1. I hope we learn from our mistakes…. We must not give in, and continue to support Ukraine to win against this invasion!

    1. @Gwop Getta
      Nobody gives a stuff about whether Ukraine was part of Russia. It is a sovereign country and wants the. Ruskis and psycho Putin gone.

  2. Crimea controls the Sea of Azov and therefore the entire east coast of Ukraine, including many ports used to export grain. In that regard, I cannot see how Ukraine can ever afford to allow it to be in Russian hands. However, for Russians, it is a point of national pride _and_ similar strategic concerns. What to do? The talk about Russians using tactical nukes is now practically moot, as they have done that much damage already. Much of Ukraine is now rubble. Therefore, what the world needs to do is cheer on the Ukrainians while reminding Putin that if Russians nuke the world’s breadbasket, Russians everywhere had better go into permanent hibernation.

    1. ​@harmless I would offer Russia a lease of Crimea if they withdraw from the rest of Ukraine. That is the only concession I would make. Russia can have a long term lease if they leave. Ukraine will join the European union but not NATO and Russia retreat back to it’s border and agree to not fund or arm separatists or we can continue to kill each other for the next decade.

    2. That is how skillful deceiving politicians try to keep power while really being harming innocent people and all need to notice harming politicians by now. They found out they do have to push them all of the way out. The other nations dont want Russia there, they proved with all the innocent people they destroyed all, and all the massive beautiful other nations, other nations cities they totally destroyed. That Russia were harming innocent people and they were really doing more land grabs when they of any they didnt need anymore land. Skillful deceiving harming others they almost all tried to fool the world. Still were doing, after the terrible harming past.

    3. Cheering on the Ukrainians won’t cut it. We need to give them all the weapons they need to defeat Russia. Planes, tanks, drones, artillery, rockets, etc. Everything they need to drive a wedge through Russian-held territory to the Sea of Azov, cutting off Crimea. Then they can cut off the water supply to Crimea. The Russians can’t hold Crimea without water.

    4. Putin is just one person and he will have zero care if he takes Russia & the Russian people down with him.
      What to do ?
      Remove Putin and then Russia & the Russian people can do a reset & stop this insane invasion.
      Ukraine will be rebuilt & the West needs to help with those funds.
      Right now the West needs to give the Ukrainians all the tools needed to remove those invaders.
      Give the Ukrainians the tools needed & they will get the job done, more tools is the 2nd quickest way, the first is the quick removal of just one person to save thousands of others ,.. remove Putin.

  3. That’s why it’s so important that we keep talking about this war. Yes, other things happen in the world but we can’t let them distract us altogether or it could end up being very costly.

    1. @Kyle Kyle Two sides to every coin. Not supporting Ukrainian , will also hurt billions in other nations. If Russia is not stopped, then they will invade another country’s. Would you care if it was yours? Would you cry out for help?

  4. The Russian language was never banned in Ukraine , was and is spoken, including by officilas , like Zelenskyy.
    Based on the fact that many Ukrainains speak Rusaian and on the ethnicity of many in the Eastern part, Putler tried to make territorial claims of another country , similar with South Ossetia, Georgia . He
    leaded a proxy war , using ethnics , in the first 8 years .
    We all live in countries with minorities and our nationals live in other countries and we do not occupy those lands . All of us in the region were forced to learn Russian, but we are not Russians

