As World Cup approaches, Qatar hits back at allegations of abuse 1

As World Cup approaches, Qatar hits back at allegations of abuse


Qatar's stadiums for the 2022 World Cup speak to its future ambitions on the world stage. Yet each, also, captures and embodies the problems and criticisms that swirl around this World Cup — notably the allegations of the human cost of massive building project. #CNN #News


    1. The environment at olympics is a magnetic rays stomped for cooper and don lemon don lemon magnetic rays magnetic rays magnetic rays cooper lemon magnetic rays magnetic rays

    2. @China Expat Hello China Expat. It would be very helpful if people were not defined as “left” or “right,” since both terms carry with them assumptions about people that often don’t apply. Is a person who supports universal healthcare, for example, “left” or simply Canadian or British? Is a person who supports gay marriage but opposes abortion part of “the left” or “the right”? If all socialism is terrible, should we get rid of police departments, national and state parks, roads, and public education – all of which are socialist? The assumption that the U.S. is broken up into two polarities, each representing a whole body of positions, is ludicrous but is constantly promoted by all of the major corporate television news organizations. Are they trying to divide us so that we don’t unite to solve real issues?

  1. Whilst i’m busy turning lights off & conserving water we head over to Qatar with its air conditioned football stadiums.. No wonder we are on a one way ticket to extinction.. sad.

    1. @Zain Zoala nahh i heard people will go commando and just wear the throbe. It’s just my assumption man. They usually wear undies

  2. i was seriously expecting him, to proclaim that there are NO GAY people in when the “president” of Iran said that there were none in iran..LoL 13:01

    1. @dark14life Finally, a comment that makes sense. Get past the god particulates and we can all start to become civilized .

    2. @Maureen Quinn Qatar wants that Tourism money the Alcohol lovers, that’s why they lessen their own rules and laws to attract the drunken. When a country gain the rights to host international tournaments like the World Cup and the Olympics best believe it the country traditions, laws and rules will be violated, broken by foreigners during the time of the event.

  3. So all that construction for a One month World known event. What’s going to happen to the stadiums after the WC?

    1. @Jeffrey 773 Try to do some research, not all Stadiums in Brazil were renovated some were built from the scratch, for instance the Arena da Amazonia which took 4 years to built but now it just as good as abandoned another one is The Arena das dunas also was built for the 2014 World Cup, The arena Pernambuco and Estadio Arena Pantanal as well were built for the Tournament. In fact FIFA requested Brazil to build 8 stadiums after winning the rights to host 2014 event but Brazil built more than 8 at the time because they had the Olympics going there too. Most of the stadiums that were built and renovated for 2014 World Cup are either abandoned or running at lost, it’s very expensive to keep all running profitably.

    2. @John Lunyamila but Brazil had stadiums for it’s football clubs…. multiple in each Major city…south Africa did not

    3. @Jeffrey 773 South African had Stadiums that were renovated just like Brazil. Unlike 1994 USA World cup, South Africa had an established Football League for very long time, Football is one of their biggest sports there.

    4. @John Lunyamila south Africa never even won an Africa Cup….never qualified for the world cup….Brazil league is over 80 years old……same with Korean and Japan….Japan at least had a league and stadiums and has qualifed…..Koreas league was very small but they have qualified

  4. “Alcohol isn’t part of our culture” is slavery and murder part of your culture?…yes.

    1. @Ver Coda Yes, you fall under the classification of Western countries with yourself righteous bullshit. Where’s your outrage against the USA when they show their diamond commercials on TV? Do you know the stuff that goes on for those diamonds to be collected. Has anyone stopped you lots from playing football because of your IRA conflicts? The video shows Qatar taking action to be better but that isn’t good enough for the holier than though West now is it?

    2. @Uzo Design You haven’t a clue about the IRA in Ireland – besides which, it’s ridiculous to try and compare the terrorism of decades ago in one country with what is happening under Government policy in Qatar today. Ridiculous! It’s also utterly stupid to try engaging in Whatabouttery – trying to throw America and other countries into the conversation, when this is about Qatar, Qatar, Qatar, Qatar, Qatar. Trying to hide from criticism? No excuse or defence? Instead, you start talking about a faraway terrorism group that basically stopped in the early 1990s, and then also threw in modern America – because diamonds are somehow an issue to talk about instead of human rights abuses in Qatar, migrant worker exploitation, and so on. Who are you trying to speak for – the Qatari government?!

    3. @mohamed sadig … America have a problem of the but..but..but we are busy trying to dismantle critical race theory which is not even taught in schools other than college. We are quick to judge a country that we never set foot in other than what we hear in the media, no country is perfect but if you resist change they will forever be left behind.

  5. “We were creating a story there that we didn’t know anything about, you
    know? That’s what… that what I think, that’s propaganda” -Charlie
    Chester, CNN Technical Director, 2021

  6. “hey, let’s build 8-10 arenas for billions of dollars that can be used for few weeks then collect dust….”

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