'Attack On Our Country': Trump Trial Manager Says He's 'Guilty' Of 'Crimes' 1

‘Attack On Our Country’: Trump Trial Manager Says He’s ‘Guilty’ Of ‘Crimes’


As Trump faces his second Senate trial in as many years with decreasing support, new impeachment manager Rep. Madeleine Dean joins MSNBC’s Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber to discuss the next steps in the impeachment process. She recounts the attack on the Capitol and slams GOP members like Sen. Lindsey Graham for taking things “too far” in their efforts to radicalize their base for political game. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ). Aired on 01/14/2021.
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'Attack On Our Country': Trump Trial Manager Says He's 'Guilty' Of 'Crimes'


    1. It’s seriously like he was born trailer trash. But his family had a lot of money. And he’s the product. Like poor people that win the lottery and lose all their money.

    2. Thank You my Father in Heaven, Thank you my Lord & Savior, King of kings’, for You are going to deploy Heaven’s army all around America & all around the world from Now on; Let there be Heaven’s light & peace in people of America & in people all around the world from Now on ( Matthew 26v53; 18v11; Gs John 1v51; Acts 12v7; 2 Kings 6v17; ).. Amen

  1. 81 million Americans have spoken. The country doesn’t need a narcissistic, sociopathtic cult leader in the White House. Done.

  2. My favorite comment so far and one I’m running with. How do you milk a sheep? Tell it that the election was rigged.

  3. Other than the ten who voted to impeach Trump, house Republicans committed treason by providing aid and comfort to a traitor.

    1. @David Swain Not only did I hear him. I heard Rudy Giuliani call for trial by combat. I heard him say repeatedly that there was massive voter fraud with no evidence. And you have to”take back our country with strength.” Sounding an obvious dog whistle is still incitement.

    2. @Timothy Lopez You plonker, you who lives in streets and talks with a plumb in your mouth while flapping your pure white Angel wings….yeah right………you listened to truth, you didn’t like it, so you tried to pass the onus onto Rudi. You’e obviously looking for more excuses cos Trump didn’t incite a riot…….you just blindly believe fake MSM like a blind sheep.

    3. @David Swain I listened to the whole speech, and I’m wondering if you were fed 2% milk as an infant. Milk fat is needed to produce myelin, and your brain doesn’t have any.

    4. @Constituent A If you listened to the whole speech you would have heard what he said about going to Capitol Building, or did you purposely turn a blind eye to truth…..Zombies follow Zombies eating same flesh, oh well.

    1. Not going to happen. The best that will come of this is the Republicans will have to go on record when they vote and if they acquit, it can be used against them in the next election. (I hope I’m wrong about conviction but I doubt it).

    1. Those statements are incredibly false, just take a look at the accomplishments his administration did for the country. I bet if he didn’t win nearly 78% of the country would be unemployed. He created 10 million new jobs, He also made a peace deal with taliban so we can have our soldiers come home. Not to mention he made peace with North Korea who threatened us for years on end. Trump stands with Law and Order and thinks defunding the police is absolutely stupid if 99.9% of Americans count on them everyday. The media is just filled with lies and Propaganda to fill your minds with lies, Example “Trump is a racist” Fact check: Trump has condemned the KKK, Proud Boys and anything that involves racism, hes literally said this 4 times encounting now people!! but yet people still call him racist. The real racist is Biden whos actually used the N-word numerous times but then everyone just forgives him forgets that not to mention the crime bill… Yikes what?

    2. @Furvz Trump is a racist everybody knows it why don’t you people just tell the truth the economy was on the up when he took over. This guy would take credit for the moon landings

  4. Not only did Trump incite a riot but let’s NOT forget Trump also tried to get Georgia to find him votes!!! Smh Convict the Clown. He took his Presidency like he was a dictator.

  5. Thanks I’m back. I am doing my best to not release a world of just on the Trump Dynasty. They have no idea of the power of truth. Thanks .

  6. The congress under McConnell and Republicans have used appeasement for too long. Europe ended up with Hitler. What do we get?

  7. He started becoming really scary when he kept insisting on voter fraud even after multiple courts had no evidence of it, what has that to do with any “Fake news” other than absolutely nothing!

  8. Hej  We honor the ten republicans who voted for impeachment yesterday!  Now, it’s time for the remaining Republicans to GET REAL AS WELL!  VOTE IMPEACHMENT, VOTE TO INITIATE THE 14 AMENDMENT!

  9. In third world.countries, leaders of failed coups are typically fed to the dogs alive. In.america, trump just goes back to golfing.

  10. Trump has definitely committed high crimes. I just don’t think he’s committed any misdemeanors. His crimes are much more serious than misdemeanors!

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