ATSC Roll Out in Jamaica When Will Jamaicans Receive the Signal? | TVJ News – July 14 2022

ATSC Roll Out in Jamaica When Will Jamaicans Receive the Signal? | TVJ News - July 14 2022 1


  1. Just put out the signal. Jamaica is the land of excuses and no results. Only people in the corporate area in Jamaica can’t receive proper over the air tv signal. Jamaica broadcasters do not caters to the rural areas in Jamaica. Most Jamaica homes have a digital tv rights now with no over the air signal. Private media houses don’t want to invest their waiting government to do everything

    1. It would make for the transition of media more fluent. Let’s say you want to satrt your own little studio and would like to get you stuff on TV instead of having to build radio towers in separate locations there is just one integrated network where all stations and corresponding to the regulations of the ASTC technology can join and then they would be assign a channel number and voila. All digital. Hence why you would need a specific type of device/medium to be able to convert the signal so it’s viewable to people.

      It would be selfish to want to stick with analogue because it’s less costly as oppose to capitalizing the possibilities of maximizing this technology. The end of the day Monopoly makes things expensive. Imagine a Jamaica that has more than Tvj love tv and cvm TV to offer as local media production houses. It also eliminates the unnecessaries cable TV come with.

  2. The Lady at the End should be our next Prime Minister. She is looking within the country to solve our problems.

  3. We have the internet; something that so many have been using to watch absolutely whatever… We need to teach this generation how to embrace technology and how to even type (which so many people in this country, including children, have a problem doing). They can’t even download a document/file so how are we going to invest in something that they’re probably not going to use themselves?

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