    1. @hmmcinerney If it were a democracy, people would mostly vote for pro-Russian parties, which were abolished after the coup d’état and were democratically elected, which was confirmed by Western international observers. Now that Ukraine is anti-Russian, no international organization was allowed to interfere in the politics of the fascists. In Ukraine, everyone who is not against Russians is breaking the law and must go to prison for a minimum of 15 years, so everyone will agree with the current policy. Ukrainians are lured with the American dream if they will support the USA and the Ukrainian fascists. If we’re being honest, there can’t be democracy in the USA, because otherwise they wouldn’t be able to assimilate so many nations and anglicize them. Under complete media censorship and propaganda, they can only vote for the one whose elites they support, who have controlled the country for 200 years. Therefore, with expensive schooling, they have further limited access to influence for immigrants and minorities, who are being killed en masse by the high prices of healthcare and childbirth. If a journalist does not follow the propaganda, he loses his annual salary of millions, unlike in communism, the journalist was just transferred to another job where there were no political topics with the same salary. Even in communism, people could criticize the government, as now in the West, because they wanted to show the regime as free, but both in the USA and in communist Yugoslavia, no one worried too much, because they had no chance to influence politics. People in communism were influenced by the economic standard and they wanted to trade economically with the richest countries, which the USA did not allow until they change the political system.

    2. It is not unusual to find many Europeans speak 4 or 5 languages because they live so near to that country too…and share the same watering holes.

    3. @Marjen Demhare Pure Russian propaganda. It’s best seen by the fact that Russian Battalion ceased to exist in 2015 when it was reformed and changed to a regiment. If you do have any war crimes, by all means, provide proof to Hague. Ukraine has been doing it for almost a year now and they are sitting at about 50K allegations.

  5. The whole of the west must support Ukraine. Putin has already shown he wants to control the sea ports, and what crops can/cannot be exported if he gains control – he wants Ukraine so he can bring the west to it’s knees with regard to him controlling all wheats, grains, oils etc.,currently produced by Ukraine. Anybody who doesn’t see that are idiots. If Nato and other countries had been “brave” and given Ukraine heavier backing in the beginning, this could have been nipped in the bud and we wouldn’t be facing such a global crisis of food, heat, etc. Now’s the time for every country to give Ukraine the “big guns” as well as anything else it’ll take to cripple russia permanently now. There is really no other way.

    1. @redred222 Yes, let’s just tell him to go ahead with it, and see what happens. See what our side does under Biden. Remember this is not trump or Obama.

    2. @D Ward It is a threat that Putin will readily use if he sees himself being push to a corner. Does any1 needs to remind us or you of that?

    3. @redred222 I really wish Pootin WOULD go nuclear. We in the West have prepared for that and only Western powers would be left standing if Russian nuclear missiles ever fly. Many of them won’t, based on the preparedness we have seen from his conventional forces, but if they do, that will assure the quick and complete destruction of all Russian military power forever.

    4. @Bryan Russia don’t deserve diplomacy, Russia need to come to the table first and I think nothing short of going back to pre-2014 Ukraine borders is acceptable. Russia started this, they can’t be given any quarter and need to be put back in their place.

    5. He wants to keep the $3trillion worth of resources, from the West especially the Natural gas, reserves.

  6. Whether rich or poor Russians will be shamed for their deadly attack upon their Neighbour Ukraine for many many many decades to come. Ignorance of what was happening to their folks across the fence will be NO excuse.

    1. @King Apri Iraq invaded Kuwait and it was threatening energy markets, the later asked for help and the US came up with a story line to raise support for the war at home. There were some civilian casualties, as there will be in any war, but civilians weren’t targeted on purpose. Completely different things.

    2. @David Gutierrez look into the amount of drone strikes increased under Obama and some of the stats on civilians casualties. That’s u.s tax money goin into that killing machine.

    3. ​@Ragin Cajun Yes. The same reason why you have not mentioned millions (starts with M) of civilians killed by the last 5 US presidents in Middle East in their false flag Weapons of Mass Destruction wars?

