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So tonight the new talk show,”Voice of the Patriots” was on.

Who tell me call Brian and put the question to Bro Artherly Robin?

 I called Robin and asked him if picking a fight with the Diaspora Dominicans overseas is the way to go? Should we disenfranchise overseas Dominicans by attempting to keep them away from participating in the electoral process, if that is not taboo? who tell me ask dat. all hell break loose. Brian start to give me a Jhay maypwis. I warned Ron green in a talk show before elections do not go down dat road. make friends with Dominikanz overseas. he din listen to me. he lose 4000 votes down from 16000 once a force to reckon with. No wonder Peter wickam had to come an say UWP weak. yu cannot try to keep overseas Dominikanz from voting u heading into a war zone. dat is why UWP lose beeg f…eeeing time. so keep on keeping on making war with overseas Dominikanz see wer it will get UWP.

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