even half of the voters let alone half country. Welcome to being the minority, the other 150 million of us are laughing at you

    2. @Trap Daddy Gee, I didn’t think there was anyone still left shilling for Jim Jones. Seems the world is more full of vicious lunatics than I thought.

    3. @Serai3 Jim Jones? that’s just about as funny as America voting for a senile pedophile being led by the Sick left to do their bidding… but hey it only cost them $2000 per Americans,. ain’t that some ?

    1. oh yeah. I listened to The Rise and Fall of the 3rd Reich to prepare what we are dealing with during the Election.

    1. @sss rrr Lock up the person who killed the policeman. Lock up all those who destroyed property, lock up all those who stole property , lock up the person who defecat3ed in the Capital, lock them all UP !! Why , because I believe in law & order !!

    2. @PAS Franklin if we locked up every person that rioted and looted this year, half the country would be behind bars.

    3. @zestydude87 …calling anybody knuckle-draggers yet living as you do…that’s special….WAKE UP, woke is a political scam and you’re the pawn

    4. Better question is why do some many Dem cities with complete Dem control treat Black Americans so badly-Chicago, Baltimore…Better question might be why Black Americans keep voting for them

  6. They “Defecated in halls of the capitol” Not only are these Q group crazy, but are not even house broken.

    1. @M. F. Hopkins Very true. The whole capitol and white house will need to be fumigated. Disgusting, gutter slime.

    2. @lynette bodiford Blmantifa riots made me feel sick. They were destroying minority businesses and the Dems let Rome burn for power…never forget!

    1. The training was in Michigan when they took over the mayoral building and we ignored it. Not one person was charged sending the message its ok!! The heads of this need to be charged immediately and charged with domestic terrorism!!

    2. @MaStEr COoK83 Former Idahoan here. Remember the Bundy’s, the yahoo’s who pulled weapons on federal officers when they tried to round up cattle because the old man refused to pay grazing fees? Later they instigated the seizure of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Oregon, causing damage and stealing federal and personal property, looting Native artifacts. Few of them experienced real repercussions. Ammon Bundy lives in Idaho, twice in 2020 he refused to leave the state Capitol, he and his cohorts had busted down doors, a precursor to what was done at the U.S. Capitol. Ammon bragged to the news that he encouraged his minions to go to D.C. I respect Dr. Young’s thoughts concerning emotional connections, but I think some solid time in federal prison first would do these self-pitying racist thugs a world of good.

  7. Trump in drive-thru:
    “You want fries with that?”
    “that’s a tough question. You didn’t ask Biden if he wanted fries. You’re a fake cashier. I’m Done here”

  8. “They want to feel heard and respected”, but they *can’t* be told that they’re wrong about something. How can I have a caring, genuine, honest conversation with someone who insists that democrat pedophile demons are stealing an election with the assistance of machines supplied by the (reanimated?) corpse of Hugo Chavez? I’m going to have to leave those conversations to mental health professionals because I. Am. Stumped.

    1. It’s called ‘pick your battles’. You start ‘assessing’ an individual: If someone has an ‘intentional agenda’ to ‘stay put’ (ex: sell books), walk away! If someone is still ‘reasonable’ but just have ‘illogical’ info, prepare for a ‘2 years’ journey. It takes a ‘long time’ because the ‘brain’ is ‘elastic’. And, just like ‘losing weight’, you need to take ‘small step’ every day.

    2. I found this clip to be generous and hopeful. People aren’t garbage to be thrown away and unfortunately this seems to be how the majority feel. I imagine these working class folk actually believed they were middle class when they were earning a wage. After years of austerity they find themselves ageing, clad in microfibre and struggling to make ends meet. Their illusion of the American Dream goes right back to ‘Leave it to Beaver’. They have been brain washed their whole life!. Reintroducing sound ‘everyday’ moral principles, the importance of gratitude, the beauty of simple living and ‘everyday’ kindness is a stretch in a competitive, ultra consumerist society but it is worth a try. I believe people are basically good and are inclined to give their best when they feel valued.

  9. “Trying to argue with a man who has forgone the use of reason is like giving medicine to a dead man” – Thomas Paine

    1. @Jack Riddle man you really overlooked the quote.

      Reasonable is someone who uses ration as their primary way to make decisions.

    2. @Jack Riddle did you read my comment?

      Reasonable is someone who uses ration. If you use ration and facts, that is reasonable

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