1. @Biblical Kraken hollywierdo telling the eu to track child abuse . right back to people in hollweird

    2. @santa fe, bantayan island life true. Isaac Kappy didn’t make CNN.
      Cringeworthy virtue signalling smokescreen. Pathetic.

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this information. My granddaughter Tia was a victim of this. She is at home now She finished high school and she has 2 jobs and she is looking forward on going to College.

    1. @Wserthmar Ashton believes in his cause but this was about passing a law to let tech companies look thru your whatsapp msgs, etc. It has nothing to do with child porn its about stopping the massive protests against government surveillance going on right now

    2. Linda, I’m sorry Tia was a victim. But she was victimized again by the fact that you said she has 2 jobs.
      America: Let’s give a quadrillion dollars to the military, but let veterans sleep on the streets.

      Also America: $15 an hour!? Are you kidding me? We can’t afford that! Why should the peasants prosper? They just have no ambition. SAD!!!

    3. @Brandon Smith They have for years – when you use google or yahooh for example, you explicitly relinquish your control over your content – they own it.

      Not acknowledging that the concept of privacy is gone, is simply delusional.

    1. And this is what i dont get. You got proof visual proof, proof that cant be denied. But you get it illegal so they cant use it…..

  2. I’m ok with a photo of my kid at 2 in a tub taken down, if it saves a kid from the torture of child rape. For me personally, it’s not even a contest.

    1. @Allin Wayin both issues are extremely wrong. You want to persuade people towards your side of the issue. You will have a opposite effect by doing what Kanye did to Taylor Swift.

      You have to find the right audience or create an audience from scratch. This audience is he for something else. Study or research “Rhetoric”. Every influential speaker uses Rhetoric as a powerful tool.

    2. @Allin Wayin what… the… fu… your type is so miserable. Everything has to be about you and your problems that are your own fault. Taylor shouldn’t be hanging around criminals that are known killers. Don’t try to kidnap your children while the mother is screaming at the cops to do something. I’m tired of hearing your whimpering. Time to stomp these leftists out.

    3. @BidenWins leftists is not the same as liberal or “leftie” it is a term to describe communist ideologies. The racial divisions are being pushed by radical leftists. They will refuse Biden as they have refused Trump. They are a group of people that are impossible to appease. This is why they must go.

    4. @J J I had to research that in order to reply appropriately to you. Low and behold you are not completely wrong. I just have one question to ask you. Who do you think won the 2020 Presidential election.

  3. 1;30. When a person is caught abusing children. There should be a law to make it , they have no more rights. ESPECIALLY WHEN IT COMES TO KIDS.

    1. @dyoox01
      Trump administration sure didn’t. They literally had the needed data to reunite children with their parents! What was the point of not re-uniting them? Cruelty! Needless, costly, cruelty.

    2. @dyoox01 ok so .. when it is known that a person commits an abusive act on a child. hmmmm. ya I guess. when they are convicted. Innocent until proven. Take all their rights then.

    3. @Lidia Benjamin there should not be a death penalty, for any crime, in a modern society in the year of 2020

    4. Why don’t we just destroy democracy and the constitutional state then?
      Every human has rights,
      We have prisons for a reason you know

    1. Ole joe is epstien’s neighbor/friend/submarine buddy. They all indulge @ this is why these folks must be stopped. Virtual learning ONLINE IS AN OPEN HIGHWAY TO LOCATE/LOSE OUR PRIVACY TO PREDATORS. KUTCHER’S NOT HERE SAVING OUR KIDS FROM CHILD ABUSE ONLINE….HE CAME TO LOCATE OUR CHILDREN ONLINE !!!!!!

    2. @Deborah Freedman and when he’s president for at least 4 more years hiw are you going to feel about that?

