Auditor general breaks down report on PHAC's COVID-19 preparedness | One-on-one with Karen Hogan 1

Auditor general breaks down report on PHAC’s COVID-19 preparedness | One-on-one with Karen Hogan


Canada's Auditor General Karen Hogan breaks down her report on PHAC's COVID-19 preparedness and what needs to change at the agency.

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    1. Don’t listen to wiener snatched like this!

      Edit: to be clear! W L is the loser wiener snatch, not anyone in the video

  1. Canadians need to wake up. Your paying the price for your governments incompetence well they just sit around and play games. This is why you can not just vote and then let the government do whatever it wants for the next 4 years.

  2. Wow they couldn’t keep track of inventory or best before dates because of an IT problem .

  3. Probably Canadian government was surprised that they can declare pandemic based on 150 cases or what never happened before

  4. It was done on purpose. Reconcile. If we don’t fire Dr Tam and stop trusting the WHO this will happen again. Wake up Canada.

  5. Can we all stop pretending that the WHO didn’t tell governments to prepare on January 23rd, 2020, then announce a PHEIC on January 30th? Please, this is not going to be covered up forever. Dominic Cummings testified on the UK response today. Obviously, something similarly inadequate happened here, too.

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