Author Annette Gordon-Reed Traces History Of Texas Through Family Story | Morning Joe 1

Author Annette Gordon-Reed Traces History Of Texas Through Family Story | Morning Joe


Author Annette Gordon-Reed joins Morning Joe to discuss her new book 'On Juneteenth,' and the end of legalized slavery in her home state of Texas.

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Author Annette Gordon-Reed Traces History Of Texas Through Family Story | Morning Joe


    1. @Mr Rodgers Political Playtime there’s some of that great Democratic hate speech I knew I would find it here

    2. @Move on Over why don’t you find “WILLIAM H” other troll accounts and find out for your self

    1. Now, you are trying to be funny, but your grammar reveals your intelligence, which is really quite hilarious! 🙂

    2. @Zane N don’t forget to call him racist we know how you Democrats love to throw that around

  1. “We must believe in a future where color of skin is no more significant than color of hair” – Sam Harris

    Nothing is sadder than a person that views others, and themselves, through the distorted lens of race.

    What is dividing us, is more of a class struggle, which has been with us since the dawn of human civilization.

    What poor people of all races want, is to blame other races for their poverty and hardship in life. And both parties pander to this horrible idea, for votes and support.

    1. @Da Me – “All systems assist some groups more than others”. Just name one, and let’s talk about how it does that. Thanks in advance.

    2. Your experience doesn’t equal a monolith. You must mix real cocaine into the stepped on recipe to convince a crackhead that it’s good stuff. So there has to be success stories to create doubt that a system is systematically skewed against someone else’s success. You really think that outside of the small group was rooting for you that the government actually wanted you to succeed

  2. we are ALLL AFRICAN!!! see Nat’l Geographic’s GENETIC ADAM by Spencer Wells [years old]
    THAT is what these news stations need to be reporting.
    Annette Gordon Reed is pure excellence, ALLLL of her books are great!

    1. @Wisconsin Man Evolution via natural selection and sexual selection and the need for vitamin D, which we all need, once people migrated to higher latitudes. Use the device in front of you. There are really good videos that explain it all.

    2. Well, ok, then we are all apes too. And we are reptiles, fish, amoebas…..single cell bla bla bla….

    3. @Gregory Barney Humanity started in Africa and, over time , migrated throughout that continent and then some migrated out of it. Our DNA tells the truth of those migrations. It’s such a remarkable story.

    4. @Yvonne Plant did my Ancestry DNA December 2019 results came back January 2020 my Father has 1% coming from Congos of Africa. none in my DNA
      My mother 1% Nigeria I have 1% Nigeria in my DNA.

    5. @Yvonne Plant Well we did NOT all originate as some black person. Pretty Racist to assume ALL people from Africa is Black.

  3. oh wow eddie was nothing but provocateur in this clip. in fact looked as if the author was being prompted to say that this isn’t just america’s original sin. but actually it’s mortal one too. which clearly makes sense due to the just prior hiring of a virulently racist president leading to something all need to believe as possible, if not highly probable…

  4. I loved her book, The Hemingses of Monticello. Can’t wait to get my hands on her new one.

  5. what’s the relation between white/christian supremacy and the Overton window? there is one. can you see it?

  6. what does it mean to ask if the country is racist? what do you mean by country? the culture? which one? the government? and if it isn’t, when did it stop being racist? after the abolition of slavery? after the end of official segregation? when?

    1. Don’t you mean a Dixiecrat ? That is to say the Democratic Party before 1966. Southern Democratic Party.

    2. @captainarcher2 Really until Jimmy Carter actually ran for President did he see or admit to realizing what White Southern Dems had done. But by his 1976 win I believe we all could see that was changing.

  7. I’ll be looking for her title on audio. The end of the segment was clipped. The very tail end, which I watched the DVR, is worth seeing.

    1. can anyone explain why Ben Shapiro is so upset about Critical Race Theory. Ben has multiple reasons for believing in it not the opposite.

  8. Why does Fox value the political opinions of Brett Favre but Lebron James should “shut up and dribble”?

  9. So much black history that was not taught in school. We are learning more now. My 9 year old granddaughter is learning about Rosa Parks and prejudice. I am happy that much more is being taught in certain areas of our country but doubt it’s across the USA.

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