At least 8 dead in shooting at FedEx facility 1

At least 8 dead in shooting at FedEx facility


A gunman opened fire outside and inside a FedEx facility near Indianapolis' main airport killing eight people, wounding several others and sending witnesses running before taking his own life, police said. #CNN #News


    1. @Marcos Ruiz Listen I only print facts. Kind of my mission in life (sounds hokey, I know, but nevertheless it’s true)
      YouTube wont let me post a bunch of links, so I posted them on your page in the discussion tab.
      Let me know if you got them.

    2. @Lynn Potter
      For every time a gun IN THE HOME was used in a self-defense or legally justifiable shooting, there were four unintentional shootings, seven criminal assaults or homicides, and 11 attempted or completed suicides in said homes.

      The same can’t be said about locks …

    3. @dan dansen I call bullshit, Chicago has the strictest gun laws in the country yet that have had 150 people get shot in one night.

    4. @dan dansen You do understand that when there is an agenda to be had those that control the information spin it how they want, right? Also, California supposedly has the lowest gun deaths but the HIGHEST murder rate of any state in the US……so it doesnt matter that people are dying to you, it matters if its a gun doing it?

  1. I am now surprised when I wake up every morning to NOT see news about a mass shooting.

    Frustrated, sad, scared, angry.

    I am all of the above right now.

    1. @Lynn Potter happens here every what? 6 weeks? By your stupid math it should happen there every 24 weeks. But it happens there every 100 weeks. Because, math! Jackass

    2. @Steve M Allow me to educate you…. It certainly seems that the United States has the highest mass shootings rate of all the land, but this has been proven untrue. In recent years, the Crime Prevention Research Center released information regarding the annual death rates due to mass shootings around the world. The countries that were looked at in this data analysis were:

      The Czech Republic
      The United States of America
      Now how many of these countries have gun control? Go have a seat. Also, you do understand that rather it is all at once or individual a murder is a murder, in the UK isn’t it a knife that contributes the most to the UK homicide rate? I look forward to seeing your protest to ban all knives then. Gee, you mean your country banned guns and people are still getting murdered? That cant be right, I mean that would mean there is SOMETHING else causing the murders…hmmmm…..thats a toughy, guess you will have to sort that out right after you ban forks for making people fat then. lol

    3. @Zafir Zakaria There is no country in the world that has no murders, so, what is the excuse there? See, THAT is the problem, this is not about saving lives, if that were the case then you would be trying to ban cars, or fast food, or cigarettes’, but you are not, because those things kill WAY more people than guns, you would be more concerned about getting free mental health care, THIS is about control and those of you that have not figured that out either do not live in this country and do not understand what is going on over here or you are the frog in the pot of water that is slowly being turned up. Think back to when you were a kid, you could play outside and not have to worry about abductions, you could get pulled over and not worry about being shot, you could drink the tap and not have to worry about it causing cancer, and you could get a decent paying job and support your family…….nowadays? This country is “woking” itself right down the drain, take a step back, and retain the freedoms that make us great. We are culturally diverse and that is great, but the government wants us divided, black, white, liberal, conservative, red, blue, legal, illegal, not realizing is all to distract from the real divide that ALL of us are on because we are not them……the have’s, and the have nots.

    4. This is the normal daily life of the people you help murder around the world, save you faux outrage and hurt for your bathroom mirror…

  2. I don’t encourage suicide, but don’t understand why someone has to take people with them when they go! My prayers are with all of these people. This is depressing! We are living in horrific, dark times!

    1. @Sonwabile Rwaxa Ka Tinyane you cannot say it’s “terrorism” because we don’t have indications that he was a Muslim or have something to do with Islam.

    2. @Perry Everybody is a narcissist. The dude happened to be one but couldn’t back it up because he looked like trash end of story.

    3. @Lake It’s because they’ve felt ostracized and made to feel like a nothing from society for so long that they now see everyone in society, no matter who the victims are, as just as expendable as the perpetrator has been made to feel. It’s just an equal and opposite reaction from emotional pain reflected into outward physical pain. You kill someone emotionally they’ll kill you physically.

  3. It is now so normalised for me to hear about mass shooting in the US.
    I don’t even feel shocked just immense sadness and helplessness.
    And am not even American neither am I living in America. But I really hope one day innocent Americans can live without the fear of getting shot at and killed.
    Condolences to the families of the victims. RIP to the victims.

    1. @ashyjeremy Sure aside from big trucks, home made explosives, and of course illegal guns criminals will always have access to. At least there will be nobody around with a carry license that could kill them mid rampage.

    2. @Heena you must be young, have you ever heard the term “going postal” it relates back to a mass shooting in a postal building in the 80s I believe it was.

  4. I work Overnight at a warehouse in maryland and every time I work im always paying attention to my coworkers moods some of those people just aren’t right in the head and the temp agencies that send in most of them with limited background checks. Prayers to the victims and their families smh.

    1. @Sam S Good reply and to expand your thought, more and more people are seeming sketchier in general.

