1. @Mandate this ✌️ If no guns, no more shootings. The argument that evil people will still get guns is true, but wouldn’t it be better if that were much, much harder to do? Wouldn’t the chances of you needing a gun to protect your family fall just as much as the amount of guns out there does, too? Stop making excuses, or you become the reason these tragedies occur.

    2. Sad, but we all saw this coming.
      You can’t force people to the isolate for years from a pandemic and think a switch can automatically make things go back to normal. Guns have been around centuries. Guns are not the issues, society, media, and identity politics are.

  1. *This could have been explained better.*
    _”6 dead, 25 wounded in Philadelphia, Chattanooga club shootings.”_

    1. Some people think that Joe and certain other people in high places are setting their watch to it !

  2. I grew up in a college town, Tallahassee, Florida. I remember when the biggest threat at any bar was someone stepping on your sneakers or one of your drunk friends falling face first into his/her own puke.

    We are in bad times.

    1. Hip hop culture glorifies this type of behavior. This wasn’t a “mass shooting” it was just another day in an AA neighborhood.

    1. @Bidenflation It’s accurate though, unlike 13/50, which is very misleading. Those crime numbers stem from socioeconomic factors.

      Crime happens more in low income areas and black people tend to live in these areas more. You’re correct in guessing oppression as the reason for this. Social mobility is garbage in this country and having your poverty compounded over centuries leaves you with little to work with.

      Though having more guns than people in this country also doesn’t help much.

    2. @PuftProductions Oppression does not load a magazine with ammunition and insert said magazine into a firearm. Poverty doesn’t chamber a round and disengage the safety. Socioeconomics does point said firearm at another and pull the trigger.

      You can cite scapegoats all day long. It doesn’t matter. Those are all choices of an individual. A choice that they choose to make.

    3. ​@Bidenflation A choice influenced by environment. Calling nuance a scapegoat and blaming it on a single person does not lead to progress.

      I also have to add that you don’t have to worry about someone pulling the trigger if there isn’t one to pull.

    4. @PuftProductions nonetheless a choice. Nothing is forcing them to do it. It’s that simple.

      You do have to worry when those same people who don’t follow rules also choose (keyword) to not turn them in, all while you have no matching capability to defend yourself, your family, your home, or your property. It’s a difficult concept for some to grasp.

    5. @Bidenflation Nothing is “forcing” you to get a job but you still do because your environment doesn’t leave you with much choice. Just because something isn’t against your will doesn’t mean you don’t have to do it.

      I don’t want no guns. I just don’t want people to easily get them without strict background checks, or through gun shows and stuff like that. Though I don’t believe a semi automatic rifle is needed for protecting my property.

  3. everybody needs a personal lawyer to protect them from the economic abuses of state and federal governments. when people are not denied basic resources, they will be fine.

    1. To suggest that “economic abuses of state” are to blame for our recent run of mass shootings is absolutely f-ing absurd.

    2. @DRKrust492 not necessarily, and you shouldnt be coerced to work, especially in this economy where nobody wants to hire, train, give benefits, and follow the law in protecting the employees from hostile work environments and toxic chemicals.

  4. Shouldn’t be long until he’s tracked down. Left his firearm prints on them 100% sure he’s had priors

  5. Teaching is the answer, not tyranny…
    Accurate information is almost always better than regulation….
    No taxation without transparency….

  6. I thought when Trump left everything was going to be better and beautiful 🤩😂😂😂😂😂😂 this country are getting worst

  7. Alright, seriously, something needs to be done about these shootings or America is going down and taking its own people with it

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