1. It is not sad to you!!! This is what happens when pepole condone , ‘justified’ violence. For over a year it’s been acceptable for disenfranchised people to act out accordingly, if they ‘feel the need for retribution.
      It’s sad, very sad to me.
      Yet I’m sure the reality will pass you by.
      There’s no other way to put it, sad. Extremely sorrowful to me.

    2. What other country on earth allows their children to be shot in schools. What other country on earth allows it’s people to be shot at work. What other country on earth says we have a gun problem, we need more guns. The only ones I can think of are Afghanistan, Somalia,or Burma. Great company your keeping.

    1. @Chris Linton No, not everyone. Don’t want to hand guns to people suffering from schizophrenia, don’t want to stumble into that situation, lol. I don’t advocate the gov giving people weapons, but they definitely shouldn’t be establishing “Gun Free Zones” and passing legislation restricting the Rights of Law Abiding Citizens. “Shall Not Be Infringed” is pretty easy to comprehend.

    2. @tracy wheeler This guy was a Biden supporter and he went nuts because he lost his job due to Gavins nuisance lockdown.

    3. @Ryan S. And you heard this where? This is not a normal reaction to losing your job. Sounds like he needed mental health help, employment counseling, or something. And it would’ve been nice if someone had realized the mental state he was in and removed the gun before it came to this.

    4. @tracy wheeler It is very sad what you say, but you are absolutely right. USA live in a time of obscurantism of logical reasoning, among many citizens and politicians.

    1. @deadbeat dad trump did and never accoplished it him and him and his family did steal a lot of money though. So he did do something….

    2. @Risky Opinions LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL We are living in a fucking parody. The way you guys go on the defensive-offensive immediately rhetoric planned locked and loaded. Legendary. One for the books.

  1. “What’s going on”…..is the lobbyists have paid off congress. “What’s going on”…..is the gun nuts are SCARED that their guns will be taken away, when the day of atonement comes. “What’s going on”……is that WE keep voting In TRASH that cares nothing about our lives.

  2. It`s heart-breaking. Condolences to this brave man and the families and friends of the deceased.

  3. And the fact that my previous job had started only allowing everyone in and out one indicated exit and any bag unless clear was checked, so i guess companies will start having metal detectors.

  4. I’ll continue to spread more cultural/ mutual respect aka just showing more acknowledgment to others.

  5. US is a violent nation he is right, “What the hell is wrong with us” everyone needs to ask themselves this question and really take an inventory of what each of can DO about it, both politically and collectively

  6. With all the shootings going on they should keep the flag at half-staf all the time, cause I have a feeling nothing is going to be done and they’ll keep happening !!!!

  7. They say he’s bipolar,has history of violence, and has mood swings. Per old girl friend.

    1. @Deborah Freedman Probably for the same reason Hunter Biden wasn’t prosecuted for lying on a Federal Firearm Application (A Felony). Most of our existing gun laws aren’t even enforced. Most of the states don’t even accurately report their felons and mentally ill to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System. Most gang members aren’t even prosecuted for their gun crimes because of “diversity” and what not. States don’t want to fill their prisons with minorities. So how about we enforce our existing gun laws before we pass new ones, just a thought.

  8. Too bad most people who do this never receive mental health treatment and can buy guns whereas people who seek help become red flagged for getting it.

    1. @Emory Holley They throw serious money into defeating any politician that suggests gun control.

    2. U ding dong….. He was an employee. People snap. What does that have to do with mental health? Or obtaining the gun.?

    3. @Deborah Freedman “They throw serious money into defeating any politician that suggests gun control.” – As they should. “Shall not be Infringed.”

  9. I’ve lived abroad for the past six years because I’m in the Air Force. Shootings have NEVER been something to worry about from England, to Korea, and now in Japan. It’s sad I have to get ready to go back to America next month. It’s so safe overseas… what’s going on with America…

    1. It’s pretty sad you say that and seems true , for the most part US military overseas are safer than civilian back in your home country.

    2. @annoyed aussie I think like 1 person was murdered in the WHOLE state of Maine last year. It’s only some counties within some cities that are dangerous. Most of the USA is pretty freaking safe.

    3. @Ed Well actually Maine with a population of 1.4 million approximately had 22 homicide deaths which gives a rate of about 1.5 per 100,000 so about 50% more dangerous than the rest of the wealthy world excluding Canada which is a bit worse than Maine. Problem is your looking at it from the inside and it seems good to you in Maine which was your example.

  10. Suicidal women tend to internalize their rage and despair and slay themselves. Suicidal men externalize their rage and despair and slay as many as they can.

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