1. Trump being the most likely person to be the Republican nominee speaks volumes about how rotten that party has become..

    1. @U No how was voting against trump against black interests? Please give me one example of a trump policy that was in any way purposefully detrimental to the black community.

  2. Jennings needs to be reminded how much more taxes Massachusetts, New York, California pay than does Florida and Texas and Arizona. The later three states ride on the taxes paid by the first three states. Course he also will never admit there is a wrong way and a right way to go about anything

    1. @JRT well said. i used to be very much someone i could could see as a MAGAverse fan in my younger, cringeier years, so i understand how easy it van be for some to fall victim to the game. BOTH sides have been playing the game for the 52 years i have been alive and i grew up watching the news and the newspaper was a major way i learned to read.Civic mindedness was something i was raised to embrace and in my younger years, i wanted to serve, my first election i voted in , i proudly voted for Papa Bush but chose Clinton as my loyalty was to the process.. never the party or a platform.. i looked up and down the ballot and tried to make sure i knew who i was voting for at least seemed to share my views of the future… if anything, i very much see myself as a “progressive” as i see the root word.. progress.. to move FORWARD.. over the years , with life experiences either strengthening or changing my stance on issues, i found it harder and harder to back most conservative stances as the keyword here is to CONSERVE.. to hold back , which is counterproductive to progress, in my opinion.. but i can see some people reasoning for siding there. debate is a welcome and needed thing for us to progress forward.
      but when the tea party showed up, i saw the beginning of issues and trump and the MAGA cult( opinion) are very much something i see as the largest threat the nation has faced in any of our lifetimes and my patriotic duty to defend this nation from with every tool the founders gave us.. i choose to use my 1st amendment, as i was raised hunting in a 2nd amendment home and to eat what you kill and most repugs look a bit gamey ..lol . joking obviously

    2. @Roger Allan

      Very well said, brother. And at the end of the day, we’re all just pawns for those at the top to toy with. The more distracted the masses become by fighting each other, the less they see what’s actually going on. I hope that our country finds a way to band together again because if we don’t, I can’t see an end game that’s not catastrophic.

    3. @JRT as i have said,im quite familer with them flatlanders..lol.. and i have always loved the mix that was in Mass and very much miss it. i havent been in years and im afraid of what MAGA related changes i see if i were to go back. but just know, in NH we very see Boston as the true birthplace of this great nation, just Philly got the paperwork signed, but the blood that was spilled that sparked the revolution that got us here was of the people of Mass and that energy to fight and form a nation began there… #beantownlove

    4. @JRT what is the only piece in chess that can change it station?
      a pawn…
      they are wise to fear the pawn, because if a pawn fights or sneaks its way around adversity, it can become the most powerful piece in the game… the Queen.

      next weeks episode we talk about the queen in chess being a perfect example of why men in power fear women in power…lol

  3. Scott Jennings actually makes me cringe with every comment he makes. He seems disingenuous all the time with that smirk with no real solutions to problems. A typical Republican !

    1. I absolutely couldn’t agree more. I would liked to have made a similar comment, hundreds of times. Even the sight of the arrogant, disingenuous je rk makes me feel physically ill.

  4. Gotta love when talking about “burden sharing” that he completely leaves off California, a democratic state with the same border issues.

  5. You can hear the pain in Scott Jennings voice when he says the party should move on from trump. He spent so many years on CNN defending his actions, now he has to move on. Then he follows it up by defending illegal human trafficking for political reasons. 😂

  6. It was mind blowing that he was ever president, it’s disgusting that while he’s under serious investigation he can run again. Sad

  7. He said “it’s about sharing the burden”. I live in portland, where the homelessness has reached an unprecedented level. I’ve worked directly with these people & 80% of those I spoke with were shipped off to us from red states!! This is what they do. Move the issue, instead of provide aid & rehabilitation. Then point to blue states saying “see look at what they’ve created; we don’t have homelessness like that”. Truly sickening. They can spin it however they like, we won’t stop helping.

    1. Thanks for your excellent comment, and for pointing out this hypocritical travesty. My city has a similar situation. 😤😠

    2. God bless you, limebint. Evil tries to crush Human Kindness. But as long as there is one drop of kindness on Earth, Evil knows Evil can NEVER “win.” Kindness overcomes all. ALL…Like Jesus said, “the Darkness hates the Light” Light triumphs every time. Although it can be VERY hard to persevere. Yet, what’s the alternative? Light triumphs EVERY time, my friends. Every time. 🙏

    3. @Steppenwolf John 3:20
      For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved.

      Proverbs 9:8-10
      8 Reprove not a scorner, lest he hate thee: rebuke a wise man, and he will love thee.

      9 Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be yet wiser: teach a just man, and he will increase in learning.

      10 The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.

  8. Melania, “I really don’t care do you?” That’s how disgusting that family is and that administration was and they all know it.

    1. @frances simmonds ex-president… any use of $% using President title is nothing but tradition, one i have always had issues with

    2. @american joe Lmao..tremendous crowd..so bigly, You will never see a biglier crowd..!! Tremendous!! Very, very yuge, I say! No one can do it like me..I pick the best people..(even if they are all criminals like me and convicted felons!!} Only the bestest!! lol

  9. “For not taking votes that he knew were wrong”. Yes, it’s called voting. Not using
    “alternative” electors. There are only two things he cares about, money and his ego.

    1. I’m beginning to think the ego is taking over everything.. basically, I don’t think even money matters to him anymore. It’s just so funny how he’s still pushing the lie… all because of his super-fragile ego! HAHAHAHAH

  10. The whole, ‘pushing the immigration matter as a huge danger’ thing is getting old, when it comes to the Republican party. We all remember the ‘caravan’ scares of prior elections, that miraculously vanished right after the elections. Yes, we need more judges, more courts and more border patrol personnel, but shipping people around the nation like pawns is flat out wrong.

    1. Walking across the border is not ‘immigration’. Just the same as repeating garbage from CNN isn’t the same as thinking. Think of something original, Liz.

  11. He actually said it out loud. Pence “refused to take votes that he knew were wrong.” That’s an exact quote from Trump. And unlike most exact quotes from Trump, it’s absolutely true.

    1. Exact quote but, it was part of Trump’s word salad. What Trump meant was “Pence refused to do what I ordered him to do”.

    2. Any vote not for Trump is “wrong” as far as he’s concerned. How many more times must it be proved: No fraud, few mistakes.

  12. I think when Glasser says that she interviewed for 3 hours without getting a full sentence, that pretty much sums up Trumps state of mind.

  13. I’m still astonished as to why anyone would ever think Trump would make a good leader of anything, let alone the United States. Insanity.

  14. I’m still struck by him running for presidency in 2024 with the confidence that it’s an option. I’m also struck by the individuals that would still vote for him. As well as those willing to take up arms on his behalf. Trump and Trumpism is responsible for the ongoing attempt of destruction and decay of Democracy in this country.

    1. @Juan Perez “decisively so such that” whoah! Well I didn’t say that it was the only reason but you go ahead and continue to make presumptions. Best of luck to you also.

    2. @Catherine Boyd There is no need for the negative response. Just lay out what you mean; maybe I will learn something from your perspective. Do you truly believe the current economic condition is the result of the two factors you mentioned? If you meant others, but did not mention them, then I apologize to presume but I don’t read minds. I can only go with what you wrote.

  15. “It’s making a point about burden sharing.” We’re all aware of how much of a burden we share by having to deal with Florida and Texas conservatives and all the other red states. We don’t need a reminder.

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