'Authoritarianism Is Having A Moment’: Belarus Serves As A Warning To U.S. 1

‘Authoritarianism Is Having A Moment’: Belarus Serves As A Warning To U.S.


Rachel Maddow looks at failing democracies in Samoa and Belarus against the backdrop of Republicans in the United States rejecting election outcomes and democratic norms. 
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  1. Friendly reminder that the Stable Genius’ presidency started with the pee tape and that was the HIGH point.

    1. @Colin Connelly fyi…@open borders dementia Joe is a 3 week old TROLL ACCT…report it as such

  2. They need to start taking all to court sue for liable for accurate information. Put up or shut up.

    1. You lost the election fair and square. Diaper Don is an inept and bungling fool. His only skill is as a con-artist.
      Making Americans Gullible Altright. Bunkerboy is a traitor. And if you support him so are you.

    2. @Stefan Schleps Catherine didn’t run in the election, and neither did you. She didn’t loose, and you didn’t win.

      Also I am pretty sure Catherine is talking about sueing all the republicans pushing the BIG LIE.

  3. The confederacy refused to concede once. Guess we’re gonna have to make that happen this time by force because we didn’t do a good enough job there.

    1. @Ethan Pond The shooting stopped, but the war never ended. Why not let them go this time? She’s just not that into us and Pepe Le Pew-ing her isn’t working.

  4. There was also Belarus/Russian KGB on passenger jet that called in a fake bomb threat to give excuse to Belarus government to have the passenger jet forced to land in Belarus.

  5. In the United States, they whine about a face mask. This 26 year old is facing death for telling the truth and fighting for his country. He is the true meaning of patriot.

    1. @C&B Jones uses same canned response to everyone he disagrees with due to his inability to form an intelligent rebuttal. Typical leftist reply guy.

    2. @bearly traincot yep, @bryan is either a troll acct or a total dipsh*t…one both! ** likely BOTH!

  6. So 1/4 of all voters are unAmerican treasonists. As such, their voter rights should be suspended until such time they return to reality and supporting the US democratic system.
    (Which probably means suspended for life).

    1. “It’s not what you don’t know that gets you in trouble, it’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so”
      -Mark Twain

      Republicans are so certain they are blinded by their own “patriotism”

    2. That’s strong up a lie that they want you to believe. In reality it’s only 15% of the population who supports the cult.

    3. @bLoWc16 there has to be a certain percentage of people that say they support Trump simply because they’re afraid of his unstable base.

  7. Imagine if Biden was black….then 99% of Republicans would look at Biden as illegitimate. See exhibit A through Z: Barack Obama.

    1. This is precisely what the GOP is doing to the Midterms. Not just suppressing votes, protests and even education. But, tossing countless votes and organising intimidation and violence at the polling stations. Of the GOP are not CRUSHED at the Midterms, that is America’s future . . . I wish I was exaggerating . . .

    2. @Bryan so today any mention of a minority group is consider identity politics. Funny no one calls it that when white Christians voters are acknowledge or when Gun rights voters are also mention…or pro life voters

  8. so the actual president who won the election in Belarus is in exile and living in in the neighboring country lithuania.
    i hope she gets to run as president in her natural country instead of being in exile.

    1. Not with weak comments like this. Hope is not enough. This young man is giving up his life basically to show how much he loves his country and people. That’s more than hope, that’s courageous.

    2. @A. Barker which young man are you referring to?

      And what kind of comments do you think will make a difference? I am genuinely curious if you actually have one, or if you are just looking to be confrontational.

    3. @Essex121514 Roman Protasevich’s arrest. Too bring down a plane of people with a fighter jet back to the furthest point instead of the nearest airport is a political kidnapping. He was traveling from E.U. to EU. But flew of Belarus air space. That is how detailed Putin’s thugs are.

