1. anyone pointing out the statement about the oil…. if you think your fighting for freedom over there your lost

    1. @Thumbs Up The cheney’s, the bush’s and their cohorts all got fabulously rich from the Iraq war, in case you are wondering what all those “no bid” ” contracts were about.

    2. @ Ihateliber alswithapassion …
      “We did leave soldiers (in Syria) because we’re keeping the oil. I like oil, we’re keeping the oil.”
      – Donald Trump statement to journalists outside White House (2nd November 2019)

    1. @Matthew Talks Nonsense Please show me ONE STORY where CNN has lied on purpose…just ONE….BTW, I do not rely on one source of info……….LIKE FAUX VIEWERS……..still waiting, while I’m waiting you can read ABOUT THE LIES FOX HAS SPREAD



    2. Low IQ reality TV has made it to the White House. The author of Amusing Ourselves to Death would have had a field day with this.

    3. What I find obnoxious, is that Trump staged his escalator announcement to make Apprentice producers rethink changing the air day and causing “his show” to lose ratings. Then he had to go and talk, call Mexicans rapists and murderers and he was replaced by Arnold.

    4. @Vegan Virtues Got news idiot….HE ALREADY HAS BEEN……….the senate trial is for removal from office ……….I will give trump the benefit of getting the dumbest of america to vote for him

    1. @Anthony D. – LOL have you seen that 100 miles of fence yourself? And you actually sound sarcastic, as 100 miles in 3 years would see the full lenght of the wall finished already before the year 2575. Hm… don’t remember Zager and Evans mentioning that.
      Gullible little lemming.

  2. Just a sign of bipolar craziness, sweeping across America inform of 62 million Americans claiming Donald Trump as the most intelligent president , in the history of America LOL what fools believe Go pass what the mind can achieve.

    1. @Joe Garcia everyone on here loves Hilary Clinton, Joe Biden, Obama, Bushs.. and they’re calling me stupid for supporting Trump. I don’t support 100% of his policies but I do most. Somehow they think I’m like them where they say blindly trust someone like Killary and not question them once. I just want Holly wood and top DCers to go to prison where they belong. People on here literally calling me stupid for wanting to drain the swamp. I’m the idiot?? They watch CNN a Disney owned station and make fun of the fact that I follow a military intelligence that has opened the Pandora’s box of evil the upper echalonts in Hollyweird and DC have been doing. These Dems also don’t question that child rings are rampant in America from these very people. But they don’t care they’d rather see one guy who’s exposing their ritualistic ways to go down for that very reason. Also do any of these people know that it was Biden and Obama that laundered money from Ukraine NOT TRUMP. Facts like hurt their feelings so much that all they can do is call me names. That’s how smart they are.

    2. Spewing Rainbows haha “q anon” was started on 4 chan as a deep troll to show how gullible trumpers are and you people still don’t understand you’re being trolled.

    1. @Anthony D. You write just like your sleazy low life greedy orange cult leader. You both can’t get out of the gutter.

    2. Voters like Trump precisely because he is an ignorant blowhard. Knowing nothing and pontificating on it is the American way.

  3. The culmination of the republicans war on intelligence and critical thinking has given us trump. And this ironic book title.

    1. Ivanka speads for Quincy Jones – a straight forward James Bond line of questioning.

      Look, old chum(p),

      Since Trump’s escalator ride on 16 June 2015, the media has been torrent of independent shitstorms and endless attacks allegations launched at Trump and his family.

    2. Hildebeast Clinton
      And Biden did that with the approval of the White House, the Congress, the Senate and the State Department.
      While Trump did it in secret, illegally and using a back channel employing Russian mobsters …
      You’re a Clown.

    3. Hildebeast Clinton was that video meant to show something? That low resolution clip of an old man yammering on about nothing was supposed to be compelling? Why don’t you go ahead and disprove the intelligence agencies all saying Russia meddled in the election. I’ll wait

  4. It shows why Vladimir owns trump like a child’s gerbil. He must be amazed at how easy it was to buy America.

    1. @Ronald Richards lol stay ignorant my friend. That one has been debunked years ago, yawn

    2. @TheSexygroove: Number one in what? We already had the biggest economy. Healthcare? No. Education? No. Well, at least now we get laughed at by other world leaders.

