As Trumpism Loses, BLM Scores Victories In year Since George Floyd's Murder? 1

As Trumpism Loses, BLM Scores Victories In year Since George Floyd’s Murder?


Has anything really changed in the year since the police murder of George Floyd? There were several measurable breakthroughs, in the individual case and new state laws, spurred by the BLM movement in reaction to Floyd's killing. MSNBC's Ari Melber documents the changes – and why they are only part of the puzzle – in Part I of this Special Report. (Part II address what has not changed in the year since Floyd's murder.) (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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    1. I think Captain David Dorn should get more recognition than GF!!

      How does it feel seeing the division and hate going on in America thanks to you??
      MSM sucks!

    2. Biden couldn’t fill six circles at a rally, but we’re supposed to believe he got more votes than Obama in 2008

    3. @tientien777 Trump getting more votes than any sitting president in history is not really an accomplishment since the population of voters is increasing, so of course he would get a lot of votes. Oh no, please don’t tell me you actually believe that the election was stolen. You do realize they still have a majority in the House, right? They also gained a majority in the Senate and won the presidency. You do realize “leftism” literally GAVE US A COUNTRY? This country was founded on liberal principles.

  1. Life is uncertain, governments collapse,stock markets crash, wars destroy, relationships fall broken. It’s deep in our hearts we yearn for security. We need a solid foundation, only God can provide this. He never changes. He promises and loves always. Look to Him for stability. God loves the world, He gave His Son Jesus (unto death for our sins), whoever believes in Him will not die but have everlasting life. John3:16 To be absent for this world is to be present with God. 2Corinthians5:8

  2. Yes let’s make sure we remember the fetynal man and all his criminal behavior including the pregnant women he held at gun point. Y’all don’t seem to care about her or her rights or idk even her kid!!

    1. @Genshiken2006 it’s crazy how no one’s talking about that 18-year-old black man that stole that 5-year-old white boy out of his crib and stabbed him to death and left him to bleed out in a pool of his own blood on the side of the road. The dude hasn’t even been charged yet

    1. @Jeremy Backup Funny how BLM never addresses the rampant black-on-black crime in places like Chicago, which is a much bigger issue than the supposed “police brutality”.
      Doesn’t help that a good number of people BLM “protested” for had a criminal record, were commiting a crime at the time of police intervention, or had connections to criminals.

    2. @Matthew Thompson probably not, but I’m sure he’s a frequent visitor to brokeback mountain…

    3. @lyokomajor Dude shut up because you’re not even from here. So whatever takes place up here in Chicago doesn’t have nothing to do with you. You need to learn how to mind your own business.

    4. @lyokomajor And here’s a fun fact. You have plenty of white dudes up here in Chicago that are locked up on gang affiliation drugs and murder. And all of them are doing time in the Cook County Jail on 26th and South California Avenue. So you’re ignorant and you need to hush.

  3. “Trumpism” is losing so bad that Trumps name is in 4 of the last 8 videos MSNBC uploaded

    1. @Cognitive Supreme tax returns are solid evidence and so is his perfect phone call where he pressures an elected official to change the outcome of the election. He dug this hole and now he’s gonna be buried in it.

    2. @Thomas Douglas forensic audits are showing the fraud and democrats are running to their safe room

    3. @Thomas Douglas You’re kinda dumb huh. I’m a tax accountant, if there was a problem the IRS would have come already. That’s how it works, I deal with them almost daily. The phone call is literally nothing. What joey burden did is criminal though. Try to keep up please.

    4. @Brandon Duarte nothing will come from these audits just like the ones before. You gonna say the deep state messed with the audits when it doesn’t go your way.?

    5. @Thomas Douglas its already been shown there is fraud thats why all these other states are starting to do audits as well

  4. After all this time still so obsessed with Trump? Still trying to pit race against race and still trying to make us all hate one another. I used to think CNN was the worst but you guys are pushing a close second.

    1. @Dylan D Opposition to Marxism

      Fascists made no secret of their hatred of Marxists of all stripes, from totalitarian communists to democratic socialists. Fascists promised to deal more “firmly” with Marxists than had earlier, more democratic rightist parties. Mussolini first made his reputation as a fascist by unleashing armed squads of Blackshirts on striking workers and peasants in 1920–21. Many early N had served in the Freikorps, the paramilitary groups formed by ex-soldiers to suppress leftist activism in Germany at the end of World War I. The N SA (Sturmabteilung [“Assault Division”], or Storm Troopers) clashed regularly with German leftists in the streets before 1933, and when H came to power he sent hundreds of Marxists to concentration camps and intimidated “red” neighbourhoods with police raids and beatings.

