Attorney For Grand Juror In Breonna Taylor Case Speaks After Motions Filed | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

Attorney For Grand Juror In Breonna Taylor Case Speaks After Motions Filed | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC 1


Attorney Kevin Glogower could not identify his client but said the grand juror wishes to have the sealed transcripts released and be allowed to speak about the case as a matter of public interest. Aired on 9/29/2020.
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Attorney For Grand Juror In Breonna Taylor Case Speaks After Motions Filed | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

86 Comments on "Attorney For Grand Juror In Breonna Taylor Case Speaks After Motions Filed | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC"

  1. Donald Trump is go to jail for not paying his taxes 😆😆😆

    • @Nicole W it fits you perfectly. You are uneducated you showed it you could have kept your mouth shut and we would have guessed but you opened up your mouth and proved it

    • @nunya business and its his fault the weather sucks…🤣🤣 are you done?

    • @Nicole W Not exactly a “model business,” Trump Model Management is closing amid increased scrutiny of its relationships with teenage models, immigration law, labor laws and human trafficking.
      Donald J. Trump owns 85% of Trump Model Management. He founded the agency in 1999. In April 2017 his financial partners were informed that the Trump modeling agency would be closing. This was purportedly to allow for a deeper focus on golf and Trump hotels — but Trump Watchdogs suspect that the closure relates to questions about Trump Model Management having violated a wide range of laws.

      New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is apparently launching a formal investigation into the Trump modeling agency. Former White House staffer Claude Taylor reported Sunday on Twitter that Schneiderman’s investigation involves the high-level Russian prosecutor Yuri Chaika, who is allied with Vladimir Putin and specializes in collecting and wielding kompromat (compromising material) about political adversaries.

      Schneiderman source-Trump Model Management being investigated for human trafficking-which has ties with senior Kremlin official-Yuri Chaika.

      — Claude Taylor (@TrueFactsStated) July 23, 2017

      Some key takeaways from this article: Donald Trump appears hypocritical for complaining about illegal immigration. Also, teenagers who are lured to the US to become models — but are coached by agencies to arrive without legal permission to work here — are vulnerable to businessmen’s abusive fantasies.

    • @Nicole W you do know he lost in court for the Miss America Pageant walking in on underage girls naked in there changing rooms thinking he was allowed cuz he’s famous

    • @Nicole W no that’s what’s scary you’re not listening to reason you’re staying uneducated

  2. What a botched up case! Pray for justice for Breanna and family! Her life mattered🙏

    • @Renee Baptiste she lacks obvious intelligence. Probably uneducated, underemployed and mad at the world. Happy people dont troll comments on YouTube. Failures in life become trolls…hard truth.

    • @S O it is my corner and I can’t get ahold of my connect…🤣

    • @Nicole W Lol, this is why people like you never own any property or businesses. You will stay miserable, uneducated and unsuccessful. People like you work for people like me because you lack the intelligence to do anything else. That is definitely justice. 🤷🏼‍♀️😂

    • Marlin Williams | September 29, 2020 at 3:12 PM | Reply

      Why was she hangin’ with Gangstas?

    • Kathleen Martin | September 29, 2020 at 5:06 PM | Reply

      @S O AMEN…I think some of these Hateful Folks want to get a response from us.. They know that many many many will be angry and horrified by their words..It is sickening. Folks who are not disgusted and outraged by what keeps happening in this Country and the Racial Injustices are either Racist themselves or absolutely fine with what is a disgusting and never ending situation of two very different worlds and justices based on Race and Skin Color ..

  3. The AG said he only recommended the charges of wanton endangerment. Seriously, WTF??? I really hate living in this state.

  4. I wanna hear…

    • S O the world needs to know the truth

    • @kogami 574: As a Trump apologist you are too late. This has come down to “he got charged for shooting the bullets that went through the wall but he didn’t get charged for the bullets that hit Brionna Taylor”. Isn’t that obvious to you? Could it be the meth?

    • John Watt Say his name: Kenneth Walker. He’s the one that shot at police after they knocked and addressed themselves

    • @kogami 574: I don’t have to say or type his name. The police said one man heard them identify themselves. The police covered up the eleven people who said they didn’t. Are you ignorant as a human buffoon, so the concept of getting arrested for shooting bullets that went through a wall, and not the bullets that killed somebody, is wrong? I’m outta here.

    • John Watt justice has been served

  5. I thing the AG is going to regret his decision to let MoscowMitch & Trump get involved….I’m assuming. So much for Republican rising star.

    • @james meeks
      By the city payin out all that money, its like an admission of guilt to me…..when the civil trial hits, it’ll all come out……🤔

    • @MCOLE442 no figure what the cost in time and money for a case like this. would you loose a year of legal time plus costs or settle and at least save time. why do insurance company do the same thing?

    • @james meeks

      Bcuz the money’s there……by them payin that money, they tipped their hand: they want it to just go away….

