At Least 200 Cases Of Havana Syndrome Reported By Americans Abroad

Every continent, except for Antarctica, reports cases of Havana Syndrome, including as many as 200 Americans.

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At Least 200 Cases Of Havana Syndrome Reported By Americans Abroad


    1. It’s definitely a weapon. The questions remain what country is behind it and how dangerous is it?

    2. It’s not what you know, it’s what you can prove. If word gets out that China is behind these attacks corporate media will sweep it under the rug anyway

    3. @Fred A You know msnbc is gonna say it’s russia. The only reason they did this story was to stir up more russia paranoia.

    1. @L D its the oldest game we know, fighting without tanks and planes, kinda makes you wonder what awesome weapons America and Russia has.

    1. if we europeans (uk included) wanted america destroyed we would just destroy it. remember we have nuked the usa twice 🙂

    2. Is it then something along the lines of: “wmd” found in iraq? (It sure gave a lot of profits & gold to the military).

      Or maybe the “actors” being implanted to drum up a “situation” to make it a basis of future wars? Everyone knows now how profitable capitalist war business is or rather the “Virus/mRNA vaccine” the new business model where the Virus & vaccine becomes ready at the same time.

      We know how much mastery we have gained in the art of “propaganda”. The 3rd world nations too are now following in our footsteps in using the art of propaganda.

    3. @bobby Is-the-Man does it matter? its not affecting any country of any worth, no one of any importance. just americans. we can just ignore it.

  1. I’m thinking an intelligence collection tool – something along the lines of a laser picking up vibrations from a window pane with focused antennae to pick up spoken voices – only different…

  2. Are other citizens from other countries experiencing these or is it just Americans? can you report about that?

  3. lmao the right wing yanks will next be blaming the uk and europe saying we are attacking them lol

  4. Strange how it only seems to be targeting Americans. I wonder why no one else is experiencing this?👀

  5. I truly hope that the white hats in the Pentagon and in all the protective positions, science labs and inventors who despite the fracas still love The United States eat plenty of veggies and fish, feed those brains! We need help not division. Find another gear scientists!!!! Quick!

  6. Vienna, Munich, and Paris are along the same latitude line. I would look closely at the path of satellites (and planes) over the affected areas.

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