Austin Mayor: 'I Just Hope Our Community Basically Ignores The Governor And Focuses On Masking' 1

Austin Mayor: ‘I Just Hope Our Community Basically Ignores The Governor And Focuses On Masking’


Austin Mayor Steve Adler joins Andrea Mitchell to talk about how Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's decision to rescind a statewide mask mandate will impact his community. “All of the health professionals are making the same warning, including our local health professionals. They're concerned about the new variants of the virus that are coming into town,” he says. Aired on 3/03/2021.
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Austin Mayor: 'I Just Hope Our Community Basically Ignores The Governor And Focuses On Masking'


    1. The vaccines won’t change a thing. They are already telling the people that they still have to wear a mask, even AFTER they take the vaccine! This is not about a virus with a 99% cure rate. A virus so bad that you have to take a test to even know if you have it! This is about control of the SHEEPLE! NWO agenda! Take the vaccine at your own risk! True Christians know EXACTLY what this vaccine is!!!

  1. So Many CA Democrats have moved to Austin that most of the local Texans have left already…

    1. @Michael Angellotti Austin hasn’t been conservative since CA Liberals started moving there decades ago…

    2. @Paul Carrisoza no, that’s why the Texans left and the Californians left California to begin with.

    1. @Shoot Illegal Invaders Tell that to the people who died. I bet you’re the type who only believes what your leaders allow you to believe.

    2. @StoriesSongs AndPictures I understand it very well, As I said, That SOB didn’t say anything.

    3. @StoriesSongs AndPictures This is very tricky because there actually have been deaths from Covid. However, we’re now to the point that those deaths are under what we’d typically get from a flu season. The data is in, and it doesn’t support continued business shutdowns, etc. The main problem is that lefties use situations like this to take freedom away. Please stop believing your lefty-media leaders, and start moving towards freedom and personal responsibility.

    4. Why so much anger & trashing each other for stupid political parties.?
      U make ur own bed. This a global pandemic. Every country is suffering.
      Stop being so divided.

    1. @savannah505 they said and clearly think that no one should be forced to do anything they don’t want to, so by logic, there’s no need to use traffic lights, roads, schools, money, or even laws since if you obviously don’t want to do the simple task of putting on a mask what’s the different between doing other mundane tasks throughout your day?

    2. @Ada 7474 Hey, did you know we live in a society?
      Do you support the right to drive drunk? If not, we’re agreed that some limitation of freedom is required to have a functioning society. So your ‘nobody should be forced to do anything they don’t want’ claim is bull. If you do, great! Your philosophy is internally-consistent. And uttterly insane. And anyone can come take anything they want from you at any time and you can’t get mad and laws have no purpose. Fun! Enjoy your Max Maxxing!

    3. @Richard Roberts And can you link studies of people who got COVID-19 10, 20 years after infection?

    1. @Sue Howie You can catch a lot of pregnancy hanging around me, I reckon I could have at least 2-3 daily infections, depending on sandwich supply.

    2. @Papa Wheelie what in the world does Hunter Biden have to do with Texas Governor lifting restrictions. Why the ov obsession with all things Hunter Biden ?

  2. So Mayor Steve is saying I can ‘ignore’ Gov Brown’s orders in Oregon…. Let’s see how long that lasts…

    1. Yes. Most people don’t remember because it did not get nearly the coverage that the whole Cruz story got. The only difference is that this putz is a local leader who demanded lock downs while going on vacation. Cruz was never an advocate of year long lock downs.

    1. @savannah505 lol you just hit the conspiracy theorist grand slam now just say jet fuel doesn’t melt steel and you’ve reached tin foil nirvana

    2. “you have a 99.98% rate of survival”

      Just hope you don’t mind being waterboarded for a month.
      BTW – What you bald faced liars forget is that anyone who knows grade school arithmetic can divide fatalities by number of confirmed cases to get the death rate. And the argument that every one that died of covid didn’t really die of covid is an argument that coroners don’t know how to do their job. Tell it to someone else. Stupid meters? OMG!!

    3. @Jimmy Hirr And “Fascist” is what sheep call people who don’t agree with every government order.

    4. Never understood that. A country who banned smoking in restaurants or in indoor public places so vehemently, why wearing masks has been such an issue?
      This shows how people’s mentality has changed over the years.
      America u have slowly changed for the worst.
      I guess Karma is getting u for the unnecessary wars & ill doing inflicted to the world.

    5. @shery amir aslani – I don’t exactly know how it happened, but we have become a nation of idiots. Maybe unnecessary wars cause brain damage.

    1. @s foot continuation it’s so amazing how the word sheep is used by angry people as if it’s a four letter, profane word. Sheep are humble and for the most part don’t bother people. However,the wolves are forever preying on the innocent. Selah.

  3. Do you see what is happening in Brazil? I feel Abbot is behaving like 45. No concern for people, only money and power.

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