1. @Daniel “Not all of our white racist founders owned slaves”. Doesn’t matter. One is one too many. Look even saying founders is disrespectful. Your KLANcestors didn’t found anything. Then look at how you so nonchalantly and cavalierly justify your KLANcestors despicable disgusting actions of brutalizing, torturing, pillaging, raping, lynching and murdering humans….as if they/you are God the creator and could command such treatment. SMH! Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock………………..

    2. @KLANservative republiKLAN You do know that almost all peoples of all countries or regions enslaved people at some point. The crusades, Muhammad, egyptians, african tribes, europeans, asians and so on. We have evolved our laws and governments, and most societies have moved away from such practices. You are very emotional and seem quite unhinged. Especially suggesting that people with a difference of opinion or those looking to uphold the constitution are apart of a klan.

    3. @dan dansen Interesting. What about my liberal democrat friend who carries a firearm everyday. Is he a poor thing living a life in constant fear, scared of everything unless he has his safety blanket?

    4. @Donny Paul variations there of, that also pass as research from liberals are, experts says, scientists say, people in the know, i heard, CNN told me…. When pressed about who these experts or scientists or people in the know are, they often start bumbling and getting angry because they know they are caught lying.

  1. So sorry for your loss.
    We all need to become kinder gentle People.
    This is another senseless loss of Families lives.
    Better gun control and Mental health screening to own a gun is needed in Our Country. The question is when!!!!
    We are in crisis.
    To all the Families my heart pours out to you for your loss. I’ll offer up my prayers for you. So Sorry

    1. NEVER is the answer. America is not a country, it is a company. Everything but everything has to be paid for in America and no one wants to pay for gun control or mental health screening. Hence, America leads the world in shootings.

    2. @Dale Warren Jesus you’re like a broken friggin record. Do you have ANY other thoughts in your head than your obsession with abortion and your warped religious beliefs? Asking for a friend.

    3. @Dre Kelley Always the same bullshit arguments. Less Guns = Less Deaths. Sounds simple, is simple. What do you think other countries do completely different compared to the fucking states of America ?

  2. I frequently shopped here. So hard to imagine this happened in my back door . This community was so peaceful is now a living nightmare. Prayers and sincerest condolences to the family of the fallen 🙏🏾

    1. @Jeremy A “Two wrongs don’t make a right”, you simpleton. And you lack critical thinking skills and any passing competence in the use of basic logic. Your prognosis for improvement, much like your commentary, is dismal. I’d offer you my condolences, but, once again, I’m too busy laughing! 👍

    2. I work right in that area. I also go to this Walmart, sometimes late night… but there was a shooting at the the tgifridays a couple of months ago. And there is that sketchy motel. Lots of pan handling. I also saw a couple injecting behind a dumpster over there.

    3. @Ze Bunker You do realize Indian tribes used to rob, rape and steal from other tribes, right? It’s not like they weren’t violent.

    4. Repent and believe in Jesus. John 3:16 -KJV – For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
      Luke 13:3 KJV – I tell you nay: but except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.
      John 3:3 KJV – “Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.”

  3. I don’t know what it’s going to take for all this to stop. It just never ends. Condolences to the lives that were lost. Gun violence must come to an end. It should have a long time ago.

    1. @ǝƎǝ qOɹ “ロブええええ” Please quote where in any of my posts did I state I’m for or against guns / 2A?

    2. @Bhavika Sicka said ” If I were a capitalist, then I hope I’d be the person who didn’t steal his employees’ labor wealth by exploiting their labor to accrue profits for myself. ”
      So who is providing jobs in the country you live in? Are people willing to risk their lives in order to sneak into your country like those at the southern US border?

    1. @Mike B No they’re mostly black men, but the media only ever reports those on weekend crime updates in the local news and they never use the term “mass shooters”.

    2. @White Privilege Denier Go back to your hole. Nearly half the murders in the U.S. are committed by whites each year. Of those 3-4 thousand, close to 100% are cases of white on white crime. If you don’t like multiculturalism, feel free to leave or feel free to stay out.

  4. Condolences to the families, RIP to the deceased. I work at Wal-Mart ( a different one) and I know it can be a toxic work environment. This employee was doubtless pushed over the edge, and probably dealing with mental health issues. Very sad. This situation might have been prevented had management treated it differently previously.