    4. @bflmpsvz
      How how cute….. you deflected. That’s a common trait among people who have been brainwashed. Was my question difficult? You don’t have any problem with Putin killing Russians in Grozny but have a problem with the American government killing non Americans. 👌 You are broken beyond repair Comrade. Enjoy Ukraine ☠️💀☠️💀

  7. I’m Czech, I’ve talked to Russian speaking refugees from Ukraine, I don’t like Russia since my childhood as I grew up under their sphere of influence (occupation), I’ve had many questions about the war, them speaking Russian made me suspicious, hmm, maybe I’m biased, so let them speak….They all believe in Ukrainian win, the best summary gave me Polina, Russian speaking refugee from Kharkiv, she said “I speak Russian but I am a proud Ukrainian, this Putin’s need of protection of Russian speaking population is a complete BS, he is waging a criminal war against our nation, Zelensky and Ukrainian soldiers are our heroes and only outcome of this war will be Ukrainian victory”…. what can I say to that? … Sláva Ukrajině! 🇺🇦

    1. @User User Of course they are. But if they talk between them in Russian, that means that their mother tongue is Russian, and they still fight Russia.

    2. @Jordan I think I wrote everything clearly. If you cannot read English, it’s your problem.
      The Czech OP understood everything quite well and we had a rather amicable conversation respecting each other’s opinions.

    3. As a Russian speaking Ukrainian myself, I can tell you she’s 100% right. Putin is out of his mind, Ukraine will win no matter what! The fact that she is from Kharkiv (on the border of russia) and me from Zaporizhzhya (next to Donbass), we all basically speak russian because we’re close to russia, but we never had any problem with the language, any language, until putin started war on us in 2014 and a full war in 2022. It is so bizarre to hear about hear about oppression of russian language in Ukraine when you know everybody speaks it and I literally know nobody who had a problem with Ukrainian or russian language in my country, putin creates problem out of nowhere, it’s like saying that English speaking people are oppressed in Ireland

  8. Just my opinion, the west has not lost interest in the war and their support for Ukraine has not waned. This is especially true in Europe. Russia completely underestimated the western response.

    1. @mel rankin yes, diplomacy with Russia is what AOC and the progressive left caucus is demanding of Ukraine. And I tend to agree with them.

    2. West never lose the interest on war! Tjats the problem of the whole world! And world is suffering from war either it may be Iraq or Syria or Yemen or Yugoslovia or Ukraine or anywhere. Wherever the war is, there is the involvement of west….
      Its not fair that every nation around the world must follow the the west rules… We need competitive and peaceful world.

    3. @Kyle Kyle 😂 try Fox News troll. They’re easier to manipulate than others. It’s not a waste of money because Russia is weaker and weaker everyday 👍

    1. @Bryan you would negotiate for the country you love with someone who has stated unequivocally that your country does not deserve to exist? What’s there to negotiate with such a person? Would you naively expect Putin to stand by any agreements?
      Putin is not the person to negotiate with… perhaps his successor. Zelensky does well to press hard against Putin.. it’s the only language he understands and respects.

  9. There were plenty of Ukrainians sympathetic to Russia all over the country. That changed dramatically on 24th February when almost all identified as Ukrainian. The problem with the Donbas and Crimea is that they have been cut off for 8 years and subjected to Russian propaganda all that time. Nevertheless, I think there are good reasons for Kiev to suspect that sentiment has changed to some extent in these regions too – a gradual change in Crimea as their tourist industry sank and they found themselves living in a military base – what one man called a kind of police state – and a more immediate one in the Donbas as the war started and their men were mobilised and sent to the front without training. Russia doesn’t care about people. To Putin they are tools.

    1. @Soul in the Machine Russia & China are not only fascist now, they were fascist before the word was invented. Tibet & Ukraine have been raped over & over by their obscene oppressors but they have NEVER given up & they never will. To HELL with Russia & China.

    2. @Lorraine Clark True. Russia and China were fascist even before Mussolini invented the word 100 years ago. They always used common people like cannon fodder and slaves. It didn’t start with the Soviet Union or the 1949 Revolution or in 1991. It was so 500 years ago too.

  10. For anyone that wants to criticize Zelensky and follow Russian talking points. He stayed in Kyiv at the start of the war when there was a very real possibility that he would be captured and executed on television. From the first days he provided a model of bravery and f-k you – alongside many other acts of resilience and resistance from the Ukrainian people – that set the tone for this whole war.

