Austin Mayor On Declining Cases: ‘Encouraged’ But ‘Not Out Of The Woods’ | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

The Mayor of Austin, Steve Adler (D), joins Ayman Mohyeldin as the number of new Coronavirus cases in his city begins to decline. Adler cites a "community united" as the main factor for the improvement, but warns against any relaxation of public health measures. Aired on 7/27/2020.
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Austin Mayor On Declining Cases: 'Encouraged' But 'Not Out Of The Woods' | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


  1. Trump wants America to reelect him as a reward for the more than150K American lives lost due to his indifference and criminal negligence. He actually wants you to reward him, and even praise him, for his craven and abominable behavior.

    “This is the end result of Donald’s having continually been given a pass and rewarded not just for his failures but for his transgressions – against tradition, against decency, against the law, and against fellow human beings,” Mary Trump writes in her new book.

  2. SXSW is a great Music Festival but can you imagine the party across America & the whole World when tRump is ‘Fired” & shown the door!

  3. Trump and the RepubliCON Governors that pushed to reopen their States should all be forced to resign .

    1. and stripped of any perks they may have. Like, free medical from our taxes, NO social security and no pensions. They didn’t do anything to earn it, let them sell some of their assets to live the high life. WE”RE DONE with them all.

  4. I’m sorry, I don’t believe the count since the wh took over the data.. they want it to go down and ever since they took it over it has went down slowly. Isn’t that ironic? Im not buying it.

    1. @JONATHAN DENT yes they can.. don’t put anything criminal past trumpler. He trying to keep us in the dark so he wins “king” again.

  5. The wh will fudge the data. We need to count on Dem leaders to give us accurate results. We will be told everything is back to normal by Republikkkans.

  6. I give myself an A+ for handling and managing this virus. -Trump Really? with over 145,000 dead? Did you wish any mourning families “I hope she is well”?

    1. @Bunker Baby dRumph A stellar example of disproportionate education throughout the U.S. Grammar in English is not hard to comprehend if it’s your first language.

    2. @Todd Morningstar : Gabey is not an ugly ginger leprchaun as he appears. He’s russian.

    1. @Kevin McNeil “Free”? Like the kids in cages? And the peaceful protesters, including moms, being attacked by Trump’s goons?

    2. @Allan Burns Again for the hundredth time the cages were built by Democrats Obama and Biden ….check your facts.
      Peaceful protests 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪
      Do you even see the pictures

  7. Texas issues every child a fully loaded gun with their birth certificate. It’s the 2nd Amendment, you know.

  8. The dumbest thing right now is to claim victory over the Corona prematurely. You know, like t’rump, Jared, Pence, DeathSantis, and Kudlow all did months ago. Remember, “this will all be gone by Easter” and “by July, we’ll be rocking!”? Yeah, looks like the Corona wasn’t listening.

  9. Don’t do what they say, watch what they do. If they don’t send their kids to school, don’t send yours.

  10. Declining cases?? What a surprise after the hospitals aren’t allowed to send the data to CDC anymore but practically to the WH!!!

  11. “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night can force me to wear a face mask at all times in bars – restaurants – grocery stores or corvid parties” those of you that refuse to wear face masks and are infecting others – I’ll be waiting for the infected ones in Hospital ICU’S
    The Grim Reaper

  12. Can we trust covid-19 data coming out of the US now? When the WH has ordered hospitals to bypass the CDC but to report to Pence instead. There is no transparency on what the WH is doing to hate data, whether they will manipulate it or not. I now automatically add 10% to number of deaths and hospitalisation . I don’t bother with new cases now.

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