1. 😂😂 We are probably the only planet in the galaxy that every other planet and other galaxies warns to stay away from!!

    😆Most likely is what that signal is!


    *”Approaching the Danger Zone!”*
    *”Stay Away From Earth!”*

    1. @Stuart Rutman did you even listen to what they guy said, he said it’s probably a dying star out there

    2. We aren’t a danger to other beings since we have no skills(yet) to leave our own solar system. So they don’t care if we destroy ourselves.

      In the fictional Star Trek canon we won’t be a danger until we have that skill when Zefram Cochrane invents warp drive( the ability to travel beyond the speed of light) in 2063. And in ST:First Contact we find out the Vulcans have been watching us …. to see if we succeed.

  2. When were this signals sent? Relatively recently? Or would you say it was… a long time ago?

    1. @Cartman4wesome …light year is how far light travels in 1 year, hence the word year. Dinosaurs were here between 66 and 245 million years ago.
      Anyway, I accidentally put the word thousand instead of a million but 100 million light years is still 100 million years regardless of how they utilize “light years.”

    2. ​@tofalldownarabbithole Oh, yeah. I was in the target audience for the fantastic new sci-fi movie. And at the time it WAS fantastic.

    1. People used yo say the Earth is the center of our solar system. But that’s not true. The Sun is. But our Sun is just a a STAR. Like billions of Stars in the Milky Way Galaxy. There billions of galaxies. So for me it’s hard to believe we’re alone. That’s just my opinion. Right or Wrong. I don’t know !

    1. @A S yep,
      Everytime something unexplainable comes from space, most always go to,
      ” it’s aliens “

    1. I interpreted the signal as a call to action for the Uvalde police. They didn’t know it would take us so long to figure it out.

    2. “Make the CALL !” Terry Benedickt ( Andy Guarcia ) in “Ocean ‘ s 11” , about 911 emergency ( SWAT ) .

  3. “We’re trying to reach you, from planet Scamco, about your car’s extended warranty.”

    1. I wonder if you press 7 to be removed from their radio-burst list if they keep sending new messages anyway.

  4. We’ve been hearing this “outer space heartbeat” for years now…The source of this heartbeat comes from Pink Floyd, of course ! 😎

    1. I hooked up a 1lb lithium battery to my Pink Floyd Pulse box set. Still blinking all these years later

    2. @Brandon Burns Nerd and very proud of it. Remember it’s the nerds who rule this world. Facebook founders were nerds. Twitter founders were nerds. Quantum physicists are nerds. What have you done lately that rocks the world? Nothing. LOL

  5. Wow! Think about it. If a star made these sounds that sound like a heartbeat… well, maybe stars have a heart?!

    1. Ahhhhh then wouldn’t we then hear TRILLIONS of heartbeats ALL THE TIME?!
      From OUR SUN alone which ya know IS A STAR…..wouldn’t ya think we might have heard heartbeats from THAT STAR that lights our life and planet kinda counts.
      🤷🏼‍♀️ what do I know tho 😂🤣🙄

    2. my thoughts exactly. We are all “living” creatures in this amazing “event” that’s the universe/s.

  6. How long does it take for sound to travel in space? By the time we hear it how old is it?

  7. Remember, if it’s a billion light years away, it’s a billion years old. Just goes to show how lucky we all are to be living in the present, with all these technical advances

  8. *The cosmos never disappoints! Many generations will pass before the true major benefits of this will be felt but what a lucky generation of Earth’s people’s it will be! 🤔!*

  9. This event started happening on June 25th, SETI has been tracking it, because it actually exceeds the “WOW” signal, by almost 100dB at peak.

    1. No radio waves don’t work that way and I think term used is magnitude. A dB is loudness in hearing or scientifically is how load that sound pressure is to your ears. Humans can’t hear or see radio waves to do both you have a machines do it then it allows us to hear or see it. Magnitude defines the presence of something and how powerful of a presence it has

  10. It’s the heartbeat of the creature we live inside of. We’re like in the toe nail. Far far away……..

  11. I think it would be far more fantastic and utterly terrifying to find out we are alone despite the vastness of the universe.

    1. @Matthew Brown I think you should convert to islam until we discover some other life because so far there is no other life and life is short so don’t die as athiest

  12. I suppose it’d be tacky to point out that in “Contact”, rather than being in “a galaxy far away”, the source of the signal (both in the movie and in the book) was orbiting Vega; right next door in galactic terms.

  13. Very interesting but gotta wonder if the scientific brain power and resources would be better spent trying to figure out how to keep the planet from climate change. I mean not a lot of value to figure out the origins of the universe moments before your planet dies.

  14. One day news organizations will do a story on Astronomy/Space without using stupid movie references or laughing and joking the whole way through the story.

    It will be nice to see them just treat it as a serious story.

    1. Apathy is a self defence mechanism of the ego and it isn’t just being mean it’s detachment. Like not believing something bad happened to someone because if it did it could happen to you.

    2. @Callum Mullans the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow is the chief cause for the violence that is inherited in the system.

  15. It’s reasonable to think that one out of every 100,000 galaxies has exactly 1 planet with intelligent life. That doesn’t seem like a lot, but that’s a lot when you think of how many galaxies there are.
    For all the good it does us.

  16. What an absolute beautiful way to contact other life if that turns out to be the case. Just a simple heartbeat, a sign of life. Not revealing anything other than we’re not alone.

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