    1. @Such Is Life I think the same when I see how Trump supporters worship their orange egomaniac, how much more can you simp for him!

    2. Sometimes things just seem too heroic to believe. I think zelenski and Ukrainian people are heroes. True heroes, those we learnt from books and movies – 300 Spartans

    3. Z is surrounded by CIA/SOG goons 24/7.
      Further more… how do you know were Z is speaking from ?
      Russia sucks , Ukraine sucks & NATO sucks …
      WW3 conventional warfare is the great reset .
      China is deep trouble & it’s people are revolting…
      Russian’s don’t want war !
      America could whomp them both & issue in the Western magic system upon the world .
      Man is evil by nature or nature is evil .

    4. more likely he would and still could be executed by Right Sektor, which threatened to lynch him when he talked of implementing Minsk 2 – remember he campaigned on a platform to bring peace – one of his negotiators who worked on the now-rejected Istanbul peace accords was executed by extreme right operatives in SBU – summary execution without a trial, just accused of espionage – anyone accused of being a Russian sympathizer or collaborator meets the same fate

  11. I lived in Kyiv from October 2013 to February 24th, 2022 before walking into Poland in the 27th after a rather arduous journey through three cities (Kyiv, Rivne, Lviv) that were being bombed. Seeing the video at 1:41, which is of a car-jammed Prospekt Peremohy (I believe the author of the video may have been standing on the bridge at Shuliavska facing towards Politek Institute) still makes the hair on my neck stand up. I walked the length of Shuliavksa Metro (the metro was closed for use of the soldiers from Shuliavska onwards at this time) to Zhytomyrska Metro station where I met a former student of mine caught in this massive clog of humanity fleeing the city. We spent all night driving 120 km to the village of Sokoliv in Zhytomyr Oblast. At the time, it was the most surreal day of my life. I feel a peculiar mix of exhiliration and noxiousness when I think about it.

    1. @специальная само-унизительная операция why dont u defend ur country? zelensky ordered that no men above 18 shall leave ukraine, its a treason

    2. @jack kozlowski He said all Ukranian men 18-60 couldn’t leave, he had no control over those of other nations, so why would an American or Canadian stay and play in this mess.

  12. No to the West asking Ukraine to stand down at any point. We need to back Ukraine all the way until it has recovered all its territory. As the author said , putin thinks the past will be like the future, in other words it is because of our half-hearted ambiguous reactions to his belligerence in the past, that we currently face the biggest upheaval in international relations since WW2. I hope we act with determination, bravery and fortitude built on the foundations of ethical principles because anything else such as mere self interest will be shameful.

    1. I agree on your overall attitude regarding this war, but I’m not sure if there’s much to win or let’s better say if the sacrifices and risks that have to be made to win Crimea back (if that is even possible), are worth it.
      I have to say I’m not that well informed about all aspects, but I assume there’s not much or not even anyone left in Crimea who is standing to the Ukraine, and as far as I know Crimea is a military stronghold of Russia, isn’t easy to attack and by that could cost a lot of lives on the Ukrainian side. And Crimea is something very very important for Putin, the reaction, I’m convinced, would be over the top.
      I don’t think anymore that Putin would be so dumb and extend this war again or even attack other countries now, it cost him too much and there’s nothing to win for anybody in his regime, the Ukranian army fought him back like he would’ve never imagined. I know it wouldn’t be the perfect outcome, not what Putin would deserve, but it would be a realistic one in my eyes if Crimea would stay as it is now (of course not recognized by other countrys as part of Russia).
      I hope I don’t offend anyone on that, that’s just my stoic view on this, but I admit I’m no expert and could be wrong on that.

