Austin Mayor On SXSW: 'That Was Worth About $350 Million' | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1

Austin Mayor On SXSW: ‘That Was Worth About $350 Million’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC


Austin Mayor, Steve Adler on the cancellation of SXSW and its impact on the city's economy. Aired on 3/13/2020.
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Austin Mayor On SXSW: 'That Was Worth About $350 Million' | MTP Daily | MSNBC


    1. This ain’t no hoax. The Batman is out there Biden humanoids. The Microbe-in-Chief of the Space Alien Force says we don’t need testing. What do you think this all means? We gotta find them Frankenstein labs and stop these foreign microbes!

    2. I’ve been saying for months this is just the “national security crisis” Trump needs to postpone or cancel the election in November.

    3. Well done thinking of the American people. Money means nothing if your dead. This mayor Steve is right on the ball. Good man.

    4. @Devin Quintin by the sounds of it you are a trump supporter…so when you ask do you even think for yourself …it makes me laugh…lets face it you been supporting this un-indicted criminal since day one…and you have the nerve to ask if someone can think for themselves…talk about hypocrisy…have another sip of that koolaid!!!!!!

  1. It’s being reported that the White House staff finally sat Trump down for an intervention. They  explained to him that magic isn’t actually a real thing. And the coronavirus was not going to just disappear. Trump wept…..

    1. If that weren’t frighteningly so close to the truth, its be funny. Never in my life will I witness anything on the same level of ineptitude and just outright stupidity, as Donald Trump.

    2. @sour kush are you that stupid that you still support this orange buffoon even after lying to the American people that this virus was a hoax…question is are YOU that stupid to believe what trump says ?

  2. I can tell here in Europe its getting very serious as we speak today 13 March 2020. Coronavirus crisis something which has to be taken very very seriously. Please dont fall into conspiracy theories which are flooding the internet. Stay safe!

    1. @Nancy Mesek its same in France, Netherlands, Germany and everywhere in EU now.. its really a mess

    2. World of Aviation I just returned from our local DeHaize supermarket and they have plenty of food and daily necessities. It seems Lidl and Aldi are the ones closing early and have all the empty shelves.

    3. @Nancy Mesek Aldi , Lidl, KAUFLAND (Germany) have empty shelves. Perhaps , you went early enough and that you were able to find full shelves.!!! in any case, the western region of Germany , rhine region, which is hot bed of see comparatively less people shelves empty in certain stores and sense of fear overall

    4. World of Aviation No, I went at 14.00. It’s a smaller store in the village so I think people avoided it thinking it would have empty shelves. The larger stores are the ones that are hit hardest.

    5. @Nancy Mesek ok.. also in Germany life is still as normal..ppl hanging out in bars and restaurants while the corona numbers are mounting

  3. Whoever is reading this and you feel heart broken, in pain, misery, frustration, regret and depression. You will come out strong because you are a fighter and fighters never lose. They always triumph

    1. I wear mine every day! I just bought a brand new KAG2020 hat in Black and it’s beautiful

  4. WHILE these elderly reps STAY in DC with the supposedly “deadly” risk, despite several testing positive?  Wake the h — up.

  5. The #1 cause of Bankruptcy is Medical Bills!!! What I’m hearing is this pandemic would not be nearly as big of a problem if we already had Universal Healthcare like every other Industrialized Nation in the world does!!!  We still have HALF of the States to vote for Bernie’s Universal Healthcare System that the Lancet Research Study said would SAVE 68,000 lives a year and SAVE $450 BILLION annually!!! We have 37 MILLION people who are uninsured and 41 MILLION who are Underinsured!!! Those horrific statistics were done BEFORE this Pandemic occurred.  What’s going to happen when people are too sick to work and lose their jobs and therefore lose their Health Insurance in this crisis?!?

    According to the World Health Organization, the USA statistically ranked 37th in Quality of Care and we PAY THE MOST out of 191 nations!!!… that was DURING the OBAMA/BIDEN Administration!!!  Joe Biden’s plan to continue sinking MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of dollars into the pockets of Private Insurance Company shareholder’s pockets who make even more money off of us the less services they approve, will NOT cut it!!!  MAKE AMERICA 1ST!!!

    We also need to play the MENTAL DECLINE videos which are circulating of Trump and of Biden. BOTH people need Mental Health help now!!!!  I hope we don’t nominate 2 candidates who already have the signs of DEMENTIA to be President!!!  This is SCARY!!! VOTE FOR BERNIE!!!

    1. Acording to my memory the first president who removed the ceiling of big corporations profit was Reagan wall street was in charge of the country. Every republican president has followed the economic formula that’s the reason we are in this situation,stop blaming Obama and Clinton

    2. @Jose Meza I didn’t blame Obama and Clinton for that. What are you talking about?!? Are you a Troll? Or do you just not read well?

      I said that Biden is planning on KEEPING the Private Health Insurance Companies that put MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS of dollars in their shareholder’s pockets instead of giving us the Healthcare we are paying to receive. Multiple studies show that Medicare For All would save us half the cost and about 68,000 lives per year. Yet, Biden wants to hold onto the system we have!!! Vote for BERNIE!!!

  6. Like JFK(D) always said…. Ask not what your Country can do for you but what you can do for your Country…. The good old days when Americans were a strong and responsible people

    1. he will be driving a huge polluting van, wearing a maga hat and sagging jeans to fit into your crowd, but speak with a swedish accent

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