Autism Acceptance Month: Watts Urges Vaccinations So Kids With Disabilities Can Return To School


  1. I expected to comment section to be filled with people claiming that vaccines cause autism, did not expect to be the first one commenting at all :/

    1. I agree, it is upsetting that THERE ARE ONLY 26 COMMENTS RIGHT NOW because the subject of AUTISM IS SO IMPORTANT!

  2. my 13 yr old autistic grandson just loves school and being around other kids like him. Hope he can return to school in the fall

  3. If the NFL player who went on a killing spree yesterday was white and killed a black family it would be today’s top story

    1. Who?
      And isn’t this the part in the conversation where maga idiots say, “what about the other 39 murders that happened today and every day” when a mass shooting happens?
      And why is the fact he played in the NFL relevant? Maybe we should start mentioning which church every mass shooter was a part of. That seems just as relevant as what job the person held.
      Feel free to answer, numb nut, or just dodge the question and post something equally stupid. 😅😂🤣

  4. As one who is autistic adult, and struggle to live in this world, for so very many reasons, I thank you for your words, and your truth. Routine is the only way I can survive day to day, even as an adult. We are all one, and this pandemic is just another reminder of this. What you do, or don’t do for and to your fellow man has a direct impact on all. This one is vacinated, for us all! Because I love all mankind, and ask daily for God to bless the entire world, no exceptions!

  5. Cdc has already said it’s safe for children to return to school. So why are teachers Unions and democrat governors denying science and cdc’s guidelines

    1. Teachers don’t want to go back because the majority of school districts in America don’t have funding for PPE Noor to hire extra Janitorial services and people to monitor social distancing in the schools.

    2. “Its safe for children” but the teachers, aides, janitors, school nurse, administrative staff, and the parents of those kids? Seems you’re ignoring logic, which is a prerequisite for understanding science…

    3. @E E your making ridiculous propaganda networks excuses.
      Like a true puppet.
      And denying science

    4. @E E I bet everyone of those people you mentioned. Go to the store. Go to where ever.
      But now all of sudden they can’t got to work.
      If they aren’t adults enough to know how to protect themselves. Then they shouldn’t be teachers

  6. Me and my husband have Autisim this pandemic is killing us with depression and anxiety

    1. Me too! I’m an autistic teacher and have no idea what to say to you in support, because I’m depressed too, and unproductive! I don’t have the solution, but please be strong!!

  7. I am autistic, but on the light side. But it does effect how long I can wear a mask… but I do, for those around me, as long as I can. Then I go outdoors a bit to take it off a while. And I am disgusted every time I hear this BS about vaccines causing Autism, stupid, ignorant people, willing to let their kids die over a myth.

  8. Thank Your Bravery. My daughter Izzy just went back to school!! And it is so important for vaccines. God Bless

  9. I would love to see a more public analysis of how cruel Autism Awareness is this month. I’m the youngest of three siblings and I’m the only one without (diagnosable levels of) autism

  10. vaccines wil be available to all americans over 18 April 19th.
    you can learn more about neurodiversity and the social model of disability on wikipedia.

  11. A lot of people with autism are used to a routine, and that has been taken from them. God bless these families, I know how hard it is to take care of an autistic child…

  12. Pepper, fortunate to have
    Clint For her Dad, we wish her the best waiting on vaccine 💉 here in Massachusetts.

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