1. “I believe you called me a liar on national TV.”

    “I *know* you lied and called me a sexist on national TV.”

    “…….…….. MISOGYNY!”

    1. Bernie is a true politician everything he has said and done was to get to this point. This man has played every card knowing what his end game was.

  2. “She walked away after attempting to de-escalate the conversation…” CNN is attempting to smear Bernie. So transparent, and disgusting. THIS WAS WARRENS DOING!

    1. And why was this the highlight of the debate? What do the voters get from 2 old people arguing over some BS in the past?
      This is why Trump will win again.

    2. I think Warren looks bad in all of this. We all know Bernie wouldn’t say what she’s accusing him of saying. You can debate Bernie’s ideas but he’s not a sexist. I liked Warren too.

    3. CNN is attempting to smear Bernie Sanders? You watched too much of The Young Turks. The Young Turks, those hypocrites who they still denied the Armenian Genocide.

    4. You guys really have poor English skills, don’t you?
      The exact explanation is she tried to improve the situation between her & Sanders **during** the debate. She did indeed confront him directly AFTER the debate. This isn’t a CNN lie, now go back to learning your grammar over in Moscow before trying again

  3. “I think you called me a liar on national TV” Yes you are a liar & you have a history of lying who really believes Bernie Sanders would tell Liz Warren a woman couldn’t get elected president of this country. Bernie has said in the past a woman could become president this is a desperate attempt at hurting Bernie’s chances now that his campaign is ascendant & yours is on the decline.

    1. @Lisa W and exactly why WARREN will lose against TRUMP….
      SHE WON’T MAKE IT with a str8 face!
      Warren is a hot mess!

    1. They staged 2016 just like they staged this. CNN is the absolute bunch of scumbags. Why do the jack@$$es host debates and why did warren think this would pass on us. 2016 the reboot is looking even crappier

  4. For the future people who came here for a history lesson decades later: This was the time when warren lost the election.

    1. Warren was trash since before she started her campaign. This just happens to be the time that a good hunk of sheep had finally figured her out.

  5. Warren has proven herself completely untrustworthy. She betrayed a friend. How could you vote for someone like that?

    1. @Jason Miller she knew she was micd , how could she miss that. She did that on purpose to make herself look good. Bernie has been talking about women becoming presidents since the 80s

    2. Got a white jeep Cherokee for xmas, decided to give a name and settled on Elizabeth Warren because it’s white and it says it’s a Cherokee!

  6. ” found the audio” = hot mic trap didn’t pan out at all, needed some time to find a way to spin it to their narrative #cnnistrash

  7. This is exactly why she’s not fit to be president. Emotionally charged, child-like behavior. The whole Democratic Party is a laughing stock right now…

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