    4. @Essex121514 the message like him and others are spreading.
      In Nicaragua, Somoza built a road up to the active volcano, Masaya. he said. “for the people to view it’s awesome spectacle”. What he was Really doing was creating a place to vaporize anybody that opposed him without a spec of evidence left behind. Im sure every dictator wishes the had one at their disposal.

    1. Hubris Syndrome 101.. unchecked power and lack of accountability detaches people from reality and their humanity

    1. @Gerry “Castleman” Warde I’m absolutely puzzled that they allow this scam audit in Arizina and other red states or red counties will obviously follow. I mean, why have elections, if the ‘loser’ doesn’t accept his loss and instead gets some partisan hack on board to employ a partisan hack company to recount the already three bipartisan recounts, let the hacks get the hands on your data the voting machines!

    2. Every generation has to stand up and do their part. Participating in politics and avoid being corrupted by vested special interests. Good luck.

    3. @Bryan Pulling a Trump. Repeat it enough times and you’ll believe the Big Lie. It’s still a lie.

  9. The fact that Belarus is the type of country that Trumpists apparently want to live in is terrifying

    1. It could still happen. The Trump locals will stop at nothing. No lie is to big to ensure the return of their suppreme to power happens.

    2. Don’t forget. Hitlers first attempts failed also. He spent 5 years in jail before actually gaining power. Anything can happen. The safe guards that stopped Trump doing it last election have already been removed.

    3. Dictatorship of the Bourgeoisie has been around since before the birth of the Republic. What Trump would represent is a fascist coup of that longstanding bourgeois dictatorship.

  10. Putin provided Russian military to help Lukashenko stay in power after the last election when he was clearly voted out.

    1. @Gerry “Castleman” Warde don’t believe that there many on the left that are that are armed the right only pretends to be the crazy ones. Just saying i live in Texas everyone has guns left right and center.

    2. @Luis Gonzalez trumplicans are like zombies they try to bite you thinking they can make you think or believe what even fantasy world their master trump built for them and trying to talk to them you can’t there to brainwashed even if they put trump in jail show the facts the hard facts they were taught fake news ,witch hunt ,or just insult and point fingers its sad one man did this to millions

    3. @edwin nieves brother, I stayed away from the voting stations in 2016. Since the 1980s my opinion about Trump has been a negative one. I have never liked the dumb SOB.

  11. I hope someone can help that young man. He sounds like a heroic person. My heart breaks for him. A good person doing good.

    1. You can help that young man. Write a letter or two, snail mail( they can ignore Email) to your representative and demand Congress take action along with the EU to protect him and demand his release. Or we go to war!
      (They hijacked an international airline flight. Thats the definition of terrorism.) Godspeed.

  12. The people of Belarus reject tyranny and risk their lives to tear down a dictator. In America the people embrace tyranny and risk their lives to restore a deposed dictator.

    1. It’s called resilience. It’s what keeps our democracy alive. If there was, beyond a shadow of a doubt, an imminent threat to our democracy (Trump was more of a clown than an authoritarian), then we the people would rise to handle it. That time hasn’t come, yet. So don’t mess with the bull. You’ll get the horns.

    2. @Dizzy Duke I disagree. trump represents a real threat to our democracy. He poisoned the DOJ to protect his friends and go after his enemies. He stacked the courts hoping that judges would overturn the election. He damaged the post office hoping to prevent mail-in ballots from being counted. And even as he did all of this the “patriots” who swear to be defenders of democracy cheered and passed laws to prevent the other side from voting. The only thing that saved us was trump’s incompetence and the fact that he made no effort to hide his corruption.

    3. @Dizzy Duke yeah what did “he’s a just clown” messaging did for y’all in 2016 hmm? He’s a threat. If not himself then by the system and bootlickers that enabled him.

  13. They don’t even, “believe,” what they claim to believe. They are Fascists, using entitlement and racist myths to galvanise a herd of fascist sheep into thinking they’re wolves.

  14. Would ya just look at all those tourists at the Capitol. So calmly opening the doors, and windows, and offices and…..

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