    1. @Diogenes then that is on the local and state government for not acting, not Walmart management. A coworker not liking you isn’t reason to be locked up. there has to be a verifiable proof of imminent threat for them to act beforehand.

    2. @Randy Bernhard seriously? upper management can and does take action all the time at any responsible business. Who passes the buck up to government? it has enough to do

    3. @Diogenes are you serious? How about because it’s literally the job of the government. One of the only legitimate previews of government, is to protect citizens’ constitutional rights, such as their right to life. Does Walmart upper management run and manage the federal NICS background check system? No. Does Walmart upper management fund and run a federal and state police force? No. Does Walmart upper management take responsibility for upholding constitutional rights? No. Does Walmart upper management run out corrections facility or justice system? No. So who is really passing the buck here? It’s YOU. Why would Walmart upper management be responsible for any of that or for any action that he caused? What are they supposed to do, call the Walmart police and put him in Walmart prison? How are they responsible for someone else’s actions, and how are they supposed to stop or prevent it? All they can do is inform the government, and hope they do their job, which evidently they don’t do. If you think a private company is somehow responsible for this, or has any jurisdiction or power to do something, you are sorely mistaken. A private company doesn’t run the country, until then, we are the United States of America, not the United States of Walmart.

  5. Omg my condolences 💐 to the families who loss their loved one. May the ones injured recovered gracefully 🙏🏾

    1. @Eren Yaeger I honestly don’t care who he shot, those so-called “victims” were probably black and hispanic anyways 😂
      And what’s this about “payback”? What did the rest of the world do to him, and people like him, whatever you’re getting at?

  6. At this point I’ve learned to expect the information about the shooter to fit the usual description and the story to follow a narrative similar to others. There’s likely a history of violence, mental illness and/or extremist views; and of course, a person who should have never had a gun.

  7. I don’t know what drove this person to do this, but it’s just horrible what happened. My condolences to the victims families.

    1. @nessie It’s a shame that so many in the black community resort to guns to settle their differences. Now I get to make another claim Mr. vice2versa will also claim is total bs. I blame the hip hop & rap/ganster culture for this mindset. It’s why I no longer watch Ice-T or Ice-Cube movies or shows anymore. The audacity to stigmatize the black community, playing the ‘gangbanger’ entertainment card to get famous (also ‘Fawty-Get Rich or Die Trying), and now they play cops. Stunning disrespect for their own people, used them for a buck, and helped tear their own communities apart.

    2. ​@Chris Garvey Why would Youtube delete your reply? The F? Anyways, I have never been into this “hip hop culture” and never will. Ironically I grew up with cousins who blasted this music on the radio all day. It never phased me. It’s not their music that’s at fault, it’s main stream that ALLOWS this stuff to happen, and repeatedly broadcasts it for public desensitization. If not for main stream, don’t you think they would be promoting world-changing European and American inventors, scientists, and doctors all day on the radio? Why would they keep promoting “protests” like BLM? It’s the ones pulling the strings who are behind it all.

    3. @trm4life what does that have to do with a person killing other employees working under the same conditions?

  8. Seven people were killed but hundreds of lives will never be the same. This is incredibly sad. And now the surviving victims can never think of thanksgiving and the holiday season the same. The post traumatic stress is unmeasurable for those affected. 🙏🏽

    1. @Russell Langworthy … That’s because you’re not smart enough to figure out what a D/L is, but I’m smart enough to not reveal it due to the D/L Censoring & Cancel Culture.

    2. @Fkthe Demlibscum You think I’m not smart? I’d pit my I.Q. against yours any day of the week. The thing is, I really don’t care what it means, I was simply humoring you. Your main concern should be the dwindling numbers of conservatives and the rising number of liberal snowflakes. The days of the freedoms this country knew when I was growing up are long gone. The radical left has seen to that. Instead of antagonizing someone that shares your views, you should be a little more polite and not drive your allies away from you.

    3. @Russell Langworthy … Alright, but according to your reply to me, you didn’t come off as a Republican, so if you are, then yes, I apologize to you…. Well, considering I have zero control over the tyranny Dem/Lib Gov. & the deplorable Dem/Lib public, all I can do is take care of myself with my “CWP” and my Republican vote…. If you disagreed with my initial comment saying I hope no Republicans were harmed, oh well, but I stand for what I said and I meant it.