    1. @Julie B there’s no connection between Trump’s white house and Jeffrey Epstein that was Obama’s White House. Remember Bill Clinton was on pedo island 13th times.it was the Barack Obama White House the emails exposed all the child molestation like the $65,000 worth of little hot dog weenies cough cough for the White House hot dog party.too bad you can’t order outside food to the White House. But they love their pasta with Walnut sauce they were obsessed with it of course FBI said code word for child molester pasta young girl Walnut sauce of color, but don’t worry that wasn’t for Barack he likes the hot dogs. and look at Michelle’s pedophile drag queen story hour..in California they passed SB 1322 which equates to legalized child rape.. Anthony Weiner who’s married to Hillary’s right hand women.child rapist senator menendez from New Jersey who raped the girl in Dominican republic.. you’re all a bunch of pedocrats. You voted for somebody who’s live on C-Span all over YouTube molesting multiple little girls. How’s Obama doing with his Netflix money did Michelle supply the children for cuties. When they go low Michelle gets high.

    1. The act that was meant to fight terrorists but ended up fighting everyone but terrorists?…I get that impression as well, next they will say how if you have nothing to hide why are you complaining?…give them an inch and they will take a mile…they always do.

    1. @Sweet Salvation Yes, I had plenty of time to heal. I was a little girl when it happened. Both parents and their friends. God, and only God, healed me. I turned out to be a good Christian woman. Married the love of my life. Widowed now. I thank God every day for his healing.

    2. @Diane T Actually, it was in the 60’s when it happened. I told anyone who would listen. Didn’t help. Back then, that’s just the way it was. I healed a long time ago with God’s help. My utmost satisfaction is knowing what happens when they get to the judgement seat of Christ. And I pray daily that God saves the children.

    3. @A B not sure what you are referring to. We were warned as kids of stranger danger but no one mentioned about parents or the dirty uncles in the family. Was mentioned, and just kept in the family. Can’t say any of my abuse occurred outside the family. By then I was well conditioned to view most people to be untrustworthy in general. Took a lot of therapy to rebuild some modicum of trust in general.

    4. @Jenny C Thiverge I was not refering to you. I think it is better not to share such personal information on a public space as it makes you vulnerable. Protect yourself and share this type of stuff only with local authorities, your close friends and loved ones, they can help you the best.

  4. Ashton there shouldn’t be any Child Porn online, if Big Tech can Censor a comment online, they should definitely be able too Censor Child Porn, and if there is any Child Porn online the Tech Companies should be charged with crimes against children.

    1. Our government is dirty though, they won’t even go after Politicians and Royalty involved in Child Sex Abuse.

    1. @Canadian Carina That’s true to the point, but i don’t think that we should allow the companies to monitor the communication happening on Internet.
      That will just erode the privacy of all people instead of children’s.

    2. If your kid has a cell phone, how are you going to do that? Maybe a ten year old would put up with it. But, I’ve raised two kids to adulthood, and teenagers will not tolerate you checking all their online traffic. If you try, they will get a phone you don’t know about. We tracked all the web sites our LAN accessed. And when our older daughter realized that, she browsed the web at a friend’s home. Teenagers can be really sneaky, and there is no way you can really keep them safe, without locking them in their room without a phone or internet.

    3. @Deborah Freedman yes teens are clever and sneaky 😂 and that’s natural part of growing up, that’s why parents role is so extremely important.

      Regarding the mobile, i think on personal note that it is not needed before 10th grade. They can use the parents mobile if needed till then.

      I understand it is difficult to do but if you allow big-tech to decide what is correct and what is not that is just going to cause more problems for the privacy of all people not only childrens.

      The difference b/w a parent and a company is that one wants best for their child while other unfortunately cares more about money.

    4. Big government is you parent now! enough with this thought crime! get back to work and mindless consumerism…. peasant

  5. If there’s one good reason for an international, systemic, totally traceable, cashless economy, this would be it!

    1. Well, they should start putting a price tag on using their services. If the service or app is free, then YOU are the product they are selling. I actually kind of like the idea of putting a price tag on social media like Instragram, Facebook, Twitter. It would stop all the bots and all the trolls. It’s like if you don’t want to see ads on YouTube, pay for the premium service and the ads will stop coming.

  6. Sure, screening my chats with my girlfriend and my mails with my boss will stop encrypted darknet pornography. Leave me alone and let me have my privacy.

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