    2. That is how skillful deceiving politicians try to keep power while really being harming innocent people and all need to notice harming politicians by now. They found out they do have to push them all of the way out. The other nations dont want Russia there, they proved with all the innocent people they destroyed all, and all the massive beautiful other nations, other nations cities they totally destroyed. That Russia were harming innocent people and they were really doing more land grabs when they of any they didnt need anymore land. Skillful deceiving harming others they almost all tried to fool the world. Still were doing, after the terrible harming past.

    3. @C K Lee
      I agree. Putin thinks the West will get sick of supporting Ukraine. No this time. The West have had enough of the antics of little psycho Vlad.

    4. @VinylRichie Jr. Freeing Crimea is the easiest actually. Ukraine just needs to keep attacking the equipment and bases there with himars and drones. Russia is cool with losing soldiers, but not those. The first attacks made them send back their bombers to Russia. Hence, they lost Kherson. We also learned russians including government officials are fearful of being under attack. So many left! Apparently, kremlin will have to leave crimea if russians decide its not safe for them.

    1. They want to keep their skins. Putin has a lot of loyalists around him who would kill anyone who tried to take Putin out. AND, most importantly, the fear is baked in. They’re so used to it that they’re even terrified of even trying. Just like the ordinary Russian population – too afraid to speak out and even too afraid to think for themselves, let alone do anything about it.

    2. That is how skillful deceiving politicians try to keep power while really being harming innocent people and all need to notice harming politicians by now. They found out they do have to push them all of the way out. The other nations dont want Russia there, they proved with all the innocent people they destroyed all, and all the massive beautiful other nations, other nations cities they totally destroyed. That Russia were harming innocent people and they were really doing more land grabs when they of any they didnt need anymore land. Skillful deceiving harming others they almost all tried to fool the world. Still were doing, after the terrible harming past.

    3. In terms of foreign policy, Putin is considered a moderate within the Kremlin circles. There are worse people that could occupy his seat. But it’s true, as long as the army follows his orders, he will remain in power. Able bodied men of fighting age would rather flee the country than stage a nation-wide revolution and have him removed by force.

    4. Because Putin has spent the last 20 years purging anyone who demonstrated a shred of the courage needed to do so. The only people left are craven yes men.

    1. @Podpis’ Nerazborchiva Thank you, and I honestly feel sympathy for you having to live under such a government.

  13. I live in the United States and it is my sincere desire to see our country stand with Ukraine until the end of this War, whenever that may be. If putin and russia are allowed to continue the whole World will be at risk, they must be stopped here and now. Just my opinion, my fondest desire as well.

    1. @ThomThom Maybe China and NK. No war is a good war. But it’s sure a shame that Ukrainians have to suffer like this. And all the other war-like crap happening like in Ethiopia, etc.

    2. @s buckle What perfect BULL. Russia has been trying to obliterate the Ukranian identiy since the 9th century. The US has NOTHING to do with this. Do you get PAID to pimp for Putin?

    3. @Buck Benelli Well, what would you expect? Once a Traitor — Always A Traitor. We need to hammer the hell out of them when they start pulling their sh*t in the next Session of Congress. I’d go so far as to start ‘cold-calling’ voters in their Election Districts to ask them what they think about the stuff their Congressman’s doing to help Putin hurt Ukraine, etc. Ask them if they’re comfortable being responsible for all those Ukrainian children being killed by Putin.

  14. I’m sure Moscow is shielded from the consequences of the war, completely deliberately and at the expense of the rest of the country. If Moscow lost power or gas, I wonder what they’d do.

    1. Personally, I would hope Russian saboteurs or Ukrainian special forces will blow up some of Russia’s pipelines and make sure Russian cities don’t have fuel or the ability to export it.

  15. My Uncle was Ukrainian. Fought in WW2 in Russian army, POW under Germans. He had to escape Russia after war as he was being seen as a German collaborator. He was a Dr and ran the POW hospital , helped soldiers escape…tortured by Germans but still seen as a collaborator

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