    2. @Dylan D Opposition to parliamentary democracy

      Fascist movements criticized parliamentary democracy for allowing the Marxist threat to exist in the first place. According to H democracy undermined the natural selection of ruling elites and was “nothing other than the systematic cultivation of human failure.” G H minister of propaganda, maintained that the people never rule themselves and claimed that every history-making epoch had been created by aristocrats. Primo de Rivera wrote that “our Spain will not emerge from elections” but would be saved by poets with “weapons in their hands.” In Japan the Tojo dictatorship dissolved all political parties, even right-wing groups, and reduced other political freedoms.

    3. @Dylan D Opposition to political and cultural liberalism

      Although circumstances sometimes made accommodation to political liberalism necessary, fascists condemned this doctrine for placing the rights of the individual above the needs of the Volk, encouraging “divisiveness” (i.e., political pluralism), tolerating “decadent” values, and limiting the power of the state. Fascists accused liberal “fellow travelers” of wittingly or unwittingly abetting communism. In 1935 the Cross of Fire berated “moderates”—i.e., democratic conservatives—for indirectly aiding the communists through their taste for “compromise and hesitation.” La Rocque urged the French people to stand up against revolution and its “sordid ally” moderation, warning that, on the final day of reckoning, complicit moderates—“guardians unfaithful to their charge”—would be “at the head of the list of the guilty.”

    4. @Dylan D Totalitarian ambitions

      Although H had not revealed the full extent of his totalitarian aims before he came to power, as F (“Leader”) of the Third he attempted not only to control all political power but also to dominate many institutions and organizations that were previously independent of the state, such as courts, churches, universities, social clubs, veterans groups, sports associations, and youth groups. Even the German family came under assault, as members of the H Youth were told that it was their patriotic duty to inform on anti-N parents. In Italy, Mussolini adopted the title of duce (“leader”), and his regime created billboards displaying slogans such as “The Duce is always right” (Il Duce ha sempre ragione) and “Believe, obey, fight” (Credere, obbedire, combattere). It should be noted that, despite their considerable efforts in this direction, neither H nor Mussolini succeeded in creating a completely totalitarian regime. Indeed, both regimes were riven by competing and heterogeneous power groups (which H and Mussolini played off against each other), and the Fascists in Italy were significantly limited by the wishes of traditional elites, including the Catholic church.

    5. @Dylan D Conservative economic programs

      the economic programs of the great majority of fascist movements were extremely conservative, favouring the wealthy far more than the middle class and the working class. Their talk of national “s” was quite fraudulent in this respect. Although some workers were duped by it before the fascists came to power, most remained loyal to the traditional antifascist parties of the left. As historian John Weiss noted, “Property and income distribution and the traditional class structure remained roughly the same under fascist rule. What changes there were favored the old elites or certain segments of the party leadership.” Historians concurred: “If a revolution is understood to mean a significant shift in class relations, including a redistribution of income and wealth, there was no N revolution”

  5. Hey MSNBC, just a hint for you. When you have more dislikes than likes ON YOUR OWN VIDEO…you’re wrong lol.

    1. Um no, that just means there’s a ton of idiots in this country who make a strong case for population control.

    2. @kchandaman Well I mean the Democratic party is bad but not that bad. Ha! Just joking. Yes they are lol.

    1. And billionaires like: Jack Dorsey, Gates, and Bezo, Bloomberg, Koch just to name a Few, funneled money to Antifa/BLM, which in turn burned, rioted and destroyed small business in major American cities. They also contributed to the “Bail out Fund”…to pay to release Rioters. Any investigation into Any of this??? FBI, CIA…nope!! How Corrupt.

    2. @Johnson Nathaniel Right endorsed by the ” little guy” Multi-National corporations. That funded civil unrest, that rioted, burned a Federal ice building, Portland Justice building and destroyed small American owned business. But No investigation?? What a joke . I wonder Who all this might Benefit? Hmmm large Multi-National corporations??

  6. MSNBC posts this story, and the the next piece posted 1 hour after this, from MSNBC is how police killings are at the same rate as last year lmao.


  8. Dedicating a square to a criminal-drug addicted who pointed a gun to a pregnant woman…good job leftists!

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