Atlanta mayor: I’m at a loss by governor’s decision to reopen

Atlanta mayor: I'm at a loss by governor's decision to reopen 1


CNN's Chris Cuomo speaks to Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms about Gov. Brian Kemp's decision to reopen several businesses across Georgia, amid coronavirus outbreaks.

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  1. I am not letting my 18, 22, 23, and 80 year old mother go anywhere. We can cut our own hair, do our own pedicures, and cook our own food. The governor is doing trumps money bidding at the expense of black and brown Families. WE Are NOT going anywhere.

  2. Georgia Governor state of mind: Walking on the beaches looking at the peaches (The Stranglers).

  3. Why would a Governor not talk to any mayors in Georgia? Sounds like a replacement is needed?

    • Replacing a Governor isn’t as easy and quick as when you got fired and replaced from your job at Dunkin Doughnuts…

    • Stephen Snider | April 21, 2020 at 5:19 PM | Reply

      @M So, the entire state will suffer the health consequences, but those rich enough will stay home/work from home, while those who do not have that luxury have the freedom of choice: 1) go to work, risk getting sick and getting others sick, or 2) go broke, lose house, get evicted, and end up economically enslaved.

      Such freedom.

    • @Stephen Snider It has nothing to do with rich verse poor. It is a virus. It takes quite a while, perhaps even decades, to develop a vaccine. Are you saying people should just stay home until that occurs?

    • @M Definitely let the science and the data decide. Right now, it certainly does not look that way. The US is only nearing the end of wave 1 in some parts of the country. Think NY and CA. Georgia? Good luck to them because it will get scary in a couple of weeks.

    • @Eddie TamThe quarantine was not to stop you from getting the virus. The quarantine was to flatten the curve. That doesn’t mean people will not get the virus. It means we will not have too many get it at one time and over run the emergency health system. Which we did not over run, plenty of ventilators and beds.

      Testing will not stop you from getting the virus. Testing is an a way to monitor if too many are getting the virus in a location too fast and will over run the health care system. It allows you to manage the virus. Don’t forget it has a 30% negative failure rate.

      Vaccines typically take many years to be developed. Within a 12 -24 month time frame would be a miracle.

      So we manage the virus. We take the most vulnerable and quarantine them and give them support. We slowly ramp the economy back up while people use masks and social distance. We have doctors do routine testing across the country to keep outbreaks from getting out of control. We must live with the virus, there is no golden pill out there.

  4. Novus Ordo Seclorum | April 21, 2020 at 8:32 AM | Reply

    They didn’t learn from 1918 when over 50 million people died? And they stayed open and spread it too late.

  5. Malca's Grace | April 21, 2020 at 8:33 AM | Reply

    I’m Not going to a Coronavirus germ 🦠
    Movie theaters or gym or salon or cruises
    No Way


    • Carlos Villegas | April 21, 2020 at 10:16 PM | Reply

      @CommanderRich bruh how stupid are you. The reason we are still doing this is bc ppl are not listening. Ppl were still on the beach in florida, going to church gatherings, etc. As I said before, ppl like you are prolonging this. How about you think before you type anything for a change.

      bruh this is based off of research. its basic epidemiology. like idk what to tell you. Why don’t you do some reseach on the virus that died since you know it all. But I will tell you anyways. Smallpox. As I said before, we have contained viruses before. this is just another way of doing it, except ppl like you are prolonging this by arguing with no facts. your health is way more important than money right now. as I said, if you don’t have at least a degree in some type health science, shut up and stay home. These ppl are talking from years of experience and research on how to deal with pandemics. they are not talking out their asses

      and as I said before, this thing has mutated, and has killed healthy young. You are giving this virus all the selective pressure it needs to grow and become worse. WHy do you want a bigger problem on your hands later on?

