At Trump Trial For Riot, Dems Invoke Truth, Accountability, And Wu-Tang Wisdom | MSNBC

At Trump Trial For Riot, Dems Invoke Truth, Accountability, And Wu-Tang Wisdom | MSNBC 1


  1. When referring to anyone who votes to acquit DT, just add Mudd to their name:
    Mudd Cruz, Mudd Hawley, Mudd Graham, Mudd Lee, Mudd Rubio

    1. I have seen the video of the staging of the ”insurrection”.
      The players were actors and everything was staged managed.
      The woman supposedly shot was an actress and the blood was fake.
      All was fake to be used in the impeachment.

      Anyone that defends the 2020 election as legitimate is either a moron or a traitor to the Republic.
      Trump won in a landslide.
      Biden is not the president.

      The police officer did not die on the hill.
      He texted his brother 24 hours after he was supposed to be dead.
      Then he supposedly died of a ”stroke” which was the CIA murdering him to stop him from talking and as a lesson to others.
      His body was cremated straight after his death……. before anyone could conduct an autopsy.

    1. @Bill Casey Muslims worship a box..
      books are boxed and bonded..
      culture lives in a dish..
      that is tautology..

      it can not be disputed under the proper English law of definition..

      if you have skin and hue man.. you may or may not be living. .a cadaver has skin and has lacks complexion will need a law to speak for it in a proper court if it lost it life by unsavory means..

      you are then put into a box for eternity..
      it is how ju wish to be judged and called by your own appellations procedures under law

    2. I disagree. It does what Maddow doesn’t: Pulls the complicated scenario’s described down into street sense.

    3. @Marty Methuselaws
      Boxes are useful, until they are not. Openness is useful, until it isnt.

      And , respectfully, you are neither open enough, closed enough, or enlightened enough to judge my state of being, or many ,many others.

    4. @Bill Casey you are ju wishy washy..
      . .grey.. neither fixed..nor clear..
      muddy. .stained..
      i agree..
      purgatory is place to play both sides

  2. Anyone who still supports Evil Trump is admitting that they don’t care about our Great Nation.

    1. Care like your dictator Biden giving away our tax money to the world before his own citizens!
      How’s your &2000??
      Oh wait $1400!!
      4 yrs Dems wasted our money on FABRICATED ALLEGATIONS!!
      Now they waste more!!
      You must LOVE CHINA!!!

  3. It’s scary to think that the mastermind of the insurrection is not in prison yet but a lot of his goons are. After the first impeachment 6 went to prison and 12 Russian got indicted, now there are more than 2 dozen arrested for this insurrection facing more than 20 years in prison and the POTUS who said he “LOVES THEM,” is out enjoying life golfing!

  4. The Lord says;
    ‘ The former President will never return & the Presidency of the current will be annulled as though it never happened. ‘

  5. Republican lies will prevail at Trump’s second impeachment, good one, Trump! But not where a judgement really counts 🙌 🙏

  6. Say an employee gets caught stealing from the company, but quits before they get fired. Does that mean they should be eligible for re-hire?

    Remember when Bush got into trouble for saying “Bring ’em on” in reference to terrorists? He was just exercising free speech, right?

    The last thing Democrats, especially Biden, wanted to be doing in the first weeks of the new administration was to be impeaching the guy who they finally got rid of. It was not good for Dems politically. Ethics and accountability dictated that they had to impeach him. If Republicans had any ethics or desire for accountability, they wouldn’t be making that stupid argument that Dems love to hate him so much that they can’t let him go.

    Yes, many Dems hated him and wanted to impeach him on day one – FOR GOOD REASONS. Look what he did in office. He had zero government experience, but didn’t even care about learning the job. He lied, divided, and screwed-up everything he did. He raised valid concerns that he was breaking the law in concert with foreign adversaries. He wouldn’t let a single day go by without doing something controversial and outrageous.

    This has been simple from the beginning: If Obama had done and said the exact same things Trump did and said, Republicans would have responded the same way Dems have. I am absolutely sure of that.

  7. But …will the Senate hear the evidence as truth? So far, it’s dicey. They are holding into Trump like he’s a saint! They don’t want the real truth. Thanks Ari Melber tonight, you rock. Yup.

  8. All these rap quotes are so clumsy! Even at best they are just simple phrases and expressions anyone can create.
    I wish he’d quote some proper great English writers. There’s books with thousands of quotes arranged by subject.

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