At Least Three Babies Born In Course Of Afghanistan Evacuation 1

At Least Three Babies Born In Course Of Afghanistan Evacuation


Rachel Maddow shares a clip from a Pentagon press briefing at which General Steve Lyons made it known that in addition to the reported birth on a U.S. Air Force C-17 plane by an Afghan evacuee, at least two other babies have been born in the course of the Afghanistan evacuation operation.
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    1. the baby might gain new citizenship. mom and baby definitely getting better care now than they could have before. win/win

  1. Babies being born, blessings in the midst of chaos, life goes on. God Bless! Thoughts & prayers for everyone involved.

    1. @Interesting Interviews, with Interesting People Unless you have a liberal mother who supports AB0RTI0N

  2. I can’t even imagine how difficult it would be to have a baby on an airplane in such crowded conditions. That mother is to be commended for her strength. No team of medics to help. Hopefully, it wasn’t her first child.

  3. Over 74 years ago my mother who was 3 months pregnant had to wait for me to be born and then wait for me to get to six months old before the US military would allow my mother to travel from Boston to Tokyo to be with my father stationed in Japan. Oh the changing times…

  4. You just know finding out Afgans are multiplying on military evacuation flights has Stephen Miller boiling mad right now.

    1. Not just him. Have you heard what Fox News are saying. Bring them out but send them somewhere else..

  5. I should imagine Afghan women are used to giving birth with minimal medical intervention – it is not a medical condition after all

  6. This young baby is also an American citizen. The Air Force C-17 is classified as USA Sovereignty if I’m not mistaken. I could be mistaken but hopefully not.

    1. Cool the rise of a new nation! Can you show me the passport that states: American citizen? Sounds a bit … made up and a little borderline.

  7. If they are born in the air, what is their country of birth? What ever air space they are in, or first base they land in? How does that work? Women are amazing.

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