Austin Mayor: We’re Relying On Science To Protect Students And Teachers | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. Common sense is how.. Follow the experts and Dr. Falci more importantly and don’t follow what a politician says..

    1. ღSwnsasyღ _
      yeah, I say seen all the kids to Dr. Falci’s house and let him babysit them so the parents can go to work

    2. Dr. Fauci is a politician. Remember when him and his federal colleagues told people not to wear masks because they don’t protect you from the virus? Now they tell us everyone absolutely have to wear masks! Remember when Fauci indignantly told congress that _they intentionally lied_ about the masks at first because they were afraid of shortages:

      Now, what was that about trusting politicians?

    3. ღSwnsasyღ _
      Which experts? The ones CNN and MSNBC has on? What about those scientist and doctors who post independent video’s saying something completely different? Follow Faucci? He said March 31st on 60 Minutes HEALTHY PEOPLE DON’T WEAR MASK. MASK DON’T HELP. Then he’ at a baseball game sitting way less than 6ft apart and his mask off.

    4. @Don Williams wow Don Don, aren’t you exhausted yet??? Responding to every single anti trump statement on a REAL news thread??? Are your fingers cramping yet you pathetic inbred..

    5. @gutzy19 CKG Every single one? You must work for fake news. Responding to 8 of the 100’s is ALL. Just like 100 bad cops is ALL 750,000 right? Or the 5-7k kkk members is ALL WHITES. Try coing back with something to refute a comment I made with a fact. You’ll have a stroke before you can find anything.

  2. I’m a Texan and I’m appalled how our governor is a Trump lap dog!! We see what happened to our state when Abbott followed Trump’s push to reopen to fast. All the hard work from the shut down was undone. We need to UNITE at the polls regardless of PARTY…our country is at stake! #VoteBlueSaveAmerica

    1. I’m with you. Abbot did nothing. He is signing executive orders for lemonade stands being allowed. The most he’s done for us since the pandemic began. I’m in Harris count though, I trust our judge and Mayor.

    2. @SouthSide Chicago Have you heard how much Donald complains? All your cult does is complain.

    3. @Chris Mitchell I’m in Galveston county. We do need strong leaders to get us through this pandemic. Take care and stay safe.

    1. Evangelicals are magical thinkers, they’ll be able to settle that cognitive dissonance somehow

    2. @Eric Klaus show me your source, I don’t believe you, as it has been proven to be as effective as a placebo.

  3. if you are using science to protect students and teachers, you are not opening schools up right now in most areas.

    1. DrPommels
      I agree, Keep schools closed, stop federal funds to public schools. Send funds to Charter and Home schooled children,.
      Let everyone else be stupid 😀

    2. Watch in NYS schools will be done properly. We had the worst and made it the best. Our schools will open better or not at all.

    1. @Alex Mitchell well it doesn’t count if it takes fake accounts to do it LOL That is why they should not allow mail in ballots 😀

    2. @Alex Hamilton Trump votes by mail. Of course, the fact that he does so should indeed make voters suspicious of the practice, I suppose.

    3. Go to and/or to confirm your voting registration data and find out about mail-in voting. Takes just a few minutes. Spread the word.

  4. Republicans don’t care if they send you to your death as long as the economy is open for Trump’s re-election…

    1. Claudy TheArtist
      Since you people love quoting the NEW standards from the CDC, maybe you should eplain then, why the DIRECTOR of the CDC said with shutdowns and no work suicides will be way up. So how does shutting everything hep? How many of those essential workers from the beginning have died? All those Wal mart employees, Loew’s Home Depot, weed shops, liquor stores, gas stations Electricians, plumbers, HVAC, builders concrete people. Hmmm Seems the ones who died averaged 80… So shouldn’t all those unprotected essential workers be the first to go if this is the Black Death of 2020?

    1. Ro G
      So we have Faucci? Good, he said Healthy people don’t wear mask. Mask don’t help. So no more mask right? Being he was at a Baseball game sitting side by side people and NOT wearing his mask. So follow his lead?

    2. Actually Dr fauci has been lying to us… Him and Obama have pumped some serious money into the wuban lab. They both know way more than they are saying… Tony Heller put out an article you may be interested in. It’s entitled “the Wuhan flu”

  5. I told the witch doctor i was in love with you
    And then the witch doctor, he told me what to do
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    1. 7 29 20 Hey@Don Williams, Sure, let your children (if you have any) go back; ever have to grieve a dead child? Part of the issue is the high #s of community spread, taking it back to family members/grandparents, & affecting teachers @ high risk. No money is going to the schools for the extra precautions. Stay safe, keep calm, & be well. v

    2. 7 29 20 Hey A Centaur, Agreed, no sane person insisting children return! The death of your child isn’t something any parent wants to experience. Stay safe, keep calm & be well. v

    3. Every country in the WORLD either reopened in March or WILL reopen in September….the ONLY group in the world who think it’s a bad idea are pasty white liberal basement dwelling MSLSD viewers.

    4. H1N1 pandemic….schools didn’t close. But THAT was a pandemic that actually affected CHILDREN, so yea totally different.

    5. Biden is NOT the candidate you must not have an education every other country that has opened had lower cases then us or have already went threw the brunt of it. Trump trolls and Putin bots all squirm the same tho!

  6. You don’t have to send your children back to school, just get a note from a doctor that says they can’t go because they have bone spurs…

    1. Please do this, it will free up resources for the rest of the motivated children who are ready to go back to school. You can keep your fat kid and its bone spurs at home.

    2. Huge lawsuits for holding up the money, juries are going to be sympathetic to the children .

  7. Hey DeSantis… Your State is winning the race in COVID-19 cases. You and POTUS are true ”winners”.

  8. I like the chart with Dark red being where the MOST CASES are which happens to be the 4 Most populated states… Hahahaha That’s like someone saying California has way more Homeless people than South Dakota. WELL DUH.

    1. Same in with Whitmore in Michigan especially our elderly in nursing homes 42% deaths in Michigan

  9. Consult your doctor before using Hydroxychloroquine. Side effects may include: profound understanding that COVID-19 is a treatable illness; sudden awareness of having been lied to; feelings of rational thought; an aversion to fear-based living; furious anger at China…

  10. What basic common sense: listen to the science in order to protect the children and the teachers ( and ignore all of the political BS!).

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