Author And Pastor Explains Why As A Christian He Got Vaccinated

Dan Darling of National Religious Broadcasters discusses his recent USA Today column 'Why, as a Christian and an American, I got the COVID vaccine.'

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Author And Pastor Explains Why As A Christian He Got Vaccinated


  1. MAGAs: ” You may take our lives, but you’ll never take, our FREEDUMB!!!!”

    COVID: “I’m cool with that. You can keep your freedumb. It’s your life that I want. 🤣

    1. @Gordon Strong yes and today he is praising the Taliban – that’s exactly what he wanted to happen on Jan 6 but his terrorists were weak and gutless if he had got his way America would turn out like Afghanistan

    2. @Tracy Franklin
      Trump and Pompey negotiated the deal – no doubt there was something in it for them – today Trump is praising the Taliban

    1. @quacks2much for the record I agree with you. But I think where he’s coming from is where I was in my prev. post… trying to find common ground and show understanding, not claiming that the things I state are the things I guide my life by. Just reminding those who claim Christianity what THEY claim to guide their own life by.

      I was gonna being up Mormons. I grew up Mormon… Left because it just contradicts too much science and reality. maybe you did, too. It’s been amazing how quick many mormons have been too selectively ignore their prophet when it comes to things like this. The ability for a person to find some rationalization to do what they want if they’re determined enough is limitless.

  2. The fact that this man equated black people as non evangelicals is to give me pause. Most Christian black people ascribe to being evangelical, conservative. His summation of glossing over the reason of black people have an hesitancy of receiving the vaccine has nothing to do with being an evangelical Christian or just being black. It has to do with how the country experimented on the black community for hundreds of years. As well as with the Native Americans this country has committed federal genocide.

    1. Yes but why? This is global and pervasive here! Black white and everything in between can become ill or die! Now if there is vaccine labeled black or native etc then question.

    2. The Bible speaks of having the same mind and the same judgement, when Christians start using labels like conservative,?we’ve missed the mark.

  3. As a Christian I feel the exact same way. When they said they were in the process of making a vaccine. I prayed about it . I also thought how God uses us as a vessel in times of needs to help one another, He works through all of us. Every gifts comes from God, Scientists, Doctors, Builders etc.

  4. “If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain.” – Emily Dickinson

    “I keep my ideals, because in spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart.” – Anne Frank, diarist and Holocaust victim 🕊

  5. Could not be more wrong. Being nice has not gotten anywhere. Also lets keep religion out of things it always makes things worse in my opinion. Its very simple do the right thing and think of we not I.

    1. @Larry Nottingham I understand. I have been nice and understanding for a year and a half and its not working. I don’t want to have that attitude its what is needed in my view. But I do get what your saying.

  6. Where in the Bible does it even imply otherwise? If I’m not mistaken, the whole concept of vaccination was conceived in Christian countries a long time ago…

    1. Ganiscol said Christian “countries” not religions. The Bible talks about treating others as you want to be treated. I don’t want others to harm me so I do my best not hurt or neglect them. Btw, spoken as an atheist that has done a little research.

  7. There is no reason why religious faith should dictate or explain why one should take advantage of life saving medical care. One just doesn’t need faith to do something smart.

    1. May I disagree with you? Yes, as you say, one just doesn’t need faith to do something smart. But faith helps us to do something good toward others. Treat others as you would be treated. The religious faith is being applied to what a follower of Christ OWES OTHERS: get the vaccine because this is how we love our neighbors as ourselves. Getting the vaccine will set an EXAMPLE TO OTHERS to get the shot and to live, will reduce the amount of virus in the public pool that might spread and harm OTHERS, will reduce the burden on hospital resources and staff so that OTHERS WITH UNAVOIDABLE HEALTH PROBLEMS can get the attention they need, will constrain the potential of the virus to mutate into something harder FOR DOCTORS AND SCIENTISTS to deal with, and will provide some breathing space and appreciation FOR HEALTHCARE WORKERS who are exhausted and demoralized and feeling unappreciated. Christians are Christians because God has shown love and mercy toward them when they were unaware and undeserving; therefore, they must make their primary concern the expression of love and mercy toward their fellows, whom Christ also loves.

  8. This is a very smart pastor and a good pastor. There are many in this comment section that apparently like being Sunday morning Christians because they like to belittle others and do outrageous things to push their own agenda yet when they go to church on Sunday morning they figure all will be forgiven. Remember this, God sees All.

    1. @Lisa M God speaks to many but many do not listen so go work on your biceps and keep complaining about how they’re not getting bigger 🙄

  9. “Very well, by God’s decree the enemy has sent us poison and deadly offal. Therefore I shall ask God mercifully to protect us. Then I shall fumigate, help purify the air, administer medicine, and take it. I shall avoid persons and places where my presence is not needed in order not to become contaminated and thus perchance infect and pollute others, and so cause their death as a result of my negligence.”
    From Martin Luther’s letter to Johann Hess, entitled “Whether one may flee from a deadly plague”, 1527

  10. When someone doesn’t wear their seatbelt and then goes through the windshield, I say “Too bad, so sad.” The same when an unvaccinated person gets sick. That isn’t “politics.” That’s simple cause and effect. If you’re going to neglect your personal responsibility, then you deserve to reap what you sow.

    1. @cat videos — If only you were the only one impacted. Thanks to the unvaccinated, we now have the Delta variant and more people have died and will continue to die.

    2. @M Smithy what’s a lie?
      Everyone an unvaccinated and unmasked infected person comes in contact with risks infecting another person with the virus.

      Are vaccines 100% certain to keep someone from getting infected, and or infecting another? No it isn’t, but it’s absolutely better than not being vaccinated and not wearing a mask.

      You wanna get sick and die go for it, but it is my opinion that if you do nothing to mitigate the possibility of transmission and someone you come in contact with gets sick you are responsible for that illness, if they die you are guilty of manslaughter!!!

  11. There’s also those pastors that are the root of this problem and actively preaching these conspiracies… even going as far as threatening their own congregation by having no mask policies and turning people away who wear them.

    1. Ya, because breathing our own air is really good for us!! … that’s a good pastor who let’s people breath fresh air..

    2. There’s nothing worse than Christians testing God. God created the human race with brains. Brains that help us to create the medicines that we need to survive and to make wise choices. Unfortunately some humans are incapable of using this precious part of our anatomy.

  12. How many people knew it was smart to do, for themselves and others, without being guided by any religion at all?

  13. “his recent USA today column” Who??? Not interested. I only come for the sarcastic comments.

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