Ascend Founder Speaks Out About Young Girls Stuck In Afghanistan After Taliban Takeover 1

Ascend Founder Speaks Out About Young Girls Stuck In Afghanistan After Taliban Takeover


Marina LeGree, the founder and executive director of Ascend, joined Hallie Jackson to share what young girls her organization supports in Afghanistan are saying amid reports that the Taliban is preventing multiple charter planes from leaving the country. LeGree says "it's not safe at all" and that she hasn't heard much from the U.S. government about the situation.
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  1. Why were you bringing in kids to a warzone? The Biden administration has been warning to leave since February. Stupidity astounds me.

    1. @Censorship Is real befroe viability it’s a choice. A woman’s choice. I’m not “pro-abortion” but I am pro-choice.

    2. @UC4s3K-Td0OZP2IqMfwVbEiw Accroding to the MSM it was general knowledge. They already controlled half of the country. Why play chicken when you were being warned and the Taliban already negoiated our exit. If it goes ok then maybe you could go back, but if you have a means to get out, then GET OUT!

      It’s like idiots who do mountain climbing when they’re warned not to, then get stuck on a mountain and we have to send a bunch of people to resue them, putting thier own lives of the line. x1000

    3. @brownhaus815: “Accroding [sic] to the MSM it was general knowledge.” Why don’t you go back and look and all the news stories from a month ago? (Since you obviously have memory issues).
      ASSOCIATED PRESS, August 15th
      WASHINGTON — “President Joe Biden and other top U.S. officials were stunned on Sunday by the pace of the Taliban’s nearly complete takeover of Afghanistan, as the planned withdrawal of American forces urgently became a mission to ensure a safe evacuation.”

    4. @brownhaus815 it’s still a life. At one point in your life you were at that stage in life. And you were allowed to grow into what you are today.
      So aborting life’s in the womb you could be aborting the next woman president. Or the next scientist to cure cancer. Or just a human being

    5. @Bradyn Lotterman
      I don’t think anyone could predict how cowardice & weak the Afghanistan men can be.

      Biden couldn’t possibly know they would drop their weapons & disappeared.

  2. The world is stunned by the absense of action from international womens’ organizations in defense of Afghan womens’ plight from Taliban. Where are all they? Metoo anyone?

    1. @Winston Smith
      Then when are you going to give Katie Johnson a listen instead of threats to her life?
      Your one-sided rules only apply when it advantageous to your bible thumping political rhetoric gramps?

    2. @Winston Smith you do know that trump has a real court case to deal with about his alleged sexual assault.. he’s going to court it is said alleged that his DNA is on her dress .no gaslighting .just the facts that should come out in court.

    3. @Mutton Chops I think Trump is absolutely a r ap ist. He’s a monster. But the Right doesn’t go around virtue signaling about women. I think something happened to Tara Reade while she was working for Biden. Maybe it wasn’t even Biden, but someone in his office. The woman’s a mess. And she deserves to be treated as a human being, not as a punching bag. Libs need to drop identity politics because they’re only on the side of women and minorities when it suits them.

  3. If you have a son in high school who is having girl problems, just tell him that it is ok. Matt Gaetz didn’t have his first high school girlfriend until he was 35.

    1. 🤩🤩😂🤩🤩Hey how is that breaking news story about his arrest going? About as well as Dementia Joe’s jobs report?

    2. @Texas Abortionist HUNTER everyday more Trump supporters die of covid or go to jail, which one is for you traitor

    3. @sgtwrench69
      Obviously you are far from informed gramps.
      Joel Greenberg has recently provided the Feds with thousands of photos and videos to wade through.
      And numerous Venmo and Cash App transactions.
      I hope Ted Cruz is in his birthday suit with another woman. 🙃😛

    4. What proof do you have of that …. and how long have you now been waiting for his arrest??? I know you have waited over 4.5 yrs and still waiting for Trump to be charged with anything right.

  4. Wowww so Biden say to us that we have all of the us planes out we have 1,000 or more troops out of Afghanistan and so you telling me that there still some there and us citizen I don’t get this administration I thought that what he said

  5. Should have spent the past 20 years arming the Afghan women, and training them to fight.
    Considering what was at stake for them, you can be sure they wouldn’t have just dropped their guns
    and walked away when the Taliban moved in, the way their men did.

    1. You think that would have been a resistance to Taliban fighters who have been in active war since they were 14, 15, 16 years old and are now in their 30s?

      The problem here is the former corrupt Afghan government who didn’t fund their military and pilfered the funding for themselves.

    2. @Lou Sassole Perhaps not the women on their own. But if both men AND women had been trained and armed, it would have made a significant difference. If the men had seen their women right there with them in the fight, they might not have been so quick to lay down arms and surrender.

    3. All your woke superhero crap has gone to your head. On TV, supergirl fights the patriarchy and wins. Irl, the producer of supergirl lurks in their dressing rooms…. You can’t completely change the Muslim culture and turn them into strong and empowered women who won’t ever stfu about how strong they are. And even if you could, do you really think all the purple hairs and femi-n azis could stand up to the Taliban? Well, a femi-na-zi might, but the average white middle classed purple hair couldn’t.

    1. @Steve B those prisoners where released to save American lives. There where conditions on that treaty which where broken by the Taliban. Had Biden followed the treaty 13 American soldiers would still be alive. Biden didn’t listen to his generals or the intelligence community. He wanted a political win for 911. Biden had phone call with the Afghanistan president for him to lie and change the optics. Biden cares more about power than Americans.

    2. @Leonard Archuleta Trump surrendered in Feb 2020 and had 11 months to get out. He did nothing. But expected Biden to get out in 4 months. There’s a reason Trump left the mess for Biden to deal with.

    3. That’s a whataboutism. It’s funny how Afghani women are going through a living nightmare and you bring up Orange Man. Typical lib sociopath…

    4. @Winston Smith repulipukes have never cared about women, or Muslims. You blocked SIVS for years. Now all of a sudden you care. You turds never miss an opportunity to politicize something.

    5. @Steve B go read that mc master report again he didn’t want to leave period. He lashed out at both president s. We where holding the country with 2500 hundred troops Bagram airbase. Biden wanted his 911 photo op and troops died. He should be removed

  6. We will look back on Joe bidins handling of afghanistan.and blame GW. He started it .trump moved it closer to it’s end . terribly I may add .just get it done.its been long enough over in the the dirt of Afghanistan..

  7. Where is the Pentagon? Mr President, what is going on?!! The Taliban thug’s creating a situation? Get in There! Find our people and get rid of that Taliban doorman, They have orders!

  8. Why is our job? America has its own challenges you can’t help others if you can’t help yourself

    And instead , take out the men

  9. There is no one stuck in Afghanistan the only people left behind, wanted to stay. Biden/ Harris administration and military has already made this clear. The mission was a success. This must be Fake News.

  10. Taliban 2001 banned women’s education, TV, music and sport.
    Taliban 2021 watch media, take selfies and listen to music on their phones.
    Taliban 2021 park their Humvees and Black hawk helicopters outside Kabul tea houses.
    How times have changed. Will US 2021 stop bombing countries in the name of peace?

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