    1. @Margaret Nicol He is famous because he supposedly manifested a demon into this plane aka alien grey (his story not mine) raping and murdering a child. It’s all witch craft and yes Satanists do the same crap. This happens in Hollywood. Have you had a family member killed from the Illuminati? I have. You just know the bullshit CNN feeds you. And yes Anderson Cooper is a Satanist ! He’s also on Epstein logs . He’s gay most likely from all the men who raped him as a child in the mkultra CIA program he was forced into as a child by his satanic yes this is a FACT satanic mother!

    2. @Margaret Nicol you’ve never had any family members killed in Hollywood have you? I have. You know nothing of my intelligence. Prove me wrong on anything. See this is the problem with Dems is they’d rather fight than fact check. They just can’t admit that they don’t know what’s actually going on in Hollywood. I do.i want the swamp drained. Do you know who Isaac Kappy is. If you dare you’ll check him out. He was murdered by Hollywood to release truth to you sheep. You just follow the very Satanists who control you. If you hate Jesus Christ who believe what you will he showed us compassion, love, kindness, oh ya here’s a big one.. to not hurt children!!! Big significance there. Of course Hollywood and CNN hate Jesus with a passion! It’s no coincidence but you keep following these evil witches and high priestesses. They control you. Jesus gives you a choice. That’s the difference between good and evil. Also God is my judge not some troll who worships CNN.

    3. @Timothy Allen that’s interesting you say that. A scientist from the 1800s said there are only 2 energies in this world. Positive and negative. Positive he said was connected to creation and divinity whilst negative energy was and I quote him “satanic” he associated this energy with explosions, human experiments etc. Those that own us don’t want us connected to anything of the light so they make us hate the light. It’s sick! Dems on here follow evil people happily. I don’t think Trump’s a saint I just think he’s better than the last 4 presidents. Whom are all part of a either satanic PRIESTHOOD or witches coven. Just listen to any of the bush families speeches. Sick child raping and sacrificing family. They were rhinos too. Dems in republicans clothing. It disgusts me.

  5. Just the staement “get the oil” is so degrading to those who OWN those resources. No wonder the ME hates America

    1. @Margaret Nicol yes sure why not… Nobody is forced to join the military.. if they were smart enough to learn about whats going on and feel like we’re just a personal mercenary group then they shouldn’t join… otherwise you’re signing up for whatever 🤷🏻‍♂️

    2. snapdragonfly66 But he said it in public, I’ve seen him say this at his rallies, about our foolishness in not taking over Iran’s or Iraq’s oil!

    3. @hunter gatherer Maybe they didn’t expect to be sold to Saudi Arabia. Maybe they thought they were protecting Americans.

  6. America is shocked… shocked! to hear that they elected a malignant Narcissist, a monomaniacal, egocentric, illiterate, delusional moron who has acted exactly this way in public all his life.

    1. @ilerad i – I couldn’t care less, Donald Trump is your problem not mine. And he is destroying your country not mine. I hope you enjoy that for at least four more years.

    2. @SgtHavocUSMC – Wow! Aren’t you smart? No wonder you worship and follow an illiterate orange moron.

  7. People of limited intelligence always lash out at others. It makes them feel powerful to belittle superior people.

    1. @Ivanka speads for Quincy Jones everyone from the media attacks him becuase hes draining the swamp. I wonder how you’d take so much ridicule based on others lies. CNN tried to destroy a kids reputation for wearing a maga hat and standing his ground nothing more. I mean really they prey on kids. Oh yeah it’s Hollywood. They tell our kids to hate what God made them in this world. You still like the media now? It’s all connected. They own you!

    2. Trump knows more about everything than anybody, believe me. Trump is saving us all from windmill cancer and walling up the entire Rio Grande river which Mexico is paying for.

  8. Fox and the Republican Party are gaslighting America. Their complicity in protecting this criminal is stomach-turning.

    1. You deadass took this phrase from somebody who probably used it against you because you did not use it correctly. That or you saw it used, looked it up but ignored the last part of the definition because the first part supported your statement and now here we are.

    2. Actually a lot of conservatives take Disney’s FOX news with a grain of salt. Most of us awoken never watch main stream media unless say a presidential speech(since CNN cuts it to fit their narrative) not to mention fox news is owned by Dems all the main networks are. We most republicans already know this. Fox news and CNN are owned by Disney. Walt Disney was a pedo who ritually killed kids dressed in teddy bears costumes on bohemian grove. I follow this guy who’s a trump supporter who became known outing Bill O Reilly. We awoken republicans hate evil republicans why can’t you Dems hate the evil Dems? We are into truth aren’t you Dems a little into truth or does a sinful nature just feel too good?

