1. Not true. Trump paid Epstein for UNDERAGE girls, as young as 12 years of age. Trump wanted to “purchase their virginity.” All true.

    2. @Bobby Davis Incorrect. I have never posted anything on YouTube that is untrue, unless it was in jest. Trump is a criminal. Criminals go to prison.

    1. You people are so ignorant. He couldn’t have gotten through the school he got through if he was not able to read. Find something less STUPID to complain about.

  1. This book is definitely the MOST attention she has been or will be getting during his presidency.

    1. Exactly because she stays lowkey as much as possible. Poor thing prabably embarrassed by him lol

    1. How would you like to have THEM for “parents”????? OMG….I almost feel sorry for the silent son….almost (:

    2. @Randy Gourdine Someone dreamed that up for her to attempt to SPEAK ENGLISH in the Rose Garden because all First Ladies have a “cause”. Her’s is MONEY…plain and simple!!! Enough said, right?

  2. Everytime Trump wants to hold Melania hand in public. she charge him $10 Millions each time.🤔..😁😂

    1. The silent majority is ready to pounce, once you idiots abolish the police it’s over for you👌🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    2. @Mister Sinister so, you concede that a) Trump’s going to lose, and b) without police, Trump supporters would kill everybody else?

    3. @Schrodinger’s Zombie as far as we’re concerned, you’re all domestic threats to our country and way of life, you say you’re gonna tread, you want to come for our guns? Strip away our rights one by one? Commit treason against the POTUS? You’re digging yourselves deeper becoming more and more dangerous and unhinged, no sympathy from me🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    1. I’m so glad that YOU have a copy of the UNFORGED birth certificate. How about publishing it, since Obama couldn’t?

    2. Defund Congress and The Senate — not familiar with the terms ‘irony’ and ‘self-awareness,’ are you? Also, might wanna take a civics class and fix your screen name—The Senate is 1/2 of our bicameral legislature—aka, “Congress,” Einstein.

  3. Revealing??? …I mean, I’ve seen her pictures 🤷🏻‍♂️ how much more revealing can it get ?

    1. @Thomas Larkin Did the First Lady engage in sex work?? Kinda blows a hole in the right’s claim that she is “classy.”

  4. The media has to stop making this woman a victim, she’s just as calculating as the fat orange old dude and just in it for the money and fame. She’s a grown woman who should know the difference between wrong and right by now.

    1. I’ve never rooted for a gold digger so much in my life. She needs to divorce him quick, and take all she can get before lawsuits and fines take it all.

    2. Yup I absolutely agree with you I do not feel one bit sorry for Melania Trump, she’s just as bad as Donald Buffoon Trump. She’s a piss poor First Lady and I have no interest in this authors stupid book about her. 👎🏽😐 #NotInterested

    1. They’ll be divorced within two years. The problem is their prenuptial agreement. If Melania wants a divorce, then she’ll have to fight like hell to get any money from Trump.

  5. I remember when she announced her cyberbullying incentive and Trump was on Twitter within 24 hours cyberbullying

    1. @S.D.C. Melania was purchased. Give me enough money, and I’ll fly to eastern Europe and come back with a slave for you.

    2. @S.D.C. That’s what I believe. I believe Barron belongs to someone else . I also believe Ivankas children actually belong to daddy and not that girly man she is “married” to. Daddys just DON’T want to DO there own daughters. Melanoma was more than likely one of Putins hookers.

    1. @Tessmage Tessera …Oh I can. You know I can. But what do I get out of it?
      How bout one of them there skyrim jobs ur always braggin about??

    2. Yup and what Trump can’t CLAIM as his OWN from Obama he gets rid of! Like the INFORMATION THAT WAS HANDED TO HIM ABOUT THE VIRUS!

    3. @Walter White Instead of telling us you can prove it… how about actually proving it..? Incidentally, Nancy Reagan almost never made any speeches at all, during the Reagan years. Anyway, still waiting for your proof.

  6. I have no interest in the words from a hired hooker under contract. “I really don’t care”. Sorry.

    1. @JRRnotTolkien I know at least 20-30 people who have died. I guess i’m strangely connected to them as well. Doesn’t mean i killed them. The Clinton bodycount is de-bunked conspiracy theory.

  7. Any woman who would stay married to Trump knowing what a sleeze he is, is a waste of a pair of ovaries.

    1. Says someone from the group with all the ties to pedophile rings, cannibal restaurants and satanic blood-drinking parties. Nothing THERE to be fodder for a blackmailer, right?

    1. Look at Trump… he’ll be lucky if he lives another five years. But he’ll probably leave every penny to the woman he TRULY loves the most: Ivanka.

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