    • @Carlos Villegas cough cough i have a right to my body cough cough how about that for you lmao. Smallpox was eradicated from vaccine not quarantine but nice try. Also what you dont understand is it is a VIRUS it will infect EVERYONE whether you like it or not. Also say you catch the virus but you lost your job, now you dont have health care and you cant go to the doctor.. all bc people want to shut down the economies and force people to stay home. This virus is not as bad as the flu.. you say i argue with no facts but the numbers are the facts lmao.. go look at the flu 2019 records for just the USA and then look at the corona records WORLDWIDE. the flu in America beats corona worldwide LOL. Also you say i “should leave it to the doctors” oh yeah well doctors who are “professionals” in this manner said gloves and mask will help but studies are showing that you get the virus from touch not air, doctors also said that once you get the virus you are immune to it but thats not true either. This is all on perception. You think risking America, ruining the lives of millions, ruining our economy, and taking away our freedom is more important than protect the lives of a few thousand people… and i have to disagree with that. Also me or anyone else saying that you are at most risk if you are older or have weak immune system or underlying health issues DOES NOT mean younger people cant die from it. I never once said younger people cant die from it. But then again i ask the SAME question, why dont people stay away from animals to avoid being bitten so they dont die from rabies? Why dont people quit smoking so they dont die from smoking? 400k people a year die from smoking. Why dont people stop having sex to avoid STDs and dying? I want you to try to answer those questions and if you can then great but if you cant then i will tell you why 🙂 I will say it again, i got dont think the lives of a few is worth the millions of people losing their job, the economy being destroyed, America being ruined, oil going below 0 and collapsing, people doing suicide from great depression and stress after all of this, families going broke, childhood’s being ruined. I dont agree with them trying to take away our rights and freedom and im willing to go to war to stop it. I dont think you understand what im saying, everyone will get this virus no matter what so let us live our lives. As feminists and socialists who agree with abortion say “I have a right to my body” then i will say right now, I have a right to my body and if i want to go to stores or parties or parades im going to go to a fucking store, party, or parade.

    • Carlos Villegas | April 21, 2020 at 10:42 PM | Reply

      @CommanderRich don’t even read my reply. ima break it down, cave man style, since you obviously don’t understand and keep repeating yourself.

      No deaths now, many deaths later
      low numbers now, high numbers later
      virus weak now, virus stronger later
      rich now, dead later
      protect few now, protect EVERYONE later
      quarantine good, socializing bad
      PHD smart, you dumb

      you shut up, and stay home.

  6. There’s no confusion. They know it has a more devastating effect on blacks and browns. Come on people !

  7. Wait,.you’re shocked by the decision of a low rent trailer park christian governor making a bad decision?

    • john magill I engage with smart people, you believe you’re more special when you die than that ant you stepped on yesterday. You’re a dingleberry. See you in the ground

    • john magill your embarrassing babbling egomaniacal moronic leader is gone in November. I voted for that trash and with zero doubt more educated Americans feel the same. Let’s be honest dingleberry, if men gave birth there’d be more abortion clinics in southern christian states than all those non taxpaying churches I see every half mile. Georgia’s motto should be Jesus and northern states tax dollars providing since 1865.

    • @Hey Now So, again… what if he was a muslim instead of a Christian? Would you have confidence in his desicions then?

    • @Hey Now Well there’s that word again, “educated”. From someone who very likely doesn’t know what it means.

    • today is not yesterday | April 21, 2020 at 10:32 PM | Reply

      @Hey Now lower the meds 10 milligrams.. wear a mask and gloves and go for a little walk.. you’ll feel better in the y

  8. If that graph shows a flattening of cases, I will need to stop teaching math.


  10. If you’re a parent or anyone with a brain NO MATTER WHAT YOU GOTTA DO! STAY INSIDE!

  11. 8295819945827592858593929261198484856472759255 j | April 21, 2020 at 10:31 AM | Reply

    The Georgia governors is so stupid. He didn’t even know what asymptomatic means. He will be the reason that more people die now

    • Those governors are playing with color peoples life for getting funded by the companies who are dying to open the economy .So, they can make more money on our dead bodies.