  9. REMEMBER that the Continental Army “took over the airports” from the British during the American Revolutionary War in the 1770s

    1. The universe is six thousand years old and you can put two of every animal that has ever existed on a wooden boat.

    2. @Timothy Allen actually we don’t know how old this Earth is. We have theories. Also I think the story of Noah had more to do with the fact that his blood line wasn’t contaminated. I don’t know if he saved some animals but the arc was found. So you can’t deny all the stories in the bible. It’s history really. 700 years of rewriting it and ya things get misconstrued by it but it doesn’t mean everything in the Bible Is bull. As a petrologist a lot in the Bible, Bagavad gita and Vedic texts can be fact checked with actual places, artifacts,scrolls, petroglyphs, hyroglyphs and cuniform texts. It’s not all balderdash.

    3. God I feel Soo much angrier, less intelligent and wanting to punch things after trying to red pill you demoncrats. I am definitely part of the good party for sho! Well have fun destroying America guys!!!

    4. @Spewing Rainbows What does this have to do with your leader thinking there was airplanes in 1770’s? I am sorry, don’t care how good you think he is in comparison to to others in the past (many who are not in office anymore I will add), fact is he is grossly ignorant, not a good trait of a real leader. America has these homeless and wealth inequality issues due to big corporations and corruption that favors the rich over the poor. Trump actually helped these groups, helped the wealth inequality and attributed to homelessness. Remember Trump is president of the US, Pelosi’s district is part of the US, but Trump is responsible for all of it. There is homelessness every where in US. But of course you don’t understand or assimilate these truths because you too are clearly misinformed and ignorant.

  10. If any general in that room was worth anything would have responded “of course you wouldn’t go to war with us, your bone spurs have ensured that outcome.”

    1. That’s why he gets away with it. Everyone, like in the room, starts off by giving him some benefit of the doubt, in some cases even, they are misled into believing that he must somehow know what he’s talking about. It happens a few times and they realise they can’t or are embarrassed to say what happened – it’s the MO of his entire life where anyone coming up against him either loses in a failed attempt to beat him, a costly exercise, or they just walk away and say nothing. He is dangerously uninformed …. about virtually everything. This can’t be allowed to go on. He has to be brought to book. No doubt, there’s a mountain of evidence against him – as well as the embarrassing anecdotes which will continue to surface for years to come – Republicans have to know that .. they’ll be forever connected with the most ignorant, inept but not inconsequential president ever. How he’s dealt with now will have a major bearing on just what these consequences turn out to be.

    2. unfortunately the generals have class ,unlike TRUMP .these generals are experts on world situations and going to war , TRUMP only knows how to avoid going to fight in a war . TRUMP is a known coward , the generals are not and have fought in their share of wars on the front lines , not the oval office behind a desk tweeting . generals also think about the consequences of war , TRUMP did not , and now 176 people that were on a jet are dead . yeh TRUMP IS NOT SMARTER THAN THE GENERALS , IN FACT , SMARTNESS IS NOT SOMETHING IN THE TRUMP GENES , BUT CRIMINALITY IS .

    3. @doug wristen – Totally agree – so what’s with the GOP ? – like I’ve said earlier they seem comfortable with the thought that they can contain him and the consequences of his actions, either to benefit themselves or to simply avoid embarrassment – or is it a combination of both ?
      Either way, they’ll be unable to prevent continual leaks in the very near future, while they’re still in office, or after they’ve left politics – his misdeeds will remain with them and never leave them – They are unable to control his excesses – to do nothing implicates them – that’s what they have to be aware of. If they do make a stand, it doesn’t make them any better than we think they already are .. but it’s the only way they have of disassociating themselves from the consequences of doing nothing – it’s that serious !

  11. “I’ve got that” repeatedly becomes bankruptcy and failure, because he NEVER “gets” it, he just bluffs and boasts. “The Great Faker” is destroying America.

    1. Speaking of bankruptcy…
      Never understood how these hard conservatives reconcile arguing that liberals seem to want to absolve themselves of responsibility for their actions while they themselves request that their failed business ventures be absolved.

    2. @John Swanger It’s called dishonesty. Conservatives think that everyone is a liar, that lying is normal and nothing is real or true and everyone chooses which lies will benefit them best or not.

  12. “I met him, I got it and I know more than you do now.” That’s not management style folks; it’s a symptom of Malignant Narcissism.

    1. Bingo.
      This is the real problem and cannot comprehend why this country’s leaders are not addressing it.

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