      So what do u do? U take em to court, u put it all out in the open for the public to see: the warrant, the evidence, and especially the crime scene itself….they don’t want a picture of that dead woman seen…..period……a good lawyer knows that…..🦁

    • @MCOLE442 have you ever heard of settling because of the cost just to fight it. insurance and other companies do it all the time. but by ambulance chaser wanting to sue before the grand jury he knew he would get more money. lawyer trick not guilt.

      but think of walker and the family. when the truth comes out will they puckerup or shut up. hit will show walker commited a crime

    • @james meeks

      Absolutely…..that’s why the city settled so quickly…..they want it to GO AWAY…..but it’s not goin away: there are way, way too many unanswered questions……🦁


    • @kogami 574 one witness out of about 11 others. Also that same witness said that they did not hear the police announce themselves and changed their story.

    • shawntae h yeah but police also conducted a 2 1/2 month long surveillance and linked Taylor to other known dealers and spotted her vehicle at a suspected drug property

    • @First Last that’s because she wasn’t pushing poison. No criminal record, no packages being delivered to her house and it’s not a crime to know a drug dealer.

    • @shawntae h Uh huh..

    • @kogami 574 they only linked Breonna Taylor to her ex-boyfriend when her car was seen at one of the properties being watched in January and when her ex-boyfriend came to her house also in January. Your innocent until proven guilty, not guilty by Association. They literally impeded on this woman’s right and people seem okay with the police being able to do that.

  7. Show me the legal rights and protections due to an occupant in a no knock search. Maybe it will be different in 2021.

    • @kogami 574 12 Russian hackers are in prison that hacked America’s government computers to benefit Donald Trump at Donald Trump’s request in 2016

    • Private Citizen Guy – clearly, there are none to show. Now, if the Louisville police had a mandate to have a supervisor’s double check on the presence of the individual being sought, that step alone would legally safeguard police and some civilians. In this case there wouldn’t have been a search to go haywire. I can see states requiring that of municipalities so judges signing warrants have a clearer base to approve them.

    • kogami 574 – if there were two witnesses I’d buy your story, since that’s the legal standard. If Walker had heard, then Taylor would have heard, and not been standing there. What makes this even more difficult will be revealed by the grand jury tapes. There need to be more rigorous standards to protect both police and civilians. That’s why the juror called for the release of the tapes, because this discussion needs to come forward.

    • @kogami 574 well the burn Loot and murderers aren’t BLM. There have been hundreds of protest every day but you only see the violent craziness happened at night. Do you really think that’s BLM? They’re mostly young adults/ kids. And there’s been no BLM leader/ organizer implicated in any of the night Madness.

    • really up to the latest news. NOT . law was past weeks ago sunshine

  8. We demand justice!!!!

    • I’m an advocate for the BLM movement, but the facts support the police. Breonna Taylor’s previous boyfriend Jamarcus Glover is a criminal dealer who used her home address for deliveries. She was in business with Jamarcus Glover and other criminals, so there was a no knock warrant for her address (they linked Breonna to known criminals and spotted her vehicle near a suspected drug house). The police officers KNOCKED and announced themselves despite it being a no knock warrant (there’s a witness). The police officers go into the home after not hearing back and are immediately shot at by her new boyfriend Kenneth Walker. Walker shot one of the officers in the leg. The officers were forced to fire back. Unfortunately and tragically Breonna Taylor got caught in the crossfire. She was not shot in her bed execution style, but was standing in the hallway. Walker knew that his gf was standing in the hallway unarmed and defenseless, but fired anyways. The officer that was indicted was for recklessly shooting a different neighbor’s home during the altercation

    • No you don’t, you demand the result YOU believe is right.

  9. So the attorney general had the cop who killed Breonna Taylor charged for the bullets that missed her?? Not for the bullets that killed her… WTF??? You knew it was a sham when for a week ahead of the announcement of the charge they prepared the city for riots….. Complete travesty of justice….

  10. So this juror is saying something dirty went down.

    • Justin Oliver yes they should be charged because an innocent person was killed , by them, executing a fraudulent warrant in the middle of the night in her own home.

    • David Andresen So you mean other people, not the boots on the ground.

    • Justin Oliver both. The guys on the ground shot way too many times and there are conflicting stories about identifying themselves, or not. An innocent person is dead. Killed in her pajamas in her own home. They should have to face charges. The cop responsible or the faulty affidavit that was used for the faulty warrant has been reassigned. Really ? He’s responsible for an innocent persons death. The judge who didn’t follow the proper protocols, who is it? What repercussions are they facing?

    • @David Andresen You ever been in a gunfight? What’s too many?

    • 11-1 i want a recount. sounds trumpy to me for being BLM

  11. Mitch McConnell is from Kentucky. Enough said!

  12. What are these people hiding huh 🤔🤔?!?! We the people need see and hear what happened. Daniel Cameron is a fraud. He needs to resign 😠😠😠😠.

  13. Why the AG trying to cover up this case tell the truth to the people!!!

  14. I bet KY will appeal the judge decision and get a temporary injunction who tryna take that bet

  15. These ppl are cracking under the heat lamp. AG Fred Flinstone’s DOJ will bury this case if they touch it. Hopefully it will be saved for the Biden/Harris administration.


  17. These fools are in a bubble and think it’s business as usual. The rest of the world isn’t letting this one go.

  18. They should get another grand jury because those KKK cops 👮‍♀️ be arrested for killing Beona Taylor

  19. There should’ve been a special prosecutor assigned to this case to ensure truth and justice!!!

  20. “Donald, will you just be quiet for a second?” – Byedon 2020

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