  12. Now I really wish that Stacey Abrams won instead of Brian Kemp, because she’s not careless like him!

    • @C W Shoulda let the south go – its been a burden since the war – ignorance, poverty, and hatred abound there.

    • u voted for her anyway dont act like u didnt u should have to pass a iq test in order to vote and im sure u would fail if u want aunt jemimia as governor.

    • @ThirtyFiveEDU Exactly, Stacey definitely should have won! It shows that Republicans (like Brian Kemp) can’t win without cheating, thus doing the devil’s bidding in the process, especially when it comes to them going forward with voter suppression, that’s them stabbing our country in the back on purpose!

    • She won! That election was stolen! Real talk!

  13. The Novel Landowe Skycracker | April 21, 2020 at 11:20 AM | Reply

    Kemp should take a look at Smithyfield and rethink opening theatres. This is grounds and legally right to sue The republican government of Ga.

    • So what happens if he “reoppens” the theaters (that he doesnt own…)And the theater proprietors / owners are like :

      “nope, we are staying closed”

      Will they be ticketed for not doing buisness? The gubmint can’t force you to open your doors.

      If a theater owner/manager choses to open wouldnt people be able to sue the *buisness* ?

      And they could sue Warner Brothers, 20th century Fox and Disney because technically even if you open a theater, if the studios refuse to SEND the films to the theaters, then technically nobody will want to come and therefore no theater infections…

      I mean I get being sue bappy against your political opponents and all but…

      Suing the governor for a private buisness being allowed to open would be like me suing my local municipality because I got shot inside a convenience store, because the city are the ones who provided the buisness license that *allowed* the store to be open and had they not done that I presumably would not have been shot there.

      I mean its a good political revenge fantasy but its just not how liability works in real life.

  14. Governor: you can come out now
    Me:LOL, no…

  15. Hey Chris have you been out picking on any 65 year old cyclists lately?

  16. The second waves of death will make the first look like childs play. Research 1918 flu and the deaths after restrictions were lifted

  17. The mayor thinks she works well with the governor? Based on what the governor has done, maybe the mayor needs to re-evaluate the relationship.

    • Like Dr. Fauci and several governors who have to parse their words when it comes to Trump, sounds like this mayor has to be careful what she says about the Georgia’s governor. So much for free speech.

  18. Don’t worry, “ it’ll all work, it will be like a miracle “

    • 1918 influenza pandemic survivor interview: Mrs. Annie Laurie Williams, interviewed 2007
      Alabama Department of Archives & History
      8.91K subscribers
      Published on 27 Aug 2012

      The 1918 influenza pandemic was one of the earliest, and perhaps the most traumatic experience to date, in the life of Mrs. Williams, age 91, of Selma, Alabama. That’s because her father, a jeweler, contracted the disease and became very ill. Even though she was a very young child, her father’s serious illness remains an indelible memory.

      Ann Brantley, R.N., of the Alabama Department of Public Health conducted the interview on March 21, 2007, and it was recorded by the Video Communications Division of the ADPH.


    • 1918 Spanish Flu historical documentary | Swine Flu Pandemic | Deadly plague of 1918
      •2 Oct 2018
      45.2K subscribers

    • 1918 influenza pandemic survivor interview: Mr. Garfield Johnson, interviewed 2007
      Alabama Department of Archives & History
      8.91K subscribers
      Published on 27 Aug 2012

      Mr. Johnson, a 93-year old resident of Coffee County, reminds us of our inability to imagine the devastation that resulted from the pandemic of 1918.

      Ann Brantley, R.N., of the Alabama Department of Public Health conducted the interview on March 30, 2007, and it was recorded by the Video Communications Division of the ADPH.


    • Stephanie Coker | April 21, 2020 at 9:13 PM | Reply

      the irresponsibility is just staggering, be safe 🖤

    • 6 million people in Atlanta that’s almost New York City

  19. I am the original | April 21, 2020 at 2:17 PM | Reply

    When your “leaders” lack compassion or competence, things like this will happen.

  20. This the same mfkr that said “we didn’t know till yesterday”

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