Atlantic bubble bursts less than one week before planned reopening 1

Atlantic bubble bursts less than one week before planned reopening


Atlantic Canada's premiers announced they will be delaying the reopening of the Atlantic bubble due to the rise in COVID-19 cases and the presence of more transmissible variants.

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    1. I’m seriously considering working enough here, then move back to Europe (Scotland), my ancestors came here for a better life, which they got, and now its all crumbling down. Time to move back and lets the commies take this land. It ain’t worth fighting for if we got leaders like Trudeau. Move back to your European Homes brothers and sisters. You will be much happeier.

    2. @Mike Davis yup! this constant opening and closing is affecting my income greatly, thinking about moving back to the land of my ancestors

    3. I used to be proud to be Canadian but not after the amount of ignorance , selfishness , self centeredness , rudeness , tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorists seen here about the virus and vaccines . SMFH

    1. @D Mac No matter what hurdle you jump or what obstacle you may get around they will keep changing the the rules and no freedoms coming anytime soon. While we’re on that note please be mindful what freedoms we give up won’t be coming back anytime soon.

  1. Bruh I thought Atlantic Canada was doing alright…that means here in Ontario we’ll never be let out then

    1. Same bro. I used to live in NS and now I live in Ottawa and the difference is large. There’s practically no cases in NS and they still are considering locking things down???

    1. I was getting interested when I read about an Atlantic Bubble .. until I found out its only called opening boarders…

  2. In bc we run freely, but subjected to wearing mask and now eating out is outside on a proposed patio setting

    1. Hey uhh yer tinfoil hat seems to have fallen over yer eyes. May want to fix it as you look silly as s hit.

    1. That is totally correct. This was never about our health. The government also does not care about the deaths of despair caused by these non-scientific lockdowns.

  3. Everyone should be using essential oils, we are 80% water. If you use olive oil, polysporin pink eye (an antibiotic); on your skin you will be able to scrape off scars from chicken pox. If you cut ginseng into small pieces which will allow you to swallow the small pieces without having to taste it, it clears your body of excess mucus. Benylin if you have a cough, best cough syrup half tsp does the trick. Just adding my two cents it is your health and time to get clean. Not a doctor but just using common sense.

  4. Texas, Florida, South Dakota. Canada should be following their example. This news segment could be part of the sequel to the movie “Idiocracy”.

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