Asian American Atlantans react to spa shootings | USA TODAY 1

Asian American Atlantans react to spa shootings | USA TODAY


Shook but not broken: Asian American business owners react to Atlanta spa shootings
RELATED: Atlanta-area Asian Americans share their thoughts on the killings at area spas.

Five Atlantans from businesses along Buford Highway, heavily populated by Asian and Hispanic businesses, reflect on the recent deadly spa shootings

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    1. I think I understand your question.
      Some people are ignorant and stupid. That will never change.
      I think in this case, it was not hate. The guy is a psychopath and the victims happened to be Asian.

    2. Because of corona virus .it came from china.truth.and these asian salons are prostitution rings.

  1. In just two months, we’ve gone from selling rice to China to China lecturing us on human rights. From a secure border to a chaotic free for all. From energy independence to Middle East oil dependence. From an alpha Chad to a idiot omega potato that’s barely alive.

  2. What about the Chinese in West China that are being enslaved and their body parts sold to the highest bidder?
    Everybody knows what happens at the Chinese super spreader massage parlors

  3. It wasn’t a shooting spree, they were targeted. Many of our domestic terrorists or insurrectionists in the GQP seem to have adopted the shaggy beard look like Al Qaeda.

  4. Nobody’s asking, why was a sex addict at a spa ?? Maybe he did target them, maybe he wanted a happy ending. Idk & I’m not going to pretend I do.

    1. That’s a topic that only gets paid lip service. Big noises are made about. Beyond that and a few easy arrests… The true victims keep being moved around, made to suffer more, until they’re not of any more use…

  5. They got pissed about Chinese corona virus, and go to Korean Town for shooting ? That’s like super ignorant and dumb dumb. It’s like oh you are black you are from Africa. Well Africa is a continent not a country. Asia is a continent not a country.

  6. Jesus… ven pronto, te nesecitamos. Controla, sujeta la maldad de este mundo por favor….

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