1. This is a damn shame!!! Be well Mayor I’m in your corner!!! That Governor a typical angry white man!!

  2. This is like watching a monumental car crash.
    Most countries are getting on top this virus and we’ve not even started yet.
    It comes from the top. There’s no leadership.
    We’re f****d.

    1. Educated Black women for political office up and down the ballots. I’m not a Black woman, I just see this is the sensible leadership demographic of the US.

  3. He is literally doing his best NOT to protect Georgians and put them in harms way. To me that is a death penalty offence.

    1. Same with Trump. They are criminals. They are BLATANTLY letting people die… The government should put the people first!!!

    2. Alex Hamilton Well, people aren’t wearing them. And if there is a mandate and everyone is wearing them already then it’s not a problem.

    1. @Debra Jones the hell it isnt!!! Dirty politicians weaponized corona just for that purpose!!! We will not comply with anymore of your nazi tactics!!!

    2. SnarlaRae I agree they can wear a mask 😷 if they feel that they need protection ☝️ and they’re free to get the vaccination 💉 just tell them that they’re more protected and will experience less symptoms as you since they took it.
      Praises To TheMostHigh 🙌

    3. Because someone is trying to take away our rights ..one by one …you know who it is …the WHITE MAN !!!

    4. Incompetence and ignorance and its not just the leadership, its up to the people to do the right thing!

    1. MMB628 Jr
      well that is like any business, The higher up jumps on their subordinate. How exactly do you think they would react?
      Personally I don’t care. The majority of those who live in Atlanta are Democrats. It just goes to show you they need a Mama mayor to
      force them to wear mask.

    2. She doesn’t even give that off. Her demeanor is on point. I know I would be bubbling at the surface having to defend against such an incompetent governor.

    3. Alex Hamilton You’ve got it backwards. We need mandates to make trump’s sheep wear one lol. It’s the Republicans making fun of people for wearing one. Nobody needs to be told to do anything but you guys.

    4. @Alex Hamilton actually. Ur wrong. I live here in Atl. Mostly republican. Mayor Bottoms is a joke and wearing a mask is a joke.

    5. @Big Daddy Shred I am just asking a question, please do not get mad with me. Why using a mask is a joke?

  4. While we all agree that wearing a mask is effective.

    Then sues her for mandating it.
    He’s a moron.

    1. Alex Hamilton it’s not even about enforcing. If it is the rule and the law businesses will enforce it and that solves the issue. I work in a bar in and we enforced it to everyone.

    2. Alex Hamilton bro you’re so misguided. It has ZERO to do with that. Why did the Governor only sue her and not other cities with the same mandate?

    3. @Alex Hamilton Governments fine you for a lot of things already, like not wearing set belts.

  5. If your governor is murdering his people, at what point does it become moral to kill him and save thousands?

    1. Tufrslildude……your scary and irrational… if your that scared then get a gas mask. If masks are that effective then you wear one.

    2. @Big Daddy Shred lol what? We know all sorts of things about the virus. We listened to scientists and doctors. That is how we’re stopping it.
      You are not stopping it because you are gullible and foolish.
      You need to listen to educated people and not people from the TV.

    3. @Big Daddy Shred nobody knows anything about this virus? Dude, there’s a lot of information to know about this virus. Read. Start with John Hopkins. CDC has a lot of information. Etc etc etc. It’s an mRNA virus. It affects many organ systems. There’s a ton of information about it.