    2. @Gemel Walters – and actually care about mental welbeing of the population, in the Usa that’s barely the case.

    3. @Frankie Bruan Thank you I’m a temp and hell I look at permanent employees the same. Loose they’re stable job and oh lawd!!

  5. To all Americans, be safe and keep your heads on a swivel. Unfortunately, this won’t be the last time we see a tragedy of this magnitude. My prayers and condolences to all the families who lost a love one in this senseless act of terror.

    1. @Kriptz Because Trumpansies lost, and they’re still butt hurt about it. That’s the problem…

    2. Oh please, you’re probably the Blacx Lies Matter cowards planning the next stupid Massacre

  6. So sad and senseless. It is now like which state is it going to be today? Prayers for these families.

    1. Someone determined to carry out evil is always sad and senseless. Whether it involves a gun matters not.

    2. @Callum nathan its not his fault, it wasnt trumps either, what trump was doing that was wrong, that he was enabling it, he was encouraging it, he was encouraging hate to Asians, and Africans making jokes of a virus that is deadly and barely caring about mass shootings and attacks to federal property.

  7. I was born and raised out of Indianapolis, Indiana, but I no longer live in the state. My dad’s been telling me for a while now, how Indianapolis crime has gotten so bad, with murders every night. I honestly never pictured Indianapolis being like this. I went to high school in Indianapolis. I was also ALMOST a victim of a drive-by shooting and/or car jacking, when I was about 18 to 19 yrs. old! Along with all of these mass shootings again! I am so sad and sickened by this! This can happen anywhere at anytime obviously…

    1. Only in America… the sh*thole of the west. China is laughing their asses off everytime this happens.

    2. @Titan1977 wait till you guys finally awake to the monster in the wh.. Thankfully I watch from afar with my popcorn at the ready..

  8. To reiterate some previous comments, total helplessness and exhaustion are what I feel every time I hear of another mass shooting. Life in America has become completely insane!

  9. Is it me, or once we opened back up after quarantine, mass shootings started again?! Smh….i’ve heard of at least 5 in a month. If people still don’t think there’s a gun control & mental health problem in the US they are choosing to be stupid. Thoughts & prayers ARE NOT ENOUGH!!!

    1. @Jotaro Kujo : I’ve been here I’m not saying there were 0 mass shootings, but they have seemed to pick up speed lately since easing restrictions. I didn’t hear about as many so soon like I’m seeing lately. That’s just my take on it.

    2. … over 20 people were murdered during active BLM protests alone, I agree with the others, where you been?

    3. @Bubba Smollet 58 people killed in Vegas, 25 killed in church in Texas, 12 killed in a bar in California, 22 killed in a Walmart in El Paso, 9 killed in a bar in Dayton, Trump’s America, WOW.

  10. Only Sick people or Frustrated Souls, who have NOTHING TO LOSE, can commit a Crime of this Magnitude. Take Care Guys. Stay Safe.

    1. @Titan1977 there are laws on the books designed to keep mentally unstable people from possessing firearms. And did the “specially licenced” security guards stop the threat? I carry every day and I bet I shoot more in a month than most rent a cops do in a year. Have a good day.

    2. @Mark Warren So with a knife he might kill one or two people if any but with fire arms you can kill 8 people or more.

    3. maybe we should top making sohmany sick and frustrated people, but I doubt the stupid people will figure it out

  11. It’s so sad, that you hardly can’t go anywhere without having to worry about someone crazy enough to willingly kill innocent people

    1. CNN has been exposed.. They lie and they make up stories. Even about the Covid-19 number of cases.. CNN has been exposed and it’s all over the Internet.

    2. There will always be someone, anywhere in the world that is determined to carry out evil and mass killing. Even communist China has had incidents. It’s simple. Don’t live in fear and if you see someone, try to stop them.

    3. That’s why you are supposed to be living like every day could be your last. It just amazes me how many people don’t regardless of how many bad things happen.

  12. This week, enroute to get groceries, for the first time in my 57 years of life, I thought about finding myself in the grocery store amidst a tragedy like the ones’ happening everyday around the nation. I guess it’s just a matter of time before I will have to live with the trauma of such an event for the rest of my days or get ousted in the killers spree.

  13. This happened 10 mins from my house. Indy is heartbroken today. I can’t even believe it & it’s so scary.

  14. They say “strong gun laws in California” but my stalker who is unstable with several mental health diagnosis + a meth & other street drug problem just got his business license to not only have guns but repair guns & train others. He is very anti government & the police literally told me “call us back if he assaults you”. Well, I will probably be dead but ok. Sigh.

    1. Did you get a restraining order? I have a similar problem with a meth addict here in california. They won’t do anything without a restraining order. Get that and an attorney to handle it.

  15. I remember when going postal was something new and exceptional, unfortunately this is just another Thursday.

  16. I worked with people not to right in head before it’s sad that now you have to watch your back at work and while shopping to have to look around when you walk in like a paranoid person

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