At Least 13 Killed After Italian Cable Car Plunges Into The Ground 1

At Least 13 Killed After Italian Cable Car Plunges Into The Ground


Officials say at least 13 people were killed in Italy when a cable car failed and dropped into a wooden hard-to-reach area at the highest part of the car’s route. One of the children critically wounded has been pronounced dead. » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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At Least 13 Killed After Italian Cable Car Plunges Into The Ground


  1. Wow.. dropping a thousand feet. Yikes!! Not the most comfortable way to pass out of this life. I’m very surprised there are any survivors at all. My condolences to the families and loved ones.

    1. Altitude of the ride or distance to the end, not the drop.
      Even if it was 20 meters as reported…not good. Only reference to 1000 feet is how far they were from the top (exit)
      At 1000 ft nothing but shrapnel left and no survivors,

    2. @J Barnhart Sure.. but you get to experience the ” WTF.. I’m going to die” much longer when you fall 1000 feet instead of 60. Is my point.

  2. Wonder what the cause was. With most things being on lock-down for over a year, my first guess unless signs of sabotage/vandalism turn up would be neglected inspections and maintenance.

    1. The contract for those line was win by a mafia linked company, and they used cheap material whit the consens of the CNI, that was the cause

    2. @Rorio please do not spread rumours unless it is proven true. At this point such a claim is impossible to verify, unless you are in league with the mafia yourself.

  3. This has happened before in Italy when a marine corps jet flew into the support cable killing 20 people. Absolutely horrific way to die

    1. Crashing down from a high altitude is a terrible thought, but is the likelyhood of a cable car falling down any higher than getting into a severe car accident? (I don’t know the answer.)

  4. Sorry to know this. After that bridge, this’s another shocking news. Italy isn’t a third-world country! Poor management to blame, my guess. Condolences to the families from Great Britain (Sun 23 May 2021 21h41)

  5. Very sad that one of the children who survived the tragic accident has died in hospital.

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