At Least 8 People Killed In San Jose, CA Shooting; Gunman Also Dead 1

At Least 8 People Killed In San Jose, CA Shooting; Gunman Also Dead


A public transit employee opened fire on co-workers at a Northern California rail yard on Wednesday, killing more than a half-dozen people before taking his own life, authorities said. Vaughn Hillyard and Pete Williams report.

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  1. People on the edge of their seats just trying to figure out where to insert their politics. Lmao.

    1. Nailed it. Going through the comments and people who know nothing more than the limited information in the news are staking out their political positions and demeaning anyone who disagrees with them. That’s why we can’t have sensible discussions on any public policy issues.

    2. you’re coming on here to comment so you can insert your politics and views about the media.

  2. The way to decrease mass shootings is to give people something to live for; that means stop ruining their lives.

  3. Mass shootings in the US is extremely haunting. My life as a hermit feels great whenever I hear news of another massacre. By the numbers, eight or more deaths seems to be the norm this year.

    1. Facts. And my parents say why am I always home. But I mean people have to work. This is sad. Happening at a workplace. Nothing you can do smh

    2. @Chad Garrison The only thing anyone can do is be aware of your surroundings. Spend less time in public places if you can.

    3. Personally, I understand where you are coming from and agree that it is concerning. However, I refuse to be afraid to live my life. People don’t get to just take away our right to live in a peaceful society with each other, that is up to us to preserve!

  4. KEEP IT MOVING, KEEP IT MOVING …………… Just another day in the greatest country there is and ever will be ………………………. KEEP IT MOVING, KEEP IT MOVING

  5. It seems one of the only positive things about the corona virus was the lack of this happening in 2020.

    1. I believe this whole “virus” scare is what’s leading up to all of this insanity. You can’t shut everything down and lock people away without them going a little crazy.

    1. Seems as if all we have done lately is take many steps back. Border crisis, middle east war, china breathing down our necks, inflation…. Etc.

  6. Why do I only feel numb & almost unfazed when I hear about another mass shooting here in America? I used to feel shock & disbelief…what is wrong with me???

    1. People use weapons for the wrong reason. You do not need weapons to protect you. You are not the law enforcement.

    2. @Joy Michele Timmons racist tell that to the 58% increase of African American gun ownership who feel threatened due to BLM and riots

    3. @nunyo biznez If you have to ask then you would also agree that it would OK for citizens to have access to nukes.

  7. Why did they contact police for assistance, thought they were going to fire them all for being abusive and replace them with social workers…

  8. This is how fraudulent MSLSD is. They have a reporter, reporting from LA about an incident that happened in San Jose.
    Budget cuts I guess.

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