Authorities to use Fake Guns to Catch Criminals Under Firearms Law | TVJ News – July 27 2022

Authorities to use Fake Guns to Catch Criminals Under Firearms Law | TVJ News - July 27 2022 1


  1. This is just like a joke, so why tell all of Jamaica about this, what do you think you all doing when dem bad boys hear this, dem laughing at u all. I pray the law is not only passed but that it be enforced.

    1. That was I just taught to myself. Why are they publishing this information. That doesn’t make no scence R they sending messages to the Criminals who r bringing these weapons. ?????

  2. But if you’ll ave such a brilliant idea why would tell us you’ll are f*** ing crazy as hell 😢😅😅

  3. Smh.. these people really don’t have any sense. With a move like that why telling the people them of the bad man them gonna be smart about this

  4. If someone is known to be a bad man or have a reputation as such then yes 15 years but if not then no. People need to know that there’s people in the society have guns 🔫 because of the area they live and to protect themselves from badm men with guns too

  5. No ppl remember Sir P told us that once any law in any country is making any change..they have to go public..he did state that in one of his videos…so that’s y they go public…it like a must

    1. Well… in that case… we will never be able to outsmart the criminals. No wonder we have a growing problem with no end in sight. Another case where our laws do not support methods to effectively apprehend criminals. SMH

    2. @john roomes naaa mbr is a new thing in place Fi years so dm will no mbr it exist ..or dm get it from Haiti

  6. People in ja really vote for jlp party.
    O my god!!!!i want to know if those people in party can read or what?

  7. Its like giving the criminals heads up that’s why criminals are always a step ahead all the time

  8. These officials put out that as public information for the criminals and them lawyers to think of strategies to plot there escape

  9. This makes it easier for the politicians to keep their shipments safe and get them hand delivered. Smart move minister.

  10. Just a query. Did the American government good public with the information about the plan for “Bait Car” before it’s inception?

  11. So why are they publicly announcing this, as what should really have been a covert strategy by the authorities. Now the criminals are aware – forewarned and will not be caught.

  12. Thanks for the heads up so considering that u normally hold on pon dem n call media without any arrest this will be easy to spot lol 😆

  13. This is foolishness, Every strategy by the government is made public so that the criminals can find a way to go around them

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