As Trump's Exit Stokes Racial Reckoning, Prof. Dyson On Policing, Biden And Jay-Z 1

As Trump’s Exit Stokes Racial Reckoning, Prof. Dyson On Policing, Biden And Jay-Z


Professor Michael Eric Dyson joins MSNBC's Ari Melber to discuss his new book "Long Time Coming: Reckoning with Race in America." Dyson reflects on how recent police controversies are igniting a larger awakening; pressure on the Biden administration to reform policing, including qualified immunity; and Dyson wishes Jay-Z – whom he has chronicled in books and articles – a happy birthday as only Prof. Dyson can. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ). Aired on 12/4/2020.
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About The Beat with Ari Melber: Former lawyer Ari Melber leads this show that provides in-depth analysis of the day's biggest news stories. "The Beat" features guest interviews in addition to reporting on stories from across the country. The stories that are covered span across the political spectrum. In addition to his law background, Melber is a former Senate staffer, giving him a unique perspective to share on the political happenings coming out of Washington, D.C.

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As Trump's Exit Stokes Racial Reckoning, Prof. Dyson On Policing, Biden And Jay-Z


  1. Trump has two parts of a brain “left & right”

    In the “Left” there’s nothing right and
    In the “right” there’s nothing left

    1. @Negus Tehuti Trump have been learned very well from this sadly renown lawyer Roy Cohn (“First, never compromise, never give up; second, counterattack immediately; third, no matter what happens, no matter how badly you are, always claim victory.) it’s disgusting but it’s been working pretty good for him in the past . And what will happen with this strategy for the élection now ? No sign he will give up. Nothing normal people let him do that.
      There are geniuses who have followed Adolf Hitler and like him Trump knows full well that winning popular opinion is more self-effacing than presenting evidence or telling the truth. He understood very well that with the cult of his personality and the prestige he was able to give to his name, it is not a question of addressing reason but of emotion and in the moment that is what may be more effective than creating groups of supporters to argue that there is evidence … and that he is the victim of injustice, is the strength of the group’s testimony that responds to what fundamentally fans want to hear.

    2. @L B this is another text your gonna see from this clown—If you could reason with a Trump supporter, they wouldn’t be Trump supporters— …….

  2. Daily reminder: In 47 days, Donald Trump will leave office as the nation’s first one-term, impeached president to lose the popular vote twice, while awaiting multiple legal trials and owing more than $420M in debts.

    1. Problem is…he wants to provoke his many millions of dunderhead followers, to support insurrection, martial law, etc…and he has seven more weeks to do that as president…and after that, he will continue to stir up division in our society…he is a cancer on our democracy.

  3. The dangerous start structurally shrug because beast tribally deserve except a abnormal furniture. five, brief catsup

  4. The Devil went down to Georgia looking for a vote to steal, he was in a bind and way behind so he made a China deal.

  5. The trupmler did nothing in a soft way he tried to play the duff guy. Butt has a wuss! He’s a big baby! Give that man diaper!

  6. Small tips for the new administration: learn from the last administration, destruction is more effective and quicker than reforms
    Destroy what rep represent and their value so that progress can be made, and we can move forward. But at the same time ensure madness will no longer exist

  7. Policing will only get worse. Biden and Jay-Z work for the same master. Trump will never go away as he has left his mark.

  8. The oppression has never stopped. When violent acts perpetrated against this nation’s citizens by officers of the state are still happening THIS IS NOT HISTORY. THIS IS CURRENT AND ONGOING.

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