  9. Heartbreaking. All survivors now have a before and an after, including the shooter’s family. So senseless.

    1. This will likely be an unpopular opinion but I’m glad you included the shooter’s family in the idea of Victims. Surely they are not more important to recognize over the people murdered or who escaped such a fate. But they are Victims too.

  10. My little brother works at this Walmart and during those hours. Thank god he was not there but after what he told me, this is a really messed up story. This was a disgruntled employee who wasn’t all the way there mentally. Higher ups were complained to and warned about this individual, people have quit because of this individual, and nothing was ever done about it. Mental evaluation should be important when it comes to stressful jobs. This is something that quite possibly could have been avoided. Condolences to the families suffering from this tragic incident.

    1. @Harold … Yes, I agree the D/L’s are clowns, and they also are violent rioting, looting, killing, arsonists, and of course they are lying cheating hypocrites.

    2. I hope the media and politicians do not exploit our peoples pain for their political agendas. I’m glad your brother is safe.

    3. @Ministry Of Truth Only if he has no access to guns. But that’s precisely something many Americans are blind to. There is a myth so many Americans subscribe to, believing owning a gun to self- defend and to protect family members while advocating for gun rights, i.e., everybody can have a gun or more firearms to shoot you and your family members when they have complaints, would make sense at all. With such madness that is America, everybody can end up dead any day because we can’t think striaght.

  11. Another senseless tragedy sounds like there were warning signs and this could’ve been avoided. This chief is doing a great job trying to answer questions truthfully and concerned. He seems caring like he really cares. Nice to see a human in leadership

  12. Condolences to the families of the deceased, and speedy recovery to the injured. Maybe if we didn’t have such lax gun laws where anyone can open carry or own a gun, we would see less of these shootings.

    1. Honestly. There will always be disgruntled employees, especially in our country where the working class is treated like garbage. There will always be mental health issues. But there doesn’t always have to be free and easy access to deadly firearms. This country is insane.

    2. Gun laws aren’t lax. Guns don’t decide to kill anyone anymore than a knife or a car. Stop blaming an object and blame the criminals

    3. So now youre blaming the gun instead of the person? NY,Deteoit,Chicago,Oaklanr,and Philly all have strict gunlaws why arent they working?

    4. No, the person holding the gun is responsible. However, if every joe, john, and henry wasn’t allowed to buy and possess guns, to open carry, or not have to go through intensive background checks, we would see fewer mass shootings. Our gun laws, or lack of gun laws, are a real and very big problem in this country. Our disgraced supreme court has made it easier and easier for the whackos to purchase guns. Not everyone should be able to own a gun.

      Which states have the highest and lowest gun death rates in the U.S.?
      A map showing that U.S. gun death rates varied widely by state in 2020
      The rate of gun fatalities varies widely from state to state. In 2020, the states with the highest rates of gun-related deaths – counting murders, suicides and all other categories tracked by the CDC – included Mississippi (28.6 per 100,000 people), Louisiana (26.3), Wyoming (25.9), Missouri (23.9) and Alabama (23.6). The states with the lowest rates included New York (5.3), Rhode Island (5.1), New Jersey (5.0), Massachusetts (3.7) and Hawaii (3.4). (Source: Pew Research)

  13. This police officer shouldn’t have taken any questions due to having literally NO HELPFUL OR INSIGHTFUL INFORMATION. RIP to the victims of this (latest) mass shooting. Condolences to the families of those who lost.🙏🏽🌻❤

  14. My son worked for Walmart as a Team Lead for a year and said he has never seen such a toxic work environment. He also said he was unable to fire one of his employees for making constant threats to other co-workers because he was autistic (protected class under Walmart policy). My son finally had enough and quit. It’s only a matter of time before this happens at that store as well.

  15. I would like to extend my deepest condolences to the VA community, victims, and families impacted by this senseless act of violence. When is this going to end!

  16. Pray for my friend. She’s in critical condition with 5 gun shot wounds. I work a couple of doors down and I frequent this Walmart. Scary.

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