At Least One Person Shot Outside Capitol After Incident | MSNBC 1

At Least One Person Shot Outside Capitol After Incident | MSNBC


Punchbowl News' Jake Sherman discusses what he saw at the Capitol after the a security threat incident. Aired on 04/02/2021.
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At Least One Person Shot Outside Capitol After Incident | MSNBC


    1. @Alex Hamilton Except for those few _without_ somebody shot dead. Those are extra special, super rare, limited edition kinda days for the US of A.

      Or, y’know, what’s considered just another day *anywhere else in the world!*

    1. Grumpy munchkin that looks like some poo on your upper lip in your pic ….do u serve as a toilet sometimes ?

    2. @Tyeler Nowell Dynamite -gal, ok I’m signing off, cheers stay well and thanks for the back and fourth, good talk oh okay …BREAK

  1. I told my co-workers I was going to spend today in DC, but changed my mind because it was too cold. I hope they don’t think it was me ramming that gate (not that it would be).

    1. @Renee SKY nothing but a delusional statement gotta life the projections of the trump cult. they’re the only ones who are against the US to be the world leader once again

    2. @Eric Klaus: The National Guard is for rebellions and invasions. It’s not like they’re policemen.

    3. They just said the guy responsible for the attack was a nation of islam extremist, the capital police took care of him without the national guard.

    1. @Shednut Fuel prices are due to supply and demand, they rise every spring, add to them shutting down production last year when not many people were driving so they have less supply than they would.

      The Border (no A), is nothing new and the same number of people have been showing up to the border for the last 2 years. It’s only an issue now since Republicans aren’t in the White House.

      Trump raised your taxes. Biden hasn’t done anything to raise your taxes, that is all Trump. He gave his rich friends a permanent tax cut and only gave you a temporary one that expired at the end of last year. So you can blame that one on Trump as well.

    2. @Shednut Or worse, the corrupt Republicans voter suppression efforts and trying to sabotage our economy so Democrats don’t get credit for fixing Trump’s mess.

    3. @Shednut I applaud all you tax dodging Republicans, that’s just so “bigly” patriotic of you all.

    4. I don’t understand what you’re getting at. Someone that high up in government trafficking a minor and someone getting shot outside the capital building are both extremely newsworthy.

    1. @D L
      Yes be safe because if covid doesn’t get you nut job Trump supporters will. Stay inside & Stay safe

    2. @Joel Bizzell I wiped my screen twice before applying saliva to the tip if my finger in hopes it will come off

    3. ​@Mom•Ovary•Acting, LOL. Not happening but nice try. By the way….security cameras. THAT is what makes your comment laughable. We shall see.

    4. @Hard Boiled Mahoney
      I never said it didn’t happen. Just saying he’s dead now. Who’s to say he had a motive? What if he’s just a crazy person going out with a bang? But we’ll never know & hopefully they don’t invent a backstory in order to fuel more divide

    1. @Point of consciousness Nah! Biden will run again!! Trump WILL NOT be back!! Trump will be IN THE BACK!

    1. @yeahImthatguy again I’m not saying I agree with it, but if all 74 million of those people banded together with guns and wanted to do whatever they wanted….no force is going to stop that feller….NONE.

    2. @Colt O I’m not saying that they would stand no chance at all, but if you had that many people coming to the capital, a domestic drone strike what are usually take that out. And then bam no more domestic terroristic threat. I swear it’s like people think that they live in the 18 hundreds of something. Your AR-15 ain’t going to do anything against a a drone which by the time you hear it is a little too late. That and you know our military is trained to take out threats both foreign and domestic. And storming the capital with a bunch of AR-15s is certainly a domestic terrorist threat. And I’m not saying I would enjoy watching it, but I would pay the fee for the Pay-Per-View.

  2. Matt Gaetz’s attempt to stop the investigation is getting out of hand..

    1. @Weenchall Pintro I haven’t looked into gaetz to be honest but with these rich ppl I wouldn’t doubt it one bit

  3. If they were ever thinking about going easy on charging the insurrectionists this is why they need to go hard and make an example of them.

    1. @Stephen Jones definitely insurrectionist. Those sad sacks went there with the intention of disrupting the certification process of Biden’s victory hoping that would somehow invalidate his presidency on a technicality. Dumber than a bag of hammers and all for a spoiled sore loser that doesn’t give a crap about any of them.

    2. Since when are followers of Louis Farrakhan involved with conservatives that’s the BLM terrorist side you own that and the dozens of murders and billions of dollars in damages they caused loser

  4. anyone who doubts the US has a mental health crisis must of been living under a rock the last 5 years. its getting ridiculous

    1. @Mom•Ovary•Acting the open boarders you are talking about and I know the picture and the article you got it from was politically driven. That picture is actually of Palestinian workers crossing the borders every day to work in Israel. No more than the normal amount of immigrants are coming to the boarder as usual and no they are not being freely let in. This Dem/Rep crap has to stop and start becoming Americans. It’s sad that has to be said so often. Pleases cross check all news with other news outlets before believing anything. The saddest part is this is all a diversion from the real issues at hand.

    2. @Shawn Stone
      My mother in law lives in del Río Tx it boarders with the Mexican city of cd Acuña. She has a shop there and crosses everyday. She said the shanty towns popped up in February at parks & the plaza. The mayor in Del Río TX has reached out to news outlets pleading for Biden to help. I also have a couple friends who I grew up with that are currently border patrol agents. Coincidentally they all work different sectors & they’re telling me similar stories

    3. @Mom•Ovary•Acting they were like that 10 yrs ago when I was there in Brownsville. Immigration has always been an issue and you can’t blame people wanting better for their children or running for their lives. We would do the exact same thing. Hopefully one day we will get it figured out and people can all live happily. Trump didn’t fix the problem when he was president and now it’s a mess. It’s been a mess. I also have family who live there and they say it’s the same as it’s always been.

  5. This is so sad! Lone nut jobs are all over sadly!!!
    My prayers are with the families of these officers!

    1. @Eric Ridenour actually he wasn’t Trump supporter.
      Turns out he’s black more likely from that ACAB group. The hate the police rhetoric

    2. @Censorship Is real wait, so if he is black he can’t be a Trump supporter? But if I’m wrong, ill readily apologize unlike most people.

    1. Nope. Donny’s minions aren’t the only murderous crazies in the world.This was a black supremacist. He was a follower of Farrakhan, troubled, and unemployed. Of course he was watching tv. The Floyd murder trial has been on constantly for days. Of course, he wanted to take revenge on the nearest police officer he had access to.

  6. Of course there were responders within seconds, as there was no obstruction from the Pentagon and others…

  7. They responded within seconds. On Jan 6, it took hours for a response. What a difference a new, proactive administration makes!

    1. How stupid can you be? This was one guy & January 6th involved thousands of attackers. Of course, shooting one guy only took seconds.

    2. Just say Thank You Nancy She and other Dems called off National Guard fro surrounding the Capitol in hopes that something would happened!
      Strange when you think that 250, 000 people protested and one person was killed but with this situation one person attacked and 2 were killed……..

  8. How come there isn’t a time of post on YouTube?
    At least under the description. I could be wrong
    Edit: with Zoom and social media today, not even a simple message of the concern?

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