    4. @Xubuntu47 As long as we can keep our border closed and don’t let our own little Trump wanna bes have any control we should be safe!
      You have 52 little states (“countries”) struggling under disjointed/lack of intelligent central leadership! That has always been true under Trump and the Republicans unfortunately it is now DEADLY at home, not just abroad!
      I too have relatives trapped in the DEATH CAMP of AMERICA created by the Trump administration and the Republican Senate! I sincerely hope that intelligent, ethical, morally driven people in America will bring forth leadership and a focus on saving LIVES instead of LIES and BLAME!
      When the threat of Covid-19 is over, I sincerely hope that the world holds Trump and his followers accountable for crimes against humanity!
      Unless things stop skyrocketing out of control with the “VIRUS HOAX” I fear there will be ever increasing gun violence as ALL of the internal societal sickness of America is brought to the surface by video cameras and a Pandemic!
      All of this could have been avoided and could be controlled if people would just do everything they can to stop the spread of the disease! I pity American citizens for even the GOOD people are now prisoners of their President’s actions. The world’s dictators are thrilled and the free world is mortified that we would have to BAN Americans from entering our countries!
      Good luck!

    1. @Rino Ponce Atlanta Mayor never really cares about gun violence in Atlanta or for those killed by protestors. She is very good in pretending. I know who is corrupted and who is funding the protest and thugs.

    2. @Chela Buford WOW! Just to show how ignorant person you are. You clearly don’t understand the context what I am trying to say. I’m not saying #ALLLIVESMATTER I’m just telling you facts. The fact the MSM ignores kids dying from gun violence is just WOW by itself. More kids have died from gun violence in America than kids have died from coronavirus.

    3. Cindy Brewer how reprehensible of you to say such an evil thing! You’re no Christian, I’ll tell you that! You’re speaking of a child!!! But you don’t like her so it’s ok if her child DIES? Shame on you!

  6. Read this: Hong Kong: 7 millions people; Total Coronavirus cases: 1714; total death to date: 11. This is really low rate. Why? people wear mask.

    1. @Dave Blair Bullspit. Daughter -in-law is a nurse in Carolina and one in every 6 hospitalizations is COVID.

    2. Dave Blair yea we should stop all testing and it will go away. Stop all testing and we can be disease and death free.

    3. Dave Blair The government here is literally trying to not make COVID information public. That is the definition of hiding info and lying.

  7. She’s right he acts like he doesn’t have a clue what’s going on so she has to protect her city!!

  8. He’s a monster. He should resign, from life. Family members of very single person who dies from covid19 in Georgia should personally sue Kemp for wrongful death. Every. Single. One.

    1. Even the ones who died of a heart attack, diabetes, car wreck, etc and they said it was Covid-19?Not sure if u know this but, if you’re dead, u can’t actually leave your grave at the cemetery to sue for wrongful death because ur dead. Seriously,? they would have to come back to life. Bust through their casket and walk for God knows how far and retain council with NO money. You call Kemp a monster. Well, these wrongful death people would become monsters too. Actually they’d be zombies…..lol

    2. @Big Daddy Shred They said “family members of …”, you moron. You just monstered reading and comprehension.🙄

  9. When does the recall election begin? That governor is unreal, it’s truly bizarre hearing him talk.

  10. We have all these great, strong mayors throughout the US but for some reason mostly a bunch of spineless snakes as governors.. very strange.

    1. Unfortunately that is the nature of the beast when it comes to politics. The higher and further you want to go you almost have to become snakes like him. Not always but it is one of the most effective methods. Like they say, You can have a lot of money or a lot of friends but not both.

  11. Counter sue. That is every city with a mandate, also every one personally sued. He has a “duty of care” that he has neglected.

    1. @sean riopel Depends. She’s on the short list for veep, and I can see why. But I suspect the equally sensible Stacey Abrams will run again and beat him overwhelmingly in 2022.

    2. @sean riopel that’s my very thoughts,I hope she think very hard about this, and take it seriously,

  12. This is a mayor who CARES about her constituents. Stay strong Mayor Bottoms!

    1. I love it how these Governors & #Putins puppet in the White House keep’ accusing everyone else of politicizing the virus while they base their response to it on politics instead of what infectious disease experts & common sense says! Keep playing games with people’s lives and people will remember when it comes time to vote!!

  13. The govenor should be calling the mayor and asking “What can we do to help your city? We are all in this together, lets make Georgia strong and healthy